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Pickyourtrail’s Australian visa success rate is at an all-time high

Getting Australian visa is easy for us!

There’s a weakness that all of us share at Pickyourtrail.

The inability to say no. 

Wherever our customers want to go, we make it happen. Their itineraries are completely customised, hotels are as per their expectations, and we handpick activities that they can enjoy during their holiday. No matter how complicated this process gets, we simply don’t say no. 

So when our travel consultants noticed a problem that was making this promise difficult to deliver, it was time for some serious brainstorming. 

Australia and New Zealand are the big favourites among our customers (no surprises there!).

But here lay the problem: Almost 10% of our customers never got to go on this dream vacation. Why? Visa. Our customers were unable to go on their dream vacations because their visa applications were getting rejected. 

Despite spending around 45 minutes on average on the phone with our customers, and with the Australia and New Zealand’s tourist visa processes being fairly simple, our customers found it difficult to get through it. There was a lack of awareness about this process that we really needed to fix while making sure it didn’t take up too much time.

After three intense meetings, the idea was formed and decided upon—a single point of reference for all visa questions concerning Australia and New Zealand. 

This required a week’s worth of all-nighters from our travel consultants, who had combed through all of their customer conversations, compiled and split the visa information into multiple categories that addressed specific questions for honeymoon couples, for self-employed individuals, salaried professionals, and more—they left no stone unturned. 

This document was made available on Pickyourtrail’s mobile app where customers could access it at all times. 

It was also a useful reference for all our travel consultants—it helped them give customers faster, consistent, and more accurate answers. Going the extra mile as a habit, they also included questions that the customers might have after their visa interview. 

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And the results were almost immediate.

There was a marked difference in the amount of time our travel consultants spent on the phone with customers, thus helping them talk to more of them every day. Now, our customers are a lot more aware of what they need before they apply for a visa and what to do once the visa is approved. 

And the icing on the cake?

The visa approval for our Australia and New Zealand customers reached a success rate of 99%, three months running. Almost every customer who books their ANZ vacation with Pickyourtrail is now guaranteed to go there and enjoy their stay to the fullest. 

So, it’s perhaps wise to say that our biggest weakness is also our biggest strength: We can’t say no to our customers and we intend to remain that way for as long as we’re around. 

If you want to explore the world, consider it done! That’s our promise. 

#UnwrapTheWorld with Pickyourtrail.

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