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Pawna Lake
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Top Places to Visit near Pawna lake on your next trip

Pawana Lake is quite aloof, about 20 kilometres from the Lonavala Railway Station, with visitors and tourists flocking up to Lonavala for daily treks and campsites. The lake’s sheer scale coupled with the surroundings makes for an amazing sight as it presents itself in the eyes like a canvas picture. A camper’s paradise is what it is, surrounded by high soaring hills and blessed with a nice climate all year round making it a spectacular getaway spot. There are a ton of places to visit near Pawna lake as well.

Overview of Pawna Lake

Formed by the building of the Pawana Dam in the west across the Pawana River from the Western Ghats, the earth-filled water reservoir has a capacity of 0.24 km3, serving as the primary source of water to the Pimpri-Chinchwad (Navi Pune) district. The beautiful scenery is surrounded by a green carpet and includes historically important forts such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. The mighty fortresses date back hundreds of centuries and are a monument to the strategic significance of the region. The geographic location of Pawana Lake in the Western Ghats renders it a perfect hotspot for the flora and fauna. 

Pawna Lake, India

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A piece of nature artwork has been cut out by the artificial lake-beautiful sunsets, clear weather, lush pastures and high hills. Its proximity to Mumbai, Lonavala and especially Pune makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination for families and people who look forward to a calm and rejuvenating way of spending their time wisely. Pawana Lake and the local region are stunning, unexplored and provide excellent chances to spend time with nature on one day.

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Getting there to Pawna Lake

The proximity of Pawana Lake to the eventful Lonavala destination allows it conveniently accessible from there. This is just about 20 kilometres from train station Lonavala. The best way to fly from Lonavala will be to book a shuttle or a bus. There’s strong road access to Pawana Lake from Pune, Lonavala and Mumbai. Even the neighbouring town of Kamshet, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, provides a number of transportation facilities to the lake which is just 35 km inland. The closest railway line is at Lonavala, and when you enter Lonavala the train path is pretty scenic.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

Thanks to the year-round friendly environment, Pawana Lake remains an overlooked attraction to be visited anytime you wish. The monsoon months are spectacular as pastures and meadows turn bright green, a great opportunity to savour nature’s eye-pleasing offerings. Thanks to the cold weather and quiet climate, the winter season from November to February is also a perfect time to visit the area. Here is a list of places to visit near Pawna lake.

Pawna Lake
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Places to visit near Pawna lake

1. Paragliding

Perhaps the secret behind the success of Pawna is their outstanding paragliding facility. You will experience this trip right next to Lake Pawna, where you can float over the beautiful scenery and crystal-clear waters of the rivers Indrayani and Pawna. The adrenaline rush combined with the humbling elegance of the sun over the horizon is an opportunity once in a lifetime that shouldn’t be overlooked! Kamshet is one of the best places to visit near Pawna lake for truly enjoying the experience of paragliding. Kamshet is the centre for parasailing with several professional gliding schools and coaches where you can comfortably participate in the activity and make it one of your life’s most redefining experiences.

Kamshet offers paragliding opportunities for all kinds of people including beginner paragliding schools and those who want to learn the sport properly. The most famous company here is Nirvana adventures, which organizes and operates paragliding programmes. There are a couple of other outdoor events that are arranged here such as rock climbing and water sports. A few paragliding sites are accessible here including Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Wall, Tower Hill and Shelar.

2. Shinde Wadi hills

The Shinde wadi hills are a taking-off spot for paragliding and is also one of the top places to visit near Pawna lake. This location is perfect for newcomers on paragliding because the take-off height is just around 100 to 200 feet above ground level. It is claimed that the troops of Madhavrao Shinde were ambushed and shot from Shinde wadi hilltop during the war against the British.

3. Bedsa caves

Located slightly away from Kamshet, Bhedsa Caves is one of Maharashtra ‘s oldest caves, dating back to 60 BC. These are situated on a hilly messy spot. The caves are known for their beautiful, exquisite carvings and they contain four pillars that are 25 feet high. The central cave named ‘Chaitya’ has a hall of prayer that enshrines a magnificent stupa. With its cultural abundance, it makes it to the top 10 places to visit near Pawna lake

Lake in Pune
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4. Kondeshwar temple

Built with bricks, the temple reflects an ancient architectural theme of the Hemadpanti. The rugged landscape allows it a difficult climb up to the temple and monsoon trips are also not suggested. The temple is among several other shrines in the area devoted to Lord Shiva. The premises also include Shri Khateshwar Maharaj Samadhi, a pool, and a waterfall.

5. Pawna Lake Camping 

With a rise in visitor numbers in recent years, the network has been growing. Introduction and promotion of events such as hiking, backpacking and water sports only add to the benefits you can visit Pawana Dam. You can build your tent here, or purchase one of the other kits that businesses are selling. Rates for camping differ depending on the season and availability. Camping is an add-on to your Pawana Lake trip, an activity you’ll never forget. Paragliding is a well-known in-reservoir activity. Remember, if you want to sleep here, you will look star all night long. Your arrival at this beautiful resort awaits a variety of opportunities and encounters.

Pawna Lake Camping
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The birds’ migratory season falls from June to August, and watching this natural phenomenon is a spectacle. Uncrowded and usually green throughout the year, most crowds arrive here to relax and unwind from the manic city life of everyday life. Your drive to Lonavala, Khandala or to some other nearby locations does not deter you from enjoying this piece of serenity.

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Pawana Lake provides everything you’ve dreamed about in a holiday venue-a relaxing atmosphere, stunning mountains of unrivalled scenery and the opportunity to discover. There are too many places to visit near Pawna lake from the medieval remains of forts to wild farm pastures. It can pay off doing some preparations in advance. This is where taking the help of a reputed travel agency will help. Log on to Pickyourtrail and with the help of your expert guides start planning your trip or check out the preset packages.

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