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How to Plan a Central Europe Trip: Perfect Guide

Next time you plan a trip to Central Europe, think about all the below-listed options. Especially when looking at in-trend destinations such as Prague, Vienna and Budapest or otherwise known as the Golden Triangle, consider the below cities and add-ons. They’ve been enlisted on the basis of connectivity and to give you the full Central Europe experience. But don’t mind when you find Italian, German and French cities. Like I said, it is the grand picture that matters.

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1. Salzburg

Definitely definitely add Salzburg to your itinerary if you’re a nature lover because the hills are always alive with the sound of music. Also, serene little Austrian vacation can’t always be fit in this easily. You could take a straight train from Prague to Salzburg or just route back from Vienna through those cosy trains.

2. Bratislava

Just a tiny step ahead of this straight is Bratislava, Slovenia’s beautiful capital. With the addition of this destination, the entire itinerary becomes the perfect Central Europe road trip.

3. Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is a delightful little village in South Bohemia. Settled all around a curvy river bank, it is almost a rural miniature of Prague itself. The roof tiled streets along with the Gothic and Baroque influenced structures here and there will make this an unforgettable little trip. What’s even more awesome? You won’t have to alter your path much on your way from Prague to Vienna, just a slight off-road trip would do!

4. Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a scenic city snuggled deep in the Swiss Alps that is a hub for winter sports. The amount of white and Blue in every picture of Innsbruck calls out to you. The trip in the above map is the most extensive one in the entire post. With the completion of this trip you would have checked off Prague, half of Bavaria, including Munich, Innsbruck and would have taken the long route covering Milan, Verona, Venice, Gras, Vienna and Budapest. Now, how’s that for an all-inclusive Europe Itinerary?!

5. Dubrovnik

Remember King’s Landing from Game of Thrones? Well, this is where it was shot at. I know there’s a dry period right now and the very name ‘Game of Thrones’ brings sad memories of nostalgia. Why don’t you venture southwards from Budapest and recollect all the great scenes of the series right in Dubrovnik? Just take a flight ahead of Budapest.

6. Hallstatt

Hallstatt is hands-down one of the most spell-binding locations in Austria or on Earth even. Something about these forever white roofs clinging to the lake’s shore is extremely pretty. With the addition of this destination, the whole map becomes pretty. There’s a complete medieval Austria-esque vibe to it. Don’t even miss the slightest chance of going to Hallstatt, ever. That’s one of the best pieces of advice anyone will ever give you! To actually get there, any of those beautiful trains from Vienna would do.

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