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Maldives Holidays
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How to plan your tour to the Maldives?

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful and unique places for a vacation. This island nation which is situated in South of Asia on the Arabian Sea in the Indian ocean is one of a kind. Why? Because it is a string of atolls which means extinct volcano, 1197 to be exact. It is exactly this reason that it is one of the most mesmerizing islands experience you will ever get in your life.

The Maldives is a romantic destination, and a lot of people spend their first or even third honeymoon and anniversaries here. The attraction here is not just the extinct volcano or the island; you can find a lot of things here. It is a mixture of crystal clear water which has amazing sea-life lurking beneath the surface, or the never-ending list of activities that you can enjoy here. 

Since the Maldives is a small private island nation, there are a lot of things you should know before you land there. From creating a budget to going here at the right time, you should consider a lot of things so that your stay here is memorable and romantic.

Let’s check out vital tips that you should remember while vacationing in the Maldives.

1. Plan the trip in the perfect weather

November through April are the best months for travelling and vacationing in the Maldives as during this time the sun is soft and warm. The problem with this season is that it is peak season, so a lot of tourists will be here increasing the prices of accommodation and other things. 

That is why if you want to travel on a budget, it is best to go during the shoulder season. It is the season between the off and peak season. It will help you get at least 20% off or more discounts on tons of activities and hotels, making it a cheaper vacation.

2. Don’t overstay

Maldives is a destination where you should aim for quality vacation instead of quantity. The best way to enjoy it here is to check into one or two hotels, enjoy the beach, tourist spots, and luxury hotels, and leave after 5-7 days. 

One-week stay is the best and maximum you should do. Of course, if you are aiming to do some activities like skydiving or so, you may need an extra day depending upon reservations and all.

3. Be smart while choosing flights

Have an alert on your phone for cheap flights to the Maldives. Also, it will be cheaper, if you travel here through domestic flights that start from Middle East Asia. Take a flight to Male, and after that, you can take a speedboat for transporting between the islands here. There is a seaplane ride option too, it is a beautiful experience, but unfortunately, it will be expensive as well. 

Another problem with seaplane ride is that there is no set schedule so it can be late, and if you don’t get a means of transport out of here by 4 in the evening, you will have to stay the night.

4. Aim for a luxury visit

If you are looking for a budget visit, Maldives is not a great option. It is because there are a lot of spots and places here that you won’t be able to do in a budget. Sure, you can have a splendid vacation on a strict budget here. But if you wish to not see everything, a luxurious visit is best.

5. Be respectful towards the culture

The Maldives is a Muslim country, so if you are planning a trip during Ramadan, it may be quite different than what you would have imagined. For instance, the staff at most places would be less as people would be with their family. Also, during the day, most of the shops and other places will not be operational due to prayers.

Moreover, if you are travelling here during Ramadan, be considerate about what you wear and don’t expect pork and alcohol. When you are at a resort, you can relax, but at the public beach, be considerate of the rules and regulation of the place.

6. Have budget for activities

There is one hotel per island, so the amount of food and activities will have its limit. That is why it is best that you have extra budget for food and activities that are not free. It is because they can be expensive, and you want to be prepared for some splurging.

7. Visiting Bioluminescent Beach is a must

It should be number one on your Things to do in Maldives. There are a lot of resorts who say that they provide an authentic view of Baa Atoll, but it needs verification first. Why is it so vital to visit here? It’s because it is a place where planktons emit luminescent toxins during night. It does this under the sky, providing a starry view of the night sky under the ocean. It is a mesmerizing experience that no one should visit.

8. Pack smartly

When it comes to packing for the Maldives, be smart about it. Pack lightly as you plan to stay for a week only. Also, make sure you have minimal swimsuits, toiletries, and bathing suits or swimming suits and so on. Never pack alcohol or pork with you, and make sure to carry a good camera, if you can get your hands on a polarized or underwater camera, it is best. Do check out our Maldives tour packages from India.

Also, make a checklist so that you know everything that you have to pack without missing any essential items.

There are a lot of things to do in Maldives, but you do need to research the place to have the best experience. Also, learn a bit of the local language so that touring here becomes a bit easy.

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