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Aerial view of Lucerne
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Lucerne Travel Guide – Everything to know about this Medieval Town!

Switzerland is one of the places on the earth that makes you feel like you are in heaven. The country is filled with majestic mountains, lavishing lakes, and much more. It is also a haven for adrenaline junkies with activities like hiking and skiing. Swiss is also a suitable place for fun-loving people and is filled with a vast range of museums, galleries, and music festivals. Switzerland is a fusion of natural marvels, tradition, and art. There are several wonderful places and cities to visit in Switzerland with big cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Bern. But, hidden between these majestic cities is the cute little town of Lucerne. Read more of this Travel Guide to Lucerne to know more about this amazing place.

Lake view in Lucerne
Photo by Jovana Askrabic on Unsplash

What’s so Special about Lucerne?

Lucerne is a gorgeous Swiss city that has a cobalt lake surrounded by majestic mountains. It is an ancient town which reminds you of the medieval era. The town also has various artistic aspects to it with being home to mesmerizing music, architecturally well-constructed houses, Pristine promenades, and much more. Historically, Lucerne has been a place of heritage and its visitors include the likes of Goethe, Queen Victoria, and Wagner. The folklore is that an angel appeared in front of the early settlers to guide them to build a chapel in Lucerne. Though it is a myth, the city’s angelic beauty makes it hard not to believe it. Lucerne is a thing of the past and has various music festivals keeping the vibe of the modern era alive. Carnivals are happening all around the year making the city of light shine bright amongst the Alpine mountains.

Mount Pilatus in Lucerne
Photo by Andrew H on Unsplash

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How to Reach Lucerne Guide

Central Switzerland is home to the beautiful city of Lucerne and it is quite remote from the major cities. It lies on the German-speaking side of the country ( but English is mostly spoken as it is one of the popular tourist places). You can reach the city of Lucerne by different mediums, namely train, bus, car or flight. The nearest airport to Lucerne is the Zurich International Airport and you can get a flight to reach there and then take a bus or train to reach Lucerne. The Zurich International airport is the greatest airport not in Switzerland and it has many flights being operated from major International destinations.

Lucerne main station
Photo by Arie Wubben on Unsplash

The train journey from Zurich Airport Station to Lucerne takes only 60 minutes as there are direct trains available periodically for every 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also travel to the Zurich Central station and then catch a train to Lucerne. There are also International buses and trains running from Italy, France, Austria, and Germany to Lucerne. If you are in Switzerland on a budget trip, you can opt for bus journeys as they are cheaper.

Pro-tip: If you are looking to explore Lucerne and other Swiss cities by trains or buses, we would suggest you buy the Swiss Pass. The reason being it will help you travel across the country as they pass gives you access to trains, buses, and boats in over 90 cities. Also, the pass enables you to have free entrance to museums and attractions. By buying this Swiss Pass, you can have an economical and carefree vacation.

Best time to visit Lucerne Guide

Lucerne is a pleasant city to visit all around the year. And, you can experience the different versions of the city based on the time of the year you visit. The climate in Lucerne changes drastically during different times of the year and so does Lake Lucerne. Some times of the year, the places and activities you are looking for might be closed. So it is important to know when to visit Lucerne-based on the experiences you need.

Summer in Lucerne
Photo by Andy Reeve on Unsplash

The Summer in Lucerne is from June to September. It is also the high season with the weather being hot, the city is filled with tourists, and the lake is in its prime. The season is in high demand and everything will be pricey. It is the perfect time of the year to indulge in outdoor activities in the mountains, Alps, and the Lake. October is a month of fusion as it is both hot and also has instances of rain which will make the weather cooler with comfortable temperatures.

The cold season in Lucerne is from November to April. You can enjoy the cold weather with snow-covered mountains all around you. Don’t forget to carry your comfortable woolen clothes. This is the perfect time for Skiing, Snowboarding, and all the fun snow stuff. While the mountain regions of Lucerne are filled with skiing tourists, the city side of it tends to be less crowded during this time. If you are looking for an out-of-the-book experience, you can travel during the month of February. During this month, there will be carnivals happening in the city.

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Best Places to Visit in Lucerne

Lucerne is filled with marvelous landscapes, adventurous mountains, historic buildings, and much more. While there are many ecstatic places for which you need multiple hands and fingers to count, it is important to know which are the places you shouldn’t miss visiting in Lucerne as visiting the city is a one-time experience. Start with exploring the magical streets of Lucerne and wonderful structures like the Chapel Bridge and Spreuer Bridge. The given one is having a classic cruise with your loved ones in Lake Lucerne.

If you are the one for unique, weird experiences, you can visit the Glacier Garden where they have real-life fossils dating back to Ice Age. And for all the shopaholics, you can get the best quality chocolates and watches in Lucerne. You can test your bargain skills in the streets of Lucerne and take home some souvenirs for your loved ones. You can also take day trips to different beautiful mountain adventures like Mt.Rigi, Mount Pilatus, and Mt.Titlis. If you are an explorer, you can go hiking or just reach the top of these mountains to just fall in love with picturesque views of Lucerne.


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Apart from the above-mentioned aspects in the travel guide to Lucerne, there is more Lucerne has to offer. Enough of the reading! See for yourself the beauty of the city by going on a vacation to Lucerne. We have multiple Switzerland trip packages with Pickyourtrail which will help you explore the best of Lucerne. You can also customize your very own itinerary with Lucerne and other Switzerland cities.

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