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La Sagrada Familia
Written by Kajani Shivam on April 18, 2020 Share on

La Sagrada Familia Church – The Unfinished Gothic Masterpiece in Barcelona

This unfinished Roman Catholic minor basilica in Barcelona was in construction for more than 130 years and expected to be completed in 2026.  Five Generations has watched the church progress in Barcelona. Yes, you heard me right. La Sagrada Familia Church is a masterpiece that was designed by  Catalan Architect Antoni Gaud which started its construction in 1882. Even though the church is under construction, it never fails to take you in awe at first sight. 

The Architect – Antoni Gaudi

The original design for the church was designed by architect  Francisco de Paula del Villar which was later taken forward by Antoni Gaudí. He took the project in a different direction, transforming it into an ambitious proposal for the church of the future, Antoni Gaudi died in the year 1926 and was also buried inside the cathedral. 

The Beauty of La Sagrada Familia Church

No visit to Barcelona is complete without visiting this classic monument. The eye-catching and complex designs, heavily ornate exterior walls, the play of light and shadow on the wall reliefs, and the magnitude of the construction are enough to overwhelm every human. If you are an architecture and history lover,  La Sagrada Familia Church is a place never to be missed.

Sagrada Familia Towers

Antoni Gaudí designed the Sagrada Familia with 18 monumental spires. Twelve dedicated to the Twelve Apostles and are placed on the three façades of the Sagrada Familia. The other six spires are dedicated to the Four Evangelists, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ. Of the 18 spires, eight are completed. These correspond to the four Apostles of the Nativity Façade and the four Apostles of the Passion Façade. The tallest of all the 18 spires will be the one dedicated to Jesus Christ. It will be surmounted by a giant cross and will have a height of 170 meters (560 ft).

How To Reach?


The best way to reach this iconic monument is through a metro ride. All you need to do is to get a metro map. Metro lines 2 and 5 are available to reach the church. Metro becomes the cheap and best way to reach the church. 

Cab Rides

Confused on routes? The best way is to opt for a cab. The church is three kilometres from the main city centre of Barcelona. If your travel budget allows, a cab would be an easy and convenient way to reach La Sagrada Familia Church.

Entry Fees for La Sagrada Familia Church

  1. The general entry fee for the Church is 17 euros with no audio guide and has access to climb the towers.
  2. The ticket with an audio guide would cost you 25 euros. Ticket cost with an audio guide and access to climb the towers is 32 euros.

Timings For La Sagrada Familia Church

Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tips to know before you visit the  La Sagrada Familia Church

  • There might be a huge rush to get the tickets during the peak season. It would be advisable to book it online. 
  • While the interior of the cathedral is mesmerizing anytime, the best time to visit Sagrada Familia is during sunset and I think you would regret it if you missed the beautiful golden light reflecting from the countless stained glass windows.
  • Never miss visiting the towers as the views are mesmerizing. 
  • Do not rush, spend enough time to learn the piece of art as La Sagrada Familia Church is full of secrets and a piece of art to be studied deeply.

La Sagrada Familia Church is definitely a must-visit monument. More than a church, it is a masterpiece of art that should never be missed. Plan your tour to visit this unfinished, yet breathtaking masterpiece in Barcelona. Get ready to decipher Gaudi’s art. Plan the best vacation to Spain with Pickyourtrail. Our travel consultants will help you plan a perfect travel package for Spain. Happy vacation!

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