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Germany travel guidelines from India

Germany is one of the most beautiful and must-visit countries in Europe. This stunning country is back into tourism after a small travel ban due to the pandemic. Indians are slowly getting access to travel to many countries in the world including mighty Germany. Let us know all the details about how to travel safely, what are travel restrictions and what guidelines to be followed. 

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Can Indians travel to Germany now?

Yes. India is now officially out of the risky countries for Germany and is safe to travel. It is enough if passengers produce the covid vaccination certificate or covid negative report. As the German government has lifted all types of travel bans for Indians, it is safe to tell that Indian tourists with valid covid negative certificates can travel to Germany. 

How is the visa process for Indians to travel to Germany?

Indians can now avail all types of visas to travel to Germany. You can either try getting visas through the original procedure or follow the e-Visa option which is considered to be a more convenient option. e-Visa also reduces physical contact and makes the process more safe and easy. 

Usually, the visa takes at least 2 weeks to process so plan in advance and apply for the visa to receive it prior to your planning. 

Who can travel to Germany from India during this pandemic?

  1. All Indians who are above 12 years are required to produce either fully vaccinated certificates or proof of recovery from covid or COVID negative reports. 
  1. The RT PCR test must be taken only within 72 hours before the departure. 
  1. If you are fully vaccinated, at least 14 days should have passed since your last dose of the vaccine. 
  1. It is very important to double-check if your name has been updated on the Paul Ehrlich Institute website of fully vaccinated travellers. 

RT PCR tests and vaccination details

  1. It is important to take up either the PCR test or the Rapid Antigen test. 
  2. The PCR test must not be taken more than 72 hours prior to entering Germany. 
  3. The Rapid Antigen test should not be taken more than 48 hours prior to departure. 
  4.  If you have travelled to a high-risk area in India in the last 10 days, where the COVID variant is dangerous, must update at the website and carry proofs of registration before entering the country. 

What is the pre-departure process? 

  1. Any traveller leaving India to Germany should produce a COVID test report that is not taken more than 72 hours prior to the departure. 
  1. If you have been affected by covid in the past, you should show no symptoms during the travel and also produce the COVID negative test report. 
  1. As both PCR and Rapid Antigen tests are accepted, it is important to have either one of the test reports. 
  1. If you have recovered, then the recovery report will be required and it should be taken at least 28 days before the travel date and not more than 6 months. 
  1. If you are fully vaccinated, the vaccination certificate should contain your date of birth or your passport number (Aadhar number will not be sufficient)

What are the vaccines accepted by the German government?

  1. If you are vaccinated with Covaxin or any other vaccine, it is important to know that they are not accepted by the German government and you will have to carry a covid negative certificate with you prior to the departure. 
  1. Covishield is acceptable and please make a note that the vaccination certificate should contain your date of birth or passport number. 

What are the quarantine protocols?

You will be required to isolate and follow a quarantine period of 10 days if you test positive post-arrival in Germany. 

Mandatory rules and guidelines for passengers travelling from India to Germany

  1. It is mandatory for all travellers to carry a covid negative test report during departure. 
  1. You should continue directly to your destination post-arrival in Germany. 
  1. All travellers are advised to follow home quarantine for at least 10 days after arriving in Germany. 
  1. Those who are transiting through Germany do not have to be under quarantine. 

What are the airlines operating from India to Germany?

  1. Air India
  2. Lufthansa
  3. Air Canada
  4. Vistara
  5. Cathay Pacific

What do the passengers need to do during the travel?

  1. A self-declaration form (2 copies) should be filled by all the passengers who are leavening India for Germany. 
  2. It is very important and mandatory to wear face masks all the time while going out in Germany and also while on the flight.
  3. Good quality N95 or surgical mask or FFP2 should only be worn inside the flight. 
  4. Always maintain a distance from each other

What are the general covid guidelines to be followed during the travel?

  1. Always maintain social distance and avoid crowded areas. 
  2. Avoid eating at unhygienic places and be safe. 
  3. Wear double masks if possible and also wear good quality masks. 
  4. Always carry a hand sanitiser with you and sanitise your hands every now and then. 

These are the general guidelines and rules to be followed during your travel from India to Germany. Being safe and cautious comes without saying during this pandemic. Be extremely cautious because prevention is always better than cure. Plan your travel very well in advance and avoid last-minute chaos and tension due to the coronavirus. Also finally do not forget to enjoy your trip to the fullest!