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The British Museum, a Pinnacle of Human History

Imagine a place which actually collects all the human history facts as a collection, rather a sort of compilation that we can look back and see them through what various periods have been and how they have actually lived a period which is not now. Even to Think about the same is something to be fantasized about. This Museum is in the Square Mile, which is The city of London. The British Museum is one of the most visited places in the UK as a whole. This place is a visual spectacle, just like Spielberg’s film, with diverse information to offer to the public who step in.

The 5 Facts of British Museum

  1. The British Museum has the largest and the most comprehensive collection of over 8 Million works, been widely sourced during the era of the British Empire.
  2. The controversial collection of An erotic Japanese art exhibition had 87,893 visitors in three months and is one of the most successful in the museum’s history.
  3. Largely based on the collections of the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane, The British Museum was established in 1753.
  4. The British Museum is the first-ever National public Museum in the world.
  5. The core of today’s building with the four main buildings of the British Museum was designed by the architect Sir Robert Smirke.

The Direction Guide

The Archive of the world human history, The British Museum is situated in the Bloomsbury area of the Square Mile, the city of London, United Kingdom. The British Museum is exactly located at the Great Russell Street in London, WC1B 3DG.

Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Street View)
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Satellite View)

The Underground stations nearby are

  • Tottenham Court Road that is 500 meters away
  • Holborn Station that is about 500 meters far away
  • Russell Square and Goodge Street stations are about 800 meters away

Bus Routes and stations nearby are-

  • New Oxford Street Bus station: 1, 8, 98, 19, 38, 25, 55, and 242
  • Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street: 14, 10, 24, 73, 134, 29, and 390

Self Drive

The forecourt of the court gives parking for disabled visitors and limited parking space.

The British Museum is a 7-minute walk from the Centre point of London which is about 0.3 miles.

Timings And Tickets

The British Museum is open all days. The timings are as follows:
Great Court: 09.00–18.00 (20.30 on Fridays)
Galleries: 10.00–17.30 (most open to 20.30 on Fridays)
Ticket Desk: 09.00–16.45 (19.45 on Fridays)

Attend an exhibition, look around the galleries or get close to some collection highlights on a 20-minute Spotlight tour on Friday. You can also:

  • Go to a Friday night event
  • Dine in the Great Court Restaurant
  • Events include lectures, discussions, film screenings and performances

The best time to visit the Vatican is between March and May. The peak hours for visiting the museum will be between 10 AM to 3 PM, Later in the afternoon, during lunchtime or during Friday night. Tuesday is the best day to visit, as the number of visitors will be less comparatively.

Listed Holidays of London

  1. January 1 – New Year
  2. December 24 – Christmas Eve
  3. December 25 – Christmas
  4. December 26 – Boxing day

Dress Code
There are no such dress codes as you will be wearing for the Chapels. This is a tourist location so they can come in their comfortable clothes to take the tour. So you will not have to worry about the same.

Even if there is a shortage of time to visit the museum you can see the most fabulous objects in the museum:

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Parthenon sculptures
  • Oxus Treasure
  • Mummy of Katebet

So I am pretty much sure that you will be able to decipher the codes to make the trip worthwhile to The British Museum. This should definitely be on your checklist whenever you will be travelling to the United Kingdom. All the major attractions can be fitted into a 4 day ideal trip to the UK with Pickyourtrail. Get ready to fill in your bucket list with the activity.

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