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Vietnam visa requirements for Indians

The South-east Asian country of Vietnam has now caught on as a travel destination for people from different countries around the world. Explore the country which is famous for its war history and the museums and tunnels used by the soldiers. And just like entering any other country, you need a visa. Here you go— these are all the Vietnam visa requirements for Indians.

Vietnam tours have recently allowed visa on arrival facility for all Indian passport holders. This facility, however, is available only when you fly into Vietnam and not by other modes of entry. But you cannot just buy a ticket and fly into the country to get a visa on arrival. Before leaving, you must get visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration.

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There are two ways to get a visa to Vietnam:

  1. Get the visa in the Vietnam embassy in India.
  2. Apply for a visa on arrival through a travel agency in Vietnam

While obtaining a visa, an applicant is given two options:

    1. Vietnam visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month or 3 months.
  1. Vietnam visa for business purpose with validity for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.


    1. Before applying for Vietnam visa, make sure that your passport has at least 6-month validity counting from the date of arrival and blank pages left for a new stamp.
    1. Make sure your given name is exactly the same as on your passport.
    1. Your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format.
    1. Your passport number
    1. Date of arrival has to be filled in by the applicant on the official visa approval letter. You can either enter the country on the given date or on a later date, but not on an earlier date.
  1. Passport size photos are required at the Vietnam airport.

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