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Neak Pean Temple
Written by Swathi on April 28, 2020 Share on

Neak Pean Temple – Explore the Temple of the Entwined Serpents

Cambodia, the land of the majestic Angkor Wat located in South East Asia is a cultural homeland to a number of temples. Cambodians swear by Buddhism and call their beloved country the ‘Land of the Khmers’ after the Khmer dynasty. The quiet, solemn country has an interesting history attached to most of its temples and a lot of it adds up to why the Cambodians are such hospitable people. If you are a culture buff and haven’t added Cambodia to your list of must-visit destinations, do it right away! We have all heard about the Angkor Wat as the world’s largest temple, but you will be surprised to know the significance of other temples in Cambodia – especially the Neak Pean Temple. What’s special you may ask? Read on, to find out more!

One such temple is the Neak Pean temple in the region of Siem Reap, often regarded as the epitome of medical care by the Cambodians. It is located on a dilapidated island on a circular platform and it is believed by the Cambodians that the most severe sickness can be cured if you visit this temple. This temple cannot compare to the grandeur of the Angkor Wat but definitely has its own importance and place in the Cambodian culture.

Neak Pean Temple
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History of Neak Pean Temple

This temple was built by the Khmer dynasty which is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The architectural wonder is built right in the middle of the lake which is believed to be mystical and the temple is said to represent the earth which is one of the five elements. The vibrations from this temple are said to cure humans of any kind of illness and a dip in the temple’s lake, Jayatataka Baray will wash away all the agony in a human’s mind.

The Khmer dynasty swore by Buddhist ideologies, and the temple has also been built keeping those ideologies in mind. Two entwined snakes are believed to hold the temple together from the bottom and you can take a walk to the temple on a wooden bridge that is built across the lake. Many tourists who have visited this temple are said to have gotten cured of their diseases.

The Bridge leading up to the Neak Pean Temple
Image Source: Google Images

Dress code to enter Neak Pean Temple

Every temple has it’s own traditions that need to be followed. As far as the Neak Pean temple is concerned, below knee-length pants and tops with sleeves are permitted.

Timings and entry fee

An interesting fact about the temple is that it can be visited all round the year and the timings to visit the temple are the same as any other temple from dawn to dusk, all through the week. The Angkor Park Pass can be used to visit the Neak Pean temple which you can acquire beforehand. Try and visit this marvel during the day time as the reflections of the temple on the lake and the intricacies of the architecture can be enjoyed to the maximum with the sunlight hitting the temple.

Reasons outnumbered to visit this temple, isn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start planning that vacation to Cambodia. Still unsure of how to go about it, where to get the Angkor Park Pass and if a guide will be able to assist you? Fret not, we at Pickyourtrail will ensure that you get all your answers and craft the best Cambodia vacation for you. Log onto for further details. Till then, start planning and happy travelling!

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