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Phuket in September
Written by Shrinidhi H on May 17, 2022 Share on

Phuket in September – Weather, Places to visit and Things to do

Phuket is known as the best beach location in Thailand, with its swaying palm trees, stunning white-sand beaches, pure blue waters, and brilliant nightlife. It is a perfect destination that never fails to impress, is the place to go in September if you want to appreciate the beauty that monsoons bring. Phuket in September is ideal for individuals who want to avoid the tourist crowds and see the town in a different light. Scroll down to know more information about Phuket in September!

Weather in Phuket in September

September is considered to be the rainiest and coldest month due to the tropical climate, and it is much less crowded so you can experience Phuket at your own pace. This destination has a tropical climate all year round, so weather conditions will not affect your travel plans as long as you have everything you need. 

  1. On average, September temperatures can reach 27 degrees Celsius, with maximum and minimum temperatures of 24 and 30 degrees Celsius, respectively.  
  2. The average rainfall recorded mainly in September in Phuket is about 400 mm, which is about 10 times the amount we will face in the coming months. 
  3. The cool breeze and dramatic skies make Phuket more magical than this month. With humidity of about 85%, September is the perfect month to enjoy the indoor attractions and activities offered by the island’s cities.

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Places to visit in Phuket in September

1. Elephant Sanctuary

When you have a cat or dog that is raining, why not spend some time with the cutest and largest terrestrial animals in the world? Phuket has an elephant sanctuary, and a visit to Thailand’s highest sanctuary can certainly be a rare experience. The sanctuary is fairly open, but if you enjoy playing with elephants and washing, rain is not an issue. In the sanctuary, there are wonderful human-friendly elephants who love to get wet.

Phuket in September
Source: Unsplash

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2. Jungceylon

Jungceylon is an entertainment hub that offers something to all travellers, regardless of age group. The mall has everything from affordable fashion brands and world-class restaurants to lively bowling alleys and action-packed entertainment areas. This mall turns out to be a great place for visitors with their families and children as they can have a good time with their families and children. This spot ensures that there will never be a boring moment in Phuket!

Phuket in September
Source: Unsplash

3. Aquaria

Great place to get the most out of your time and space. The aquarium is the largest aquarium in  Thailand and tourism and education are closely related. Located in the heart of Phuket, Aquaria is a place to unravel the mysteries of the underwater world and provide the opportunity to make friends with vibrant marine life. The aquarium is home to about 25,000  beautiful and awe-inspiring aquatic life just by living in its habitat. Aquariums are usually a perfect vacation for those travelling to Phuket with young children and wanting to avoid the rain in September.

Aquaria Phuket
Source: Unsplash

4. Phuket Museums

If you are a history lover, Phuket is a paradise on earth for you. There are countless museums covering the floors of this island nation, leaving no stones to impress visitors. These museums are ideal places to understand and experience the rich culture and deep-seated but interesting history of Phuket. Even with the downpour outside, such as colonial villas, mining museums, and the Thalang National Museum, Phuket is a fascinating place.

Phuket Muesum
Source: Unsplash

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Things to do in Phuket in September

1. Cabaret Show

Phuket is known for its glamorous and glamorous nightlife, which the cabaret show best describes. The most famous is in Patong, called Simon Cabaret. Another popular show that both locals and tourists can see and enjoy is Samcon. The show is always fun and the performers’ colourful costumes make the whole stage colourful and eye-pleasing. This show will make you forget about the rain that falls outside.

Simon Cabaret show
Source: Unsplash

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2. Thai spa treatment

It is a must to have a Thai massage when you are in Phuket. Gentle raindrops play background music, aroma essential oil scents fill the room, relaxing massages relieve all tensions and stresses, and Phuket spa treatments captivate many. With a variety of massages and cosmetological treatments offered in the island nation, it is well worth making  Phuket a monsoon vacation.

Thai spa
Source: Unsplash

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3. Thai cooking class

Thailand is known for offering some of the most delicious and delicious dishes in the world. With skills and centuries-old recipes, it’s a better way than taking  Thai flavours home for friends and family. The Thai flavour is the perfect blend of salty, sour and spicy, a carnival on the tongue. In the cooking class in Phuket, you can not only witness the chef but also take a market tour to buy fresh ingredients and prepare meals. The best thing is to try your Thai food! 

Thai cooking class
Source: Unsplash

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Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket in September

1. When can I go to Phuket? 

According to climatic conditions, the period from November to April is considered the best time for Phuket. During this time, the beach weather is perfect for beach activities.

2. What can’t miss in Phuket? 

All the famous and wonderful places in Phuket should not be missed by travellers. Phi Phi Island is one of Phuket’s most picturesque spots. You can arrange for a day or two trip to this island.

3. What is the best thing to buy in Phuket?

Handicrafts, spa items, tie-dye, soap flowers, Thai silk, and antiques are some of the nicest things to buy when shopping in Phuket.

4. What is Phuket famous for?  

Phuket is famous for its exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, colourful night markets, delicious seafood, the White Marble Buddha and, of course, scuba diving.


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Even when the monsoon is at its heaviest, Phuket in September is truly magical. Fresh air, brisk winds, gloomy skies, and fewer people are just a few elements that contribute to an already fantastic experience. This island ensures that no one is bored or unimpressed during their visit by providing a variety of indoor activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, making the trip genuinely memorable. Don’t forget to book your customised Thailand itinerary from Pickyourtrail and get the Phuket tour package at affordable rates!

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