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Maldives Resorts For Couples – Your Romantic Stay In The Paradise!

The Maldives is an ideal travel destination for couples. In the Maldives, you instantly fall in love. Not just with the destination but your partner more as the Maldives is one of the top romantic destinations. Right from the beach vacations where you can witness an eye-catching sunset, restaurants where your partner and you can have a dinner all to yourselves, water sports where you two can unfold all the madness inside and the villas where you will feel your dream home. Among the top resorts that this paradise houses, this article has a list of the 5 must-visit resorts for couples in the Maldives.

I am so glad that I am writing this article at the right time as the Maldives has finally answered the big question – the Maldives reopening from July 15, 2021, for Indian travellers. Now that your dream Maldives trip is happening, why don’t you start choosing a resort that’s just perfect for couples?

Maldives resort
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Couple resorts in the Maldives

If you think the Maldives is only suitable for honeymoon trips, then you are wrong. It is the best destination for all types of vacations and for all types of travellers. The Maldives welcomes right from the young to old couples and trust me, it will be the best vacation of your lives, especially if it’s a honeymoon.

  1. Paradise Island Resort & Spa
  2. Thulhagiri Island Resort and Spa
  3. Coco Bodu Hithi
  4. Varu By Atmosphere
  5. Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa

Maldives Packages Starting @ ₹48,520

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1. Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Paradise Island Resort & Spa is a luxury retreat in the Maldives that offers comfortable villas, dining, water sports and spas too. The island filled with greeneries and waters dotted with villas is the main highlight of this resort. No matter what type of villa and view you would like to have, you have it all here.

Villas available – Garden villa, Beach villa, Sunset Beach Pool villa, Deluxe Beach Pool villa, Water villa with Whirlpool and Ocean Suite with pool.

What’s special about a Maldives couple’s trip to Paradise Island Resort & Spa? – Secluded vacation, amazing dining experiences, activities and recreational activities and located closer to the airport.

Location – Paradise Island Resort & Spa Lankanfinolhu North, Maldives
Transfer type – Speedboat

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Paradise Island Resort & Spa
Photo by Erlia Abdul Hak on Unsplash

2. Thulhagiri Island Resort and Spa

Thulhagiri Island Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels with affordable prices. It has a perfect blend of traditional villas with a modern touch, blue waters and white sands surrounded by tall standing palm trees. It has a total of 87 villas for you to choose from. Apart from all this, it has many entertainment activities to keep your stay fun-filled.

Villas available – Superior water bungalow, Standard Deluxe (Beach Bungalow) and Water Bungalow.

What’s special about a Maldives couple’s trip to Thulhagiri Island Resort and Spa? – Budget travel, one of the best Maldives resorts for couples, water sports, excellent views and activities like excursions and water sports.

Location – Thulhaagiri North, Maldives
Transfer type – Speedboat

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Thulhagiri Island Resort and Spa
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3. Coco Bodu Hithi

Here comes one of the top traveller’s paradises – Coco Bodu Hithi! This romantic resort in the Maldives is located in a scenic location with breathtakingly beautiful villas with all modern facilities. Happy stay indoors and exciting activities outdoors are everything about Coco Bodu Hithi in the Maldives.

Villas available – Island villas, Water villas, Escape Water villas and Coco Residence.

What’s special about a Maldives couple’s trip to Coco Bodu Hithi? – Floating breakfast, wellness activities, one of the best family resorts, excursions and water activities.

Location – Coco Bodu Hithi Resort, North Male Atoll, Maldives.
Transfer type – Speedboat

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4. Varu By Atmosphere

Varu by Atmosphere is one of the all-inclusive resorts that is located on a peaceful island with villas with eye-catching architecture that has both beachfront and oceanfront surrounded by pristine waters. It has special dining included as part of the all-inclusive plan of Varu by Atmosphere – ‘The Varu Plan’.

Villas available – Beach villa, Beach villa with pool, Water villa, Water villa with pool, Family Beach villa, Family Beach villa with pool, Water Suite and Majlis Suite.

What’s special about a Maldives couple’s trip to Varu By Atmosphere? – Premium beverages, complimentary activities on your package, romantic dinner and activities and the best spas.

Location – Varu by Atmosphere Madivaru, 20050, Maldives
Transfer type – Speedboat

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Varu By Atmosphere
Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash

All Inclusive Maldives Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹51,730

5. Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa

Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa is one of the best adult-only resorts in the Maldives. It is everything you want but best known for the hospitality and PADI diving centre. It has 140 villas to offer to you with top-notch room amenities and many restaurants to tickle your taste buds.

Villas available – Deluxe Water Villa, Deluxe Ocean Front Beach Villa, Premium Deluxe Spa Water Villa, Deluxe Spa Overwater Villa, Deluxe Sunset Water Villa and Ocean Front Beach Villa.

What’s special about a Maldives couple’s trip to Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa? – Adult-only retreat, all amenities one of the best places for water sports and exceptional hospitality.

Location – North Male Atoll, Maldives.
Transfer type – Speedboat

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When you are planning a trip with your partner, trust me, you can’t take the Maldives off your list. And, now you know why. With all the above resorts for couples offering such a peaceful stay throughout your trip in the Maldives, isn’t this what your partner and you wanted? Then, plan your Maldives trip right away. You need not wait anymore. So, wondering how to plan? Check out the Pickyourtrail website for some of the best Maldives packages for couple and take that much-awaited trip soon.

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