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Portugal in June
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on July 4, 2022 Share on

Portugal in June: Weather, Things to do, Travel Tips and More!


The month of June marks the season of summer. There is plenty of fun to be had travelling up and down the country with plenty of sunshine. Tourists can take part in plenty of festivals to alleviate their Portugal travel experience to new levels altogether. In addition to lesser crowds, the temperatures aren’t as high. Lastly, there are plenty of good deals to be enjoyed. All these factors make the travel to Portugal in June a great proposition to book Portugal travel packages. So, if you are looking to head to the magical country of Portugal in June, read on to learn some important facts that would prove useful in your travel-

Portugal in June
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Weather in Portugal in June

CityAverage Temperature (°C)Average Rainfall (mm)Average Sea Temperature (°C)Daylight HoursAverage Sunshine (hours)
Faro (Algarve)2510211411
Portugal in June
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Things to Do in Portugal in June

The following make for some excellent activities to engage in Portugal in June

  1. Resorts like Nazaré, Peniche, Ericeira and regions like Algarve open during the month of June. These make for the perfect locales as far as beach holidays go. 
  2. Engage in activities like surfing, dolphin-watching boat excursions, swimming etc in the beautiful waters in the coastal regions. 
  3. If you yearn for a bit of peace and quiet in the mountains on your Portugal honeymoon package then we suggest you head to Peneda-Gerês National Park in the north. With its serene pine forests and granite boulder dotted peaks, you can be sure to have a great time. 

What to Pack for Portugal in June

Following are some packing essentials for a trip to Portugal in June

  1. Hats
  2. Umbrella
  3. Water Bottle with built-in filtration system
  4. Power bank for charging
  5. Crossbody bag
  6. Anti-theft purse

What to Wear in Portugal in June

Refer to the list below for fashion inspiration for your trip to Portugal in June

  1. Cardigan / Light jacket
  2. Day Dresses
  3. Casual Jeans
  4. Tank tops
  5. Pashmina

Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in June

We suggest you keep the following tips in mind regarding your trip to Portugal in June:

  1. If you are budget conscious, June is your last window to avail some discounts on flights and accommodations before the season takes off in full swing. We suggest you make the most of this period and maximise your savings. However, tourists should book in advance when it comes to destinations where festivals may be celebrated on a large scale. 
  2. As already mentioned above, June has lesser crowds when it comes to tourists. This is partly because the rest of Europe isn’t out on a vacation ( as it would be in the month of August ). 
  3. There are plenty of festivals that are celebrated in June, so prepare to be dazzled in the festivities. Some of the most important celebrations include – the Feast day of Saint Anthony, Rock in Rio, etc. 
  4. Owing to the confluence of Spring and Summer, the waters are ideal in June to spot the cetacean wonders that the Atlantic has in store. Tourists can engage in activities like whale watching, exploring marine life, and so on. 
Portugal in June
Image Credits: Unsplash

Where to Stay in Portugal

Following are some beautiful accommodation options you can look into during your trip to Portugal in June

1.  Outpost Casa das Arribas: 

Location is the main focus of this accommodation. Located 40 minutes from Lisbon, this former private home now has been split into 6 apartments and features incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. Residents can enjoy the communal pool, tennis courts, and lush gardens. 

2. Vale de Lobo: 

This resort located in Algarve is iconic and emphasises heavily on healthy outdoor activities. These include – tennis, running, walking, and cycling. Residents can choose from an option of suites or apartments. Both the options are nestled in a stunning landscape consisting of pine trees, golden sand beaches and a nature reserve close by. 


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Festivals in Portugal in June

Following are some of the most noteworthy and important festivals that are celebrated in the month of June in Portugal

  1. Festa de Santo António: Also known as the Festival of Saint Anthony, this is Lisbon’s biggest saintly celebration. The fever reached its peak on the 12th of June in the historic centre of the capital. The streets are decorated with lanterns and garlands. There is plenty of feasting, drinking, dancing, and partying to be enjoyed. 
  2. Festa de São Joāo Porto: Held at St John on June 23rd, this midsummer adventure involves plenty of drinking, feasting, dancing, and fireworks with much fervour. 
  3. Rock in Rio: This grand party is inspired by Brazil. It is hands down one of the world’s most popular and highly anticipated music festivals. We suggest that tourists can keep an eye out and snag tickets as soon as they can. 
  4. Feira Nacional de Agricultura: Held for a week in early June at Santarém, this massive agricultural parade celebrates rural life. Tourists can enjoy horse racing, food and folk music, bullfights, parades, etc. 
fireworks in Portugal
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FAQs about Portugal in June

Q1 – What are some niche things I should pack when visiting Portugal in June

A1 – Following commodities while not essential can surely make your travel and experiences much more comfortable during your trip to Portugal in June:
Light rain jacket
Swimming cap
Swimming shoes

Q2 – What is the fastest way to get cash in case of emergencies? 

A2 – ATMs are hands down the best way to get your hands on cash in case of an emergency during your trip to Portugal in June. There are several machines located in cities like Lisbon and Porto etc. 

Q3 – What are some workarounds to avoiding transaction fees on your cash withdrawals?

A3 – Most banks charge a foreign transaction fee while you are withdrawing money overseas. It is recommended you check the same with your bank for the same. One convenient way to avoid this charge is to withdraw large sums of money at a time to enjoy and benefit from some savings. 

Q4 – Is Portugal in June worth visiting?

A4 – Yes, Portugal is intimidating in the month of June and has a lot to offer to its visitors. You can definitely place your journey to Portugal in the month of June and enjoy a great vacation.

Q5 – Can I visit Portugal in June with my family?

A5 – Indeed, Portugal is home to fantastic activities and cultural entertainment that should not be missed.

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