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Is Maldives Safe?
Written by Rhea Alex on March 26, 2020 Share on

Is Maldives Safe? Travel Advice and Things to Know

The Maldives is most definitely one of the most sought after travel destinations, in the world today. Tourists from across the globe, from far and wide are seen making their way to this region, in the hope to experience something out of this world. Well, there are a great number of things that have been said about this stunning region, most of which hold true to the beauty and grace that it has to offer. 

But one of the very first things that come to mind whilst looking out for a Maldives vacation, remains the question of everything mind, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ Well, we can all rest assured that safety is of utmost priority, especially while you’re looking to plan a vacation. One cannot help but take the safety aspect into consideration. It inevitably plays a crucial role in determining whether or not, to venture out on your Maldives vacation.

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Is Maldives Safe?

It extremely important for tourists travelling to the Maldives to keep in the mind simple questions, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ For those of you who are travelling with family, this question becomes even more essential and calls for the most important dilemma of them all. 

For those of you travelling to the Maldives for the very first time, this is undoubtedly a question on your mind, as well. One cannot help but check on these few crucial areas, before going ahead and planning a vacation of your own. 

Is Maldives Safe?
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To ease your burden and provide some clarity on the same, we’ve gone ahead and jotted down this blog, just for you. We’ve also tried to address the most important question of them all, “Is Maldives Safe?’ through the course of this blog. Be sure to read through the blog and find the answers to all of your questions. 

Health Risks in the Maldives

One of the most crucial checklists that come to mind, while taking the ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ question into consideration, remains the health risks involved with the region. Tourists looking to plan a vacation to the Maldives, are sure to be concerned about the varied health-related issues that they might encounter, along the way.

To the luck of most travellers, Maldives is a relatively safe destination when it comes to health risks. You’ve got trained and skilled doctors on board, every property in the Maldives to take care of travellers well being. On a large scale the answer to the question, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ can be stated as a ‘Yes.’ But, it also important to take safety precautions that have been prescribed and keep up to date with your own well being. One can most definitely not take his health for granted, especially during travel, more than ever.


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Maldives Safety While Travelling

Maldives Safety While Travelling
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One of the other concerns that come along with the ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ question, happens to be the safety measures when it comes to travelling within the region. Tourists can rest assured that the Maldives is relatively safe when it comes to travel and undoubtedly makes for a great destination to explore. Regardless of whether you’re travelling via the sea or road, the region provides adequate transport facilities that make for the greatest of vacations. 

Tourists can consider two means of transport within the Island. One being the seaplanes and speedboats, to commute from the airport to the island and vice versa. You could also consider the same means of transportation, if you’re venturing out on an island visit or two, as well. 

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When it comes to commute within the island, tourists can most definitely make sure of the car rental services available at Malé. What travellers do need to keep in mind though, remains the fact that they will have to have a Maldivian driving license on them, during the course of their travel. So, the question, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ can be answered with a ‘Yes,’ yet again!

There are also a number of bus services that tourists can avail when it comes to travel within the island. Not only are the buses easily available, but they also make for the best of means to explore the island, the local way. It would be our sincere advice for you to have a map and not to lose your way, during the course of your adventure.

Thus, Maldives is more or less safe and tourists can put their concerns to rest. The famous question, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ does not longer have to be a worry or major qualm of any traveller, looking to plan a Maldives vacation. 

Crime in the Maldives

Crime in the Maldives

Image Credit – Pixabay

Well, yet another worrying factor for most travellers remains the crime rate in the region of their travel. The Maldives is lucky in that sense, as it is relatively safe for tourists and does not have a high crime rate. In fact, the crime rates on the island are considered to be low and happen every once in a while. No country for that matter, can be completely devoid of crime and hence the question, ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ when it comes to crime, is dependant on multiple factors. 

Tourists need to be aware of the fact that, there a number of robberies and thefts that have been reported in the region. Though they aren’t exactly an everyday occurrence, they have formed part and parcel of life in the region. So, it’s important that every tourist keeps his / her belongings safe, during their travel. ‘Is Maldives Safe?’ is a question that is entirely subjective and dependent on a series of criteria, that may or may not be in your control. Hence, the safety of your belongings has to be your utmost priority. 

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