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Dubai travel guidelines from India

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the top-rated travel destinations in the world. After the unexpected pandemic and multiple lockdowns, the stunning city is gradually getting back to normalcy and tourism. Though the process to get through all the screenings is tough, it is always exciting to visit a place like Dubai. Let us know the COVID-19 rules and travel restrictions in Dubai for Indians.

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Dubai travel for Indians resumes

Travelling to Dubai from India has resumed now and there are a new set of rules and regulations according to the current status of the Covid-19 spread. Yes. All Indians are free to travel to Dubai with utmost safety and precarious measures. Let us dive in to know more about the nuances of the rules imposed by the Dubai government regarding international travel. 


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Can Indians travel to Dubai now?

Yes. All Indians regardless of age can now travel to Dubai with all the necessary documents. Travellers including infants just have to satisfy the prerequisites and have a safe journey. 

Details on the E-Visa and paper visa processes

There are many queries regarding the visa process for Indians to travel to Dubai. You can either opt for an e-Visa or a normal paper visa during this pandemic. But an e-Visa seems to be a better option because it cuts down close contact with other people. Normally, the visa processing time may be within 4-7 working days for both types of visas. So, it is better to apply for a Dubai visa online and speed up your process.

Can you obtain a visa on arrival in Dubai?

Unfortunately, no. The UAE government has prohibited visas on arrival for Indian citizens stating the serious spread of the coronavirus. Since India was under the red-list countries during the serious spread of coronavirus, the UAE government has temporarily denied visas on arrival. So, it is better to avoid that option and avail of a visa in advance.

Who all are permitted to travel to Dubai?

People from the below-listed countries are allowed to travel to Dubai with all types of visas. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Vietnam. 

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What are the conditions to travel to Dubai?

  1. All passengers must take up the RT PCR test at least 48 hours before departure and the certificate must contain the QR code. 
  2. Arrive at the airport at least 6 hours before the flight time to take up the RT PCR test again.  
  3. The second covid test will be taken at the airport you depart from.
  4. After you receive the negative test report, you can check-in. 
  5. On arrival at UAE airport, the third RT PCR test will be taken free of cost as of now. 
  6. Once you receive the negative test report, you are free to leave your hotel and enjoy Dubai for the rest of the days. 
  7. All passengers including toddlers and infants must be either fully vaccinated or produce the covid negative test report at the airport and upload the documents in the AIR Suvidha portal. 
  8. If you are tested positive at any of the airports, you will be quarantined for 14 days until you test negative again. 

Health Screening and restrictions

  1. Passengers should undergo master health screening at all the airports. 
  2. The second RT PCR test should be taken at both the Indian airports and Dubai airport at least 4 hours prior to the travel time.  
  3. Citizens of the UAE and diplomats need not follow the institutionalized quarantine period but other citizens should be quarantined in the hotel room until the COVID negative test result arrives.
  4. Residents of the UAE must have taken up 2 shots of vaccines that is officially approved by the UAE government. 

What are the quarantine protocols?

  1. Passengers should undergo a quarantine period of 14 days if tested positive on arrival at Dubai airport. 
  2. Passengers should stay in the hotel until the negative test report arrives and is updated in the AIR Suvidha portal. 

What are the allowed events and entertainment activities in Dubai?

  1. Weddings– Not more than 100 people should be present at the wedding place. In case you are travelling from India to Dubai to attend a wedding, you must carry valid proof for the wedding (ie-invitation and location of the wedding event) and Covid negative documents.
  1. Games and entertainment- If you are travelling to Dubai to witness a game show in a stadium (ie- IPL or any cricket game), you must produce proof of pre-booked tickets and your hotel booking proof. All the attendees of the event must be fully vaccinated and must carry the vaccination certificates. Only 70% of the stadium can be occupied and not full occupancy. 
  1. Eateries and Bars- All the cafes, restaurants and bars have started to function normally with utmost safety precautions since 17 May 2021. The maximum occupancy at a single table has been increased to 10 people. And all the workers at the restaurants or bars must be fully vaccinated. 

What are the airlines that are operating services from India to Dubai?

  1. Emirates
  2. Air Arabia
  3. Etihad
  4. Go Air
  5. Indigo

What are the strict rules to be followed in Dubai during the entire travel?

  1. Compulsorily wear masks at all times. Even better if you double mask yourself.
  2. Strictly follow social distancing and avoid physical contact to the maximum. 
  3. Always carry hand sanitisers and tissues with you. 

FAQs about travelling to Dubai from India

  1. Can non-vaccinated pregnant ladies travel to Dubai from India?

The UAE government has not yet talked about this so, as of now, there is no clarity regarding this. 

  1. Is the RT PCR test compulsory on arrival at Dubai airport?

Yes. All passengers must take up the COVID test on arrival. 

  1. Can Indians avail a visa on arrival in Dubai?

No. The UAE government has denied visas on arrival for Indian tourists. 

  1. Should you produce the hotel booking details in Dubai?

Yes. You must give proof of your hotel booking details.

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