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Maldives Water Villas With Glass Floors
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on October 1, 2021 Share on

Maldives Water Villas with Glass Flooring: An Epitome of Luxury and Class

Maldives is an island that attracts tourists by its nature, bounded with peace, serenity and beauty. Floating on the glowing turquoise waters, surrounded by sandy shores and blanketing over the friendly ocean creatures like Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks and colourful fishes that randomly pop up to check on you, Maldives is more than any other island destination. And that’s the reason you could see so many villas and bungalows that got inspired and took advantage of Maldives’s picturesque waterscape to come up with the remarkable Maldives Water Villas with glass floors.

Maldives Water Villas With Glass Floors

Being a destination overlooked by tourists as a hub for a wellness retreat, honeymoon paradise and a perfect family time spot, Maldives is full of distinctively featured floating resorts. But, with the glass floors, the competition among overwater villas has jumped to the next level. Yes! Not all villas come with glass door panels. So make sure to check before booking. These villas are an essence of luxury and an otherworldly experience that makes you feel like you are dreaming. But let us remember that even though the overwater villas with glass floors didn’t originally come from the Maldives, the world tourists usually associate it with the Maldives for its pure elegance.

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What Makes Water Villas With Glass Floors In Maldives Special?

When you take the first step into the Maldivian villa, where you will be spending your entire vacation with your partner, and then see a part of the flooring is glass that reveals the world of water beneath your feet like you are floating will be a dream come true. The spacious villas will make you feel like it broke the space between you and nature. While some villas offer glass flooring in a section of the walkable area, other villas offer glass floor panels under coffee tables. 

The glass floor in Maldivian Villas are see-through, yet, it lightens up your room by the reflection of natural light in the glass floor. Moreover, the iconic glass floors in the villa will also allow you to astonish at the sight of teeming marine life closer than aquariums right from your bedroom. Besides, you can also take photographs or videos of your partner as they swim in the turquoise sea underneath the glass panel.

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Unique Water Villas With Glass Floors In Maldives

Unique Water Villas With Glass Floors in Maldives
Image Sour: Unsplash

The Maldives offer numerous choices when you start looking for Water Villas with a glass floor. Unlike any other tourist destination, resorts in Maldives have high standards because of massive competition. But few villas offer the best amenities and activities while utilizing the glass floor panel for an enchanting experience.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

With 56 villas and 119 rooms, Lily Beach Resort & Spa is one of the best resorts for honeymooners in the Maldives. Its Deluxe Water Villa has a 6feet long glass floor panel is a stunning advantage. Walk right on it and marvel at the glistening underwater view. It has a simple design with a pleasing atmosphere. You can also go snorkelling or watch the vastness of the Indian ocean in the plunge pool attached to the wooden terrace. It is just a 25-minute seaplane ride from Male.

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Jumeriah Vittaveli

When you are in Jumeriah Vittaveli, you will fall in love inside out of its contradicting yet beautiful architecture. Choosing this exotic “Water Villa With Pool Sunrise” that has a palm-thatched roof and an appealing atmosphere over other villas will allow you to enjoy your vacation ten times fold than you have imagined. Here, you can find the glass floor in the living area where you can enjoy the movement of the colourful fishes shoaling beneath. Its Water Villa With Pool Sunrise offers you a King size bed that accommodates 2-adults and 2-children below 12 years. It has spacious rooms, a pool and a gazebo on the outer deck.

Conrad Maldives

Sunset Water Villas
Image Source: Pexels

Sunset Water Villa in Conrad Maldives comes with two bedrooms and glass flooring in the centre of the couch area in the living room. You can sit and inhale the fresh air and sink into the tranquil atmosphere. You can also watch the fish schools swimming beneath the glass. One of the best additional features in this water villa is the rotating bed. You can enjoy your evening by admiring the 270-degree view of the ocean to watch the sunset. Get the best relaxation by swimming in either the whirlpool or infinity pool.

Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Luxury Resort

Water Sport in Maldives
Image Source: Pexels

Staying in this 5-Star resort with almost 80 water villas will be an ideal way to spend your honeymoon luxuriously. It has a larger glass floor area situated in your bedroom right next to your bed. You can enjoy the beauty of the turquoise ocean with your partner as soon as you wake up. Being a perfect romantic getaway, you can also explore Maldivian cuisine in its variety of restaurants and bars. You can also spend the rest of your day in the Spa or partake in fun activities, including watersports.

As an individualistic destination with a distinct culture, architecture and bustling sites, the Water Villas with the glass floors in the Maldives are an added glory to its ever enthralling beauty. So, take a quick check on your schedule for a holiday. And start looking for a Maldives tour packages or Maldives honeymoon packages on the Pickyourtrail website.

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