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Reasons to Visit Barcelona
Written by Shraddha Shevkari on June 23, 2021 Share on

8 Amazing Reasons to Visit Barcelona – The Architectural City of Spain

Travel to the jaw-dropping architecture and savoury dishes of Barcelona. Anyone who has travelled to Barcelona is always at his Bucket list. Barcelona is a city in Spain, Europe. The city has everything to offer from History to Architecture ,From Mountains to Beaches and from a silent day life to amazing nightlife. It is Home to Football Fan club. Barcelona has world-class Dining and Drinking scene.Barcelonas Architecture is older since 2000 years.

8 Reasons to Visit Barcelona

  • Admire the Sagrada família
  • Live the best nightlife and a live music
  • Branded shopping at Passeig de gràcia
  • Walk on feets through the city
  • Have a city break and beach holiday in one.
  • The outstanding street art
  • Home to football legends fan club.
  • Explore Antoni Gaudi’s world of Canvas

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1. Admire the Sagrada família

The most admired architectural masterpiece in Barcelona. The church is made in Gothic Architecture but remains work in progress since 90 years after the death of Antony Goudi. Walking through the church feels like a fairytale. The church symbolies religious with the themes of nature and different geometrical forms. It is the most fascinating churn in Europe.

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2. Live the best nightlife and a live music

Eat late! Sleep late! Dance your toes with the music. You can still walk and talk even if aren’t speaking Spanish.Eat at the famous Ferran Adria’s Restaurants like Dos Palillos , El Bullie located at Costa Brava. The most famous restaurant holding world record for five times. Two most famous music festivals Sonar and Primavera sound occurs in spring.

live music
Image source: Unsplash

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3. Branded shopping at Passeig de gràcia

Everyone loves shopping isn’t it? The Passeig de Gràcia ,known as the Champs Elysée of Spain is the city’s shopping hub. Various designer stores are a home to this place like Gucci,Chanel, Stella Mc Cartney. the place stretches from Plaça de Catalunya to Passeig de Gràcia neighbourhood.

shopping at Passeig de gràcia
Image credits: Pixabay

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4. Walk on feets through the city

Enjoy a city walk toward the city and enjoy the glimpse. The friendly locals of the city helps you even if you forget the place therefore the chances of losing yourself is really hard. Catch a sight of the Beautiful architectures of the city among Europe.

Barcelona city
Image source: pixabay

5. Have a city break and beach holiday in one

There are some beaches in Barcelona to escape city and experience the culture. Enjoy the city break with fun and relax yourself to the silent beaches and shores of the Mediterranean sea. Explore the charming beauty of Costa Brava by boat and spend evenings at the Michelin Star Restaurants with the luxurious Dinners and late night cocktails.

Beaches of Barcelona
Image source: Unsplash

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6. The outstanding street art

Have a street art tour and click pictures as much as you can. The street art in Barcelona know as Graffiti attracts the artists throughout the world. Some of the famous Graffiti artists are ElPez , El Xupet Negre , Charnoir, Kenor and many more. You can find the arts at many streets like The Gothic Quarter, El Raval,are some. Artist paint their hearts and emotions on the walls.

Street art Barcelona
Image source: Pixabay

7. Home to football legends fan club

Are you a football fan? Camp Nou stadium is home for the world’s famous football teams. Additon it is also the largest stadium in entire Europe and is open for Public. The Camp Nou Experience takes you on the tour of The stadium as well as the FC Barcelona museum. Museum includes Trophies, Football Shirtsand the Footballs of European Cups and also Messi space.

Fc Barcelona stadium
Image source: Pixabay

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8. Explore Antoni Gaudi’s world of Canvas

Antoni Gaudi designed the UNESCO Listed Park Guell in 1900. The central park has limited access of 400 people wherein the other park is free to visit. Visitors need to book online. The main intention to creat this city was to create miniature houses on the Hillside. There are many artificial natural items in the park which are as beautiful as natural.

Park guell
Image credits: Unsplash

These where the reasons why you should plan the next trip to Barcelona. Explore the most magnificent Architectural city of Spain by travelling with Pickyourtrail. Know more about the destination on Barcelona guides and have a look at Spain packages and book your trip to Spain. Bon voyage!

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