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Portugal in January
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on June 22, 2022 Share on

Portugal in January: A Complete Guide for a Perfect Trip!


Although a small country, Portugal sure packs a punch. It is home to cosmopolitan cities and unique towns and villages. One can relax at lively beach resorts and be in awe at spectacular national parks. It is safe to say that this rather small nation has a diverse range of attractions. Located on the borders of Spain with the marvellous coastline of the Atlantic Ocean on the other side, the country’s location is one of the big reasons for its singular appeal. Given all that is to see in this fantastic country, there are bound to be several questions about travel to Portugal in January. We discuss below some of the most burning questions travellers may have –


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Weather in Portugal in January

Let’s move on to discussing the temperature in Portugal in January. Owing to its geographical location, tourists can expect mild weather during the month of January in Portugal. Having said that, although one can expect pleasant temperatures, this is also one of the wettest months of the year. Lisbon can typically give one a good idea of the weather to be experienced in the rest of the country. So, talking about the weather in Lisbon, Portugal in January – the average temperature in the capital sits at 15 degrees Celsius.

It can get significantly cooler in the evenings with temperatures dropping to 8 degrees Celsius. The temperatures overseas are higher at 16 degrees Celsius, while the humidity is low. Coming back to rain showers, the capital has a rainfall of 109 mm that is spread across a period of 14 days. There are about 5 hours of sunshine every day with 10 hours of daylight. This means that the UV levels will definitely be less. Having said that, we still recommend that travellers keep their sunscreens handy. 

Weather in Portugal in January
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Things to Do in Portugal in January

  1. Check out the biggest waves in the world: Nazaré has some of the biggest waves in the world. Located just an hour from Lisbon, tourists can marvel at 30-metre-high waves and the surfers who conquer these swells. 
  2. Go on a shopping spree: The capital city of Lisbon makes for a great shopping destination at any time of the year. The year-end however brings about the best bargains. So, head to stores like Avenida da Liberdade or the Freeport Fashion Outlet and shop your heart out. 
  3. Explore the back streets: Given how Lisbon is a living city with a vibrant culture year-round, the best way to explore this city is on foot. So, sign up for a guided walking tour or take to the streets yourself. We guarantee you will have an amazing time on the streets with noteworthy establishments just waiting to be explored. 

Things to Do in Portugal in January
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What to Pack for Portugal in January

Following are some important articles that you should pack for a trip to Portugal in January

  1. Lipstick-sized portable charger
  2. Portugal power adapter
  3. Travel insurance for Portugal
  4. Packing cubes
  5. Activated Charcoal
  6. Shawl/Scarf
  7. Neck Wallet
  8. Universal Waterproof Phone case
  9. Jet Lag relief
  10. Water bottle with built-in filter
  11. Corkscrew
  12. Portuguese dictionary and Guidebook
  13. Hanging toiletry bag
  14. Dry Shampoo
  15. Umbrella
What to Pack for Portugal in January
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What to Wear in Portugal in January

You can choose from the following comfortable clothing options for your trip to Portugal in January

  1. Tops: Sweaters, Lighter tops, Thermals
  2. Bottoms: Black jeans, maxi skirt
  3. Jacket: Depending on the region travelling opt for either a winter coat or a denim/leather jacket
  4. Footwear: Sneakers or Ankle boots
  5. Accessories: Lightweight scarf, Woolly hat, pair of gloves

What to Wear in Portugal in January
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Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in January

Following are some noteworthy tips that will aid you in your travel to Portugal in January

  1. The official language spoken in Portugal is Portuguese, It is closely related to Spanish and French. 
  2. English is also widely spoken in Portugal.
  3. Portuguese cuisine places high emphasis on fresh seafood with a wine to go with the meal. 
  4. Portugal is a predominantly catholic country, and as a result, many religious festivals are celebrated throughout the year.
  5. Tipping isn’t mandatory but definitely appreciated. One can tip for services anywhere from 5% to 10%. 
  6. Portugal utilises the Euro as its currency. 
  7. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, however, American Express isn’t as common. 
  8. Portugal’s country code is +351.
  9. Overseas calling can get expensive so try to make use of Wifi as much as possible.
Best Tips for Visiting Portugal in January
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Where to Stay in Portugal

Following are some good options worth looking into when planning your accommodation arrangements for your trip to Portugal in January

In Algarve: 

  1. Farmhouse of the Palms: A boutique bed and breakfast overlooking the lush green Algarve countryside. 
  2. Companhia das Culturas: Stylish and minimal accommodation options located near Castro Marim.  

In Wider Lisbon Area: 

  1. You and the Sea: This establishment features apartments and studios at Ericeira. Ericeira is recognised as one of the places to surf on the earth. 
  2. Caso do Valle: This guesthouse focuses on sustainability and is located near the magical town of Sintra. 

Where to Stay in Portugal in January
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Festivals in Portugal in January

There are 2 main festivals celebrated in Portugal in January. Following are some more details about these festivities:- 

  1. New Year’s Day: New Year’s Day like anywhere else in the world is a national holiday in Portugal. As a result, one can expect limited public transport. However, most shops and tourist attractions are open in cities like Lisbon and Porto. If you are looking to ring in the new year in a fun style then you can head to the special concerts that are held here during this period. 
  2. Dia de Reis/Epiphany: This festival is also known as the – “ Three King’s Day ” and is celebrated on January 6th. The festival aims at celebrating the arrival of the Three Kings at the stable where Jesus was born, thereby marking the end of Christmas. Given the religious significance, families have a traditional meal and carolers move from house to house spreading joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – Is Portugal a family-friendly destination? 

A1 – Yes, Portugal is a family-friendly destination. If you have younger children in your family then you can opt to visit the expansive coastlines. Alternatively, if you are travelling with adult children, one can opt for checking out the wine region. 

Q2 – What are some of the best ways to travel in Portugal? 

A2 – One can travel in Portugal by both buses or trains. Roads are pretty decent too, so driving by yourself is a good option too. It is worth keeping in mind that if you opt for travel by public transport then the stops can sometimes be located far off from towns. So, it is worth one’s time to plan your travels accordingly. 

Q3 – What are some important tourist attractions in Portugal? 

A3 – Portugal is home to over 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include towns like Évora and Guimarães. Needless to say, these are among the best places to visit in Portugal in January. 

Portugal in January is fabulous and one should not miss the chance to explore it. This spectacular country is home to cosmopolitan cities, unique towns and villages. Book a Portugal travel package from Pickyourtrail to have the best travel experiences. You can even customize your Portugal trip on your own, now, this is something everyone needs, Right?  Stop procrastinating and travel around!

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