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Coffee Shops in Dubai
Written by Vibha on May 8, 2020 Share on

Lets’s Get Caffeinated in Dubai

Dubai is filled with world’s most iconic attractions like indoor rainforest, Burj khalifa, and world class restaurants. Dubai is also a budding spot for locally-owned cafes. Whether it’s a latte or an espresso, your coffee cravings will be satisfied here with no shortcomings. The Middle East is now seeing quite the rise in some wonderful coffee houses with premium-quality beans. We have taken the liberty to make a list of cafes you could visit even if you’re a coffee connoisseur. Be part of our burgeoning cafe culture, and head out and try as many as you can during your stay here at Dubai.

List of Best 10 Coffee Shops in Dubai in 2020

1. Roseleaf Cafe

The ambience of roseleaf cafe
Image credits: Myhautelife

If you are not willing to spend much on snacks and coffees, then this is the most affordable eatery for you. Offering single-origin coffee, seasonal and batched roasted by a skilled roastmaster and barista this is one of the most famous coffee shops located centrally in the Dubai Garden Centre. This cafe also serves home cooked bites like sandwiches, soups and much more to pair up with your caffeine.

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2. Drop Dubai

As the name suggests, this place definitely gives you the hip vibes and somehow gives a bit of a contemporary vibe to the cafe itself. The brand is what consumes this place, with Wooden countertops and marble tables making it one of the top places to just chill in. known for their never ending dessert menu which is hands down best paired best with their own drinks, Spanish latte is a crowd winner here.

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3. Frioul

A book and some caffeine can never go wrong, located in Frioul, Souk Madinat Jumeirah this cafe is a perfect place to just sit back and sip your coffee while you read a book. More or less designed like a longue, this cafe has a bookshelf with a lot of interesting things to read. Lucky for you, you could even catch the breathtaking vistas of Madinat Jumeirah’s canals while you sip your coffee from here.

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4. Kava and Chai

Look inside the coffeehouse of Kava & Chai DIFC
Image credits: Arabian Business

Bring back the good old traditional family recipes and flavors to a coffee house so that one can feel at home is what this cafe is all about. Going back to the middle eastern roots, this cafe is that cosy and comfortable that it makes you feel at home. Located both in the Al Seef and DIFC and the Mall of the Emirates, you’re better off visiting the latter one as it gives you more of a cafe feeling than the former.

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5. Mokha 1450

They are the ‘the heart of coffee’ as they stay firmly determined to serve rare and superior specialty coffees produced from the Masha district of Ethiopia. This hidden gem in the heart of jumeirah promised a cup of coffee that represents the sincere traditions of early coffee culture. They also happen to also serve amazing coffee mocktails and one of the most coveted blends on the planet the Jamaica Blue Mountain.

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6. The Espresso Lab

Dubai Design District is home to the cafe that is well known for its handmade products. from baking bread to bagging coffee beans, they are very proud of their handmade ability as such adding to the contemporary vibe that the cafe spreads. To all the coffee connoisseurs out there, this would be your best bet to relish your frivolous beverages. While you’re here, an almost-sweet espresso enhanced by a velvety foamed milk The ‘Gibraltar’ is not to be missed.

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7. Spill The Bean

Ideally focusing on high quality coffee blends and single origin coffees, this cafe holds the most unique spot as its 1100% organic. With comfy seats and floor to ceiling windows, this cafe is the perfect place to work peacefully while you enjoy the world-class coffee positioned in Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Road.

8. Sum of us

This cafe is a perfect mix of a gourmet cafe, coffee roastery, and a bakery. You are bound to find the best Arabica beans, roast profiles, and brewing methods that make for the delicious farm-to-cup coffee experience. Located in the Burj Al Salam Residence Tower amidst the Trade Centre Area- pair up one of the single-origin coffees with a decadent eclair or cronut from the inhouse bakery, you’ll see what’s so special about this cafe.

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9. Arabian Tea House

The lit up corners of the Arabian tea house
Image credits: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/441704675948623568/

Located in the Bastakiya area of old Dubai, here is a cafe with a twist of both modern and traditional touch. This cafe is more of a blast from the past, even though the area is pretty well-developed you may find yourself taking a trip down the memory lane of the good old days. Step in here and get a taste of the rich and cultural heritage of the Emirati people. A picture square avenue that happens to serve great coffee and karak, the vintage outdoor area and the little garden here will make you fall instantly in love with the place and its vibe.

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10. IZU Brasserie & Bakery

Located inside Le BHV Marais at City Walk, is the go to chic place where you can just call up your friends and meet up with them while you sip your coffee with breakfast, lunch or dinner or any meals in between. The coffee used here is grown in Ethiopia, about 3000 – 5000 ft above sea level and farmed using traditional methods which are imported fresh and roasted locally in Dubai. The one thing you should try out here is the Beetroot latte with a shot of espresso.

So this is pretty much all you need to know to find yourself the ideal coffee break here in this beautiful and big city of Dubai. Please do not end up at one of the Starbucks again, instead go out and try something new for a change maybe? Go on and brew up your own travel package to Dubai from India and explore all the hidden gems here!

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