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Portugal in August
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on July 5, 2022 Share on

Portugal in August: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go!


August marks a period of heat in the country of Portugal. The month brings with it higher crowds, temperatures, and, sadly, increased prices. However, there is an upside amidst all these high statistics: there is a delightful, upbeat mood in the air. After all, everyone out here is high on holiday happiness! Given all that is on offer, Portugal tour packages starts looking like a catch as far as dream holiday destinations are considered. So, keeping that in mind, here we discuss some important topics for your upcoming travels to Portugal in August.

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Weather in Portugal in August

Like the previous month, August marks a period of heat in the country of Portugal. The days are sunny and dry. This makes them perfect for open-air cafés, sundowners, and even alfresco dining. Let’s talk a bit about actual numbers now: in the northern regions of the country, like Porto, it isn’t as sweltering, with temperatures hovering at an acceptable 25 degrees Celsius. Let’s move on to the capital, Lisbon. Lison is hot and dry, with temperatures having highs of 28 degrees Celsius and no rain to go with the heat. Moving to the southern regions like Algarve – temperature highs up to 30 degrees Celsius are to be seen. Given the heat that is prevalent in the country in the month of August, Sun protection and hydration become a must. 

Portugal in August
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Things to Do in Portugal in August

The following make for some good engagement options when travelling to Portugal in August:-

  1. Given the crowds that throng the beaches, it doesn’t make sense to head to the beaches right now. Tourists wouldn’t have the best Portugal experience that can be enjoyed during this period. Instead, we suggest that you opt for the quieter parts of the country and head to towns and regions like Braga, north Portugal, Porto, and Madeira. Madeira even hosts interesting events like the Madeira Wine Harvest Festival in the last week of August, so, don’t miss out! 
  2. If you are looking to beat the crowds but not leave the Algarve region behind you entirely, then we suggest you look at some alternative options. These include – Alvor and Carvoeiro. These places are relatively less crowded and don’t take away much from your experience. 

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What to Pack for Portugal in August

Following make for some essential items that should be packed for a trip to Portugal in August

  1. Earplugs
  2. Eye mask
  3. Concealed money belt
  4. Photocopy of passport or legal ID
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Comfortable shoes with non-slip soles
  7. Travel kettle
  8. Swimming cap
  9. Swimming shoes / Sandals 
  10. Electrical Adaptors
travel essentials
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What to Wear in Portugal in August

The following are some good clothing options for your trip to Portugal in August:

  1. Shorts
  2. Tshirts
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Versatile travel jacket
  5. Linen pants
  6. Swimsuit

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Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in August

Following are some noteworthy tips to keep in mind while travelling to Portugal in August:-

  1. Given the increased temperatures, there is virtually no rainfall to be seen in any region. This means that wet places like Porto and the Douro Valley can be enjoyed without any interruptions. Long summer days also translate to longer working hours for attractions like museums etc. So, make sure you make the most of this period by planning your itinerary well to either make the most of your time or take your journey one attraction at a time. 
  2. This is the time for swimming, as the waters in the Atlantic Ocean have heated up sufficiently to allow for a spirited swim session. Places like the Algarve region, Azores, and Madeira all make for great options for your Portugal honeymoon packages
  3. There are plenty of events to enjoy like Feira de São Mateus etc. These bring with them plenty of celebrations, so do make sure you take part in these festivities. 
Portugal in August
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Where to Stay in Portugal in August

The following options can be looked into as far as sensible and affordable lodgings are concerned for your trip to Portugal in August:-

1. Moxy Lisbon City

While the country of Portugal is primarily famous for being a beach holiday destination, towns like the capital Lisbon make for a good city break. Moxy is a recently opened accommodation option which is worth looking into if you are looking to explore Lisbon. The interiors of the hotel are full of traditional Portuguese touches and street art is a prime focal point. Other notable features here include the 15-metre pool and overall aesthetically pleasing views from the balcony. 

2. W, Algarve 

This accommodation takes your beach holiday plans to another level. With access to three beaches and sea views from every room, it doesn’t get any better than this. There are plenty of fun activities that residents can engage in during their stay here like – drinking at the Sea Sky rooftop bar, Dancing by the pool at the Wet Deck party, and much more. If you have deep pockets then you can opt for the Extreme WOW suite which features amenities like a plunge pool and hot tubs. 

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Festivals in Portugal in August

Following are some interesting festivals that you can attend during your holiday to Portugal in August:-

  1. Noites Ritual Rock – Held in Porto, this is the biggest rock festival in the country. Up-and-coming bands entertain patrons at this festival along with seasoned professionals as well. The biggest upside to this festival is that it is free to attend! 
  2. Festival do Marisco: This is the festival to attend for seafood aficionados. This huge six-day feast is held in Olhão, the biggest fishing port in the Algarve. There is plenty of delicious food to be enjoyed alongside a party vibe and line of multiple gigs. 
  3. Feria de São Mateus Vaseu: This is a month-long fair held in honour of St Matthew. There are plenty of stalls which sell crafts and food in addition to fairground rides, fireworks and a lot more making this a fun affair indeed. 

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Portugal in August
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FAQs about Portugal in August

Q1: Is it hard to find vegetarian food in Portugal?

A1: No, while the main Portuguese diet is made up of seafood and meat. Most restaurants will be accommodating enough to serve you food acceptable to your dietary preferences. The bigger and more urban cities will offer you substantially more options when it comes to vegetarian food(s). 

Q2: Should I budget my expenses during my trip to Portugal in August

A2: Yes, it is advisable to always budget your expenses on any trip. A trip to Portugal in August can cost you about 50$ per person per day on average if you are travelling on a budget. However, this value can increase significantly if you splurge on day trips, food etc. 

Q3: Is it worth visiting Portugal in August?

A3: Yes, Portugal offers various festivities and events, making it a peak tourist season. There is a lot of fun and entertainment happening in this month.

Q4: What type of beach activities I can expect in Portugal in August?

A4: There are plenty of activities available for beach lovers in Portugal. You can participate in swimming, sunbathing, and water sports like surfing, snorkelling, and sailing.

Q5: Is Portugal in August crowded?

A5: Yes, August is the peak tourist season in Portugal so, you can expect crowd. It is recommended to book accommodations and tickets for attractions in advance.

So, are you ready to experience a delightful, upbeat mood in Portugal in August? To visit this spectacular destination, book one of the best Portugal packages from Pickyourtrail and get ready to have the best experiences. You can also customise your Portugal itinerary just as you want to and plan your whole vacation. Reach out to our travel experts to know more. See you soon 🙂

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