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Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on March 17, 2018 Share on

6 Top Things to Do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!

It goes without a doubt, Lucerne is a city loved by all. With Lake Lucerne by its side and conveniently seated on a mountain landscape, Lucerne offers everything from steamer cruise to hiking trails at Rigi or Pilatus. To inspire you all, we have picked the top things to do in Lucerne in your Switzerland holiday. Gear up for some Lucerne action!

1. Chapel bridge

Chapel bridge,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- pixabay

The Chapel bridge or Kapellbrücke is where you’d want to visit if it’s your first time in Lucerne. You can listen to the melodies chimed by the Reuss River over which this bridge is built. The bridge has its history dating back to 1333 which was later destroyed in 1993 in a fire accident. The wooden bridge was reconstructed in the same year and since then, its been a famous spot for all the locals and tourists. Perfect place for a Switzerland Honeymoon photoshoot.

The unique set of paintings that cover up the interior of the bridge is what you should be taking a good look. Even though most of the work was destroyed in the fire, close to 30 paintings have been retained and put on display.


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2. Mt.Pilatus

Mt Pilatus,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- pixelz

We dare you to not get mesmerized by the view of Mt.Pilatus in Switzerland. Draped with folklore stories, Mt.Pilatus is fondly called the “Dragon Mountain”. Curious as to why people came up with this nickname? The legend has it that, this mountain was home to dragons which had healing powers.

If you are heading to Mt.Pilatus in summer, we’d recommend you to take the Goldene Rundfahrt aka Golden tour. Try out the paddle steamer to cross the river and once ashore, you’ll be fascinated by the awesome views. Try out the Gondola cableway to head back down and experience a ride of a lifetime! In case you are interested in adventures!

3. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- tokkoro

Lake Lucerne is bound by the Swiss Alps, offering panoramic views of the city and the mountain region. Embark on a boat cruise and relax as you sail your way through this beautiful lake. A bit of strolling along the Lucerne Lake’s bank would be a lovely idea. Grab a few sandwiches and settle down for a picnic by the lakeside. With all-time royal Alpine peaks for a background, mountain trials nearby waiting to be tried upon, a visit to Lake Lucerne is definitely one of the top things to do in Lucerne.

4. Old Town

Old Town,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- pixelz

If you are looking at a series of painted houses in square patterns, each linking to tiny shopping streets, you are in the Old Town region. Free from traffic and dedicated to shoppers and tourists, this town is on Reuss’ right side of the bank. Weinmarkt is the renowned starting point of Old Town, where you can see guildhalls painted in a decorative manner.

Make sure you check out the Italian Renaissance styled building of Altes Rathaus ( Old Town Hall) which is topped with the Swiss roof and St. Peter’s chapel which adds more historical touch to this town. Narrow streets, pretty buildings and lots of history! That’s Old Town for you guys!

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5. Switzerland Museum of Transport

Swiss Museum of Transport ,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- thousandwonders

If you are into venturing the off-beat things in Switzerland, head to the Switzerland Museum of Transport. You can check out Switzerland’s first diesel locomotive, Autotheatre, 30 aircraft and an amazing view of cars decked up on shelves. Adding more WOW factors to this place is the first ever IMAX theatre in Switzerland, a planetarium and Swiss Chocolate Adventure arena.

6. The Lion Monument

The Lion Monument ,Top things to do in Lucerne during your Switzerland holidays!
Image credit- mapio

A sculpture of a dying lion? Yes! We are talking about The Lion Monument in Lucerne. The dying lion carved on the sandstone by Bertel Thorvaldsen – a Danish sculpture, represents the Switzerland guard. The story behind the sculpture talks about the massacre during the French Revolution. If you take a closer look, you can find the lion resting on top of a broken shield. The Swiss coat on arms can be found right behind the dying lion’s sculpture. Quirky much?

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