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Maldives Beach Villa or Water Villa

As we all know Maldives is heaven brought to the real kind of destination that we are gifted. Without a doubt, it’s one of the foremost romantic and most fascinating places to follow along with your loved ones. Tourism in Maldives has drastically increased in the last few years. The islands smooth white sand, crystal clear water, Aquatic marine life, being remote with relatively fewer visitors and therefore the privacy it’s to supply. This island never fails to grab the eye of the honeymooners. With quite 1000 splendid island and 26 atolls full of exotic marine life. The panoramic scenic view from your sundeck is an astonishing sight to look at.

Maldives has always been home to many Beautiful resorts that offer beach villas and famous water villas in Maldives. There is nothing better than waking up with a view of sparkling white sand and a gorgeous blue ocean. But Whenever you decide on your Maldives trip, the first question that always comes to your mind is which one to go for? Beach villa or a water villa in Maldives. which is better? If you are having the same trouble you have come here to the right place. Read this blog and discover yourself.

Beach Villa in the Maldives

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Luxury water villas in Maldives has always been an attracting factor for the country. With the most effective beaches within the world, Maldives may be a destination that has the most effective beach villas within the world. You may generally find beach villas with or without a private pool within the Maldives. If you’re a sea lover then a pool should not be a controversy. if you wish to relax over the beach on the white sands and wish to be some steps from your beach with sun loungers and crystal clear waters then a beach villa in Maldives is that the option you ought to choose.

The rooms are usually fully equipped with modern amenities and an area with a personal pool come often with butler service. There are different style of beach villa that resorts offer like sunrise beach villa faced towards the east suitable for morning larks who can witness the first birds come to life together with sunrise, and so the sunset villa faced toward the west gives you a romantic sunset which you’ll enjoy from your shore or garden or perhaps your pool.

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Pros: If you’re a sea lover this place may be a jackpot, gives you direct access to the beach and shore. Beach villas are usually easily accessible to all or any resort facilities yet not affecting your privacy. The Beach villa often comes with a personal garden or private pool.

Cons: These villas are often closer to the resorts facilities like reception, bar, Guest can walk past your beach sometimes having it less private and you may hear noises thanks to the group. Sometimes having a garden in your villa might take a hit on the attractive view that you just will get water villa within the Maldives.

Water Villa in the Maldives

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Water villa or over water villa in Maldives could be a widely popular unique stay within the world. and also the Maldives is one of the most effective destinations for it. Staying in water could be a check off the bucket list for several. you’d have probably seen a water villa on Facebook or Instagram, no doubts it is a place for a few specialized pictures with an incredible backdrop. over that, they supply a better measure of privacy than a beach villa. A water villa is sometimes not recommended for family with kids due to easy access to the lagoon from the room, and not recommended for kids.

A stay in a water villa will make your trip a memorable one. Witnessing marine life through the glass floor inside your villa and waking up to a beautiful turquoise blue lagoon is magic. The water villa is just a few step away from your lagoon and it is worth taking a dip inside the ocean and do snorkelling in Maldives.

Pros: Water villas are usually said to be more romantic than beach villa due to their privacy and Villa over the sea. You have direct access to the sea and makes it easy to do your snorkelling. some villas have glass panel floor which gives you chances for witnessing more colourful fishes and stingrays below your feet.

Cons: Water villa can be away from a distance to all your resort facilities, unlike beach villa. The steps which lead you to the ocean from the villa is mostly made of steel and might get slippery while you move in or climb up. and like mentioned earlier due to safety precautions some resorts in Maldives do not allow kids in their water villa.

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How do we choose our Beach Villa or Water villa?

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Whenever we choose a beach villa we go forward considering its privacy and location of the villa from the resorts facilities such as bars, restaurants or generators. You should watch out if your beach villa has a direct entry towards the beach and has a clear view of the lagoon without the garden covering it. Maldives has a wide range of resorts with a lot of amenities starting from a low budget to high-end ones. There are beach villas with spacious rooms and several bathrooms which is recommended for families or group of friends.

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When we choose a water villa make sure that there is a sun deck along with the room. Well, the interior of the room would be worth the money you spend, but the sun deck will be the place where you will spend most of your time other than your room. If you are a person who wants a sunbath make sure you opt for a room facing in the south where you will get the sun most of the day. Water Villas are starting from mid-range to high luxurious villa depending upon the resort you opt for and its amenities. So next time you book a Villa in the Maldives have all these in mind.

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