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Reasons to visit halkidiki
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Visit Halkidiki: Top 11 Reasons to Visit for your Greece Bucketlist goals

The best summer destination in northern Greece, Halkidiki is a vibrant city with three promontories situated close to Thessaloniki. Kassandra, the first finger, or leg, is well known for its various tourist resorts and seacoasts. The next leg, Sithonia, is less touristy and flaunts hidden bays, verdant valleys and less-crowded beaches. The third leg is Mount Athos, an ascetic community where just men are permitted. If you need some convincing thoughts on the reason to visit the lovely Greek island of Halkidiki, just read on. 

1. Amazing Beaches 

Fava beach in greece
Image Credits: Unsplash

The beaches in Halkidiki have the name of being the best in Greece. With 71 Blue-hailed Beaches and over 550km of coastline, there is undoubtedly a beach you will begin to look all starry eyed at. Known for their fine sand, blue waters and lavish and wild surroundings, the beaches in Kassandra, have many resorts for a peaceful and a calming stay. Sithonia, then again, is less touristy, has concealed beaches and bays and is the ideal goal for outdoors fans. 

2. Get onto Nature’s lap

Halkidiki is a green and verdant area and highlights 12 zones conserved by the NATURA show. In that capacity, it flaunts rich landscape, secured territories, rugged cliffs and incredible beaches. Set aside some time to explore the Agios Mamas Laguna or hike the Mount Itamos and consolidate with some birdwatching and a lovely cookout at Lake Mavrobara. 

3. An extraordinary cycling destination 

On the off chance that you are a bicycle sweetheart, you should visit Halkidiki as it offers unlimited open doors for dynamic occasions lasting through the year. With its lovely Nature and amazing scenes where the green of the backwoods appears differently about the extraordinary blue of the ocean, there are a few beautiful cycling courses to investigate. Fortunately, there is a Halkidiki bicycle control for those searching for bearings and motivation. 

4. Magnificent mountains 

As a matter of fact, on account of its temperate climate, Halkidiki is a perfect destination throughout the entire year. What’s more, as the region flaunts incredible view and scenes, it is enough for plenty of outdoor activities, for example, hiking and trekking. The place includes a few paths, and with its few pinnacles, including Mount Holomontas, Mount Itamos and Mount Stratoniko, you will have a lot of decisions with regards to climbing. This one of the best reason why travellers Visit Halkidiki.

5. Mount Athos 

Visit Mount Athos in Halkidiki
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Mount Athos peninsula is the central religious place in Europe. It is prohibited for ladies to enter the land, and it is hard for men to explore it as well. A permit request should be presented a while ahead of time to get permission. In any case, don’t worry; you can even now enjoy Mount Athos a good ways off if you join a boat trip along the coastline. A few religious communities are visible from the ocean, and the lavish greenery of the region is entrancing. 

6. Petralona’s Cave 

Just as a few archaeological destinations, Halkidiki is additionally home to the Petralona’s Cave, situated in the western piece of Mount Katsika. Found in 1959, the cavern is brimming with red-earth secured stalagmites and stalactites, it the name it’s likewise known by the Cave of the Red Stones. In any case, this isn’t only any old cave; in 1960, Dr Aris Poulianos found the remaining parts of the skeleton of a young lady around 700,000 years of age. It is also one of the most fundamental human discoveries in Europe. Ensuing unearthings permitted the revelation of more pre-human stays, just as creature fossils. 

7. It’s near to Thessaloniki

The second city of Greece is found two hours from Halkidiki, which makes it accessible from notable European cities. With a few Byzantine landmarks, old chateaus and energetic food and social scene, Thessaloniki is certainly another misjudged goal that merits more credit. 

8. Celebrations 

Visit Halkidiki Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Other than being a goal for sun-admirers, cycling aficionados and nature-sweethearts, Halkidiki is similarly engaging foodies. Consistently in June, the Sani Gourmet Food Festival happens and unites Michelin-featured culinary experts from Greece and abroad, making inventive dishes. Participants get the opportunity to find new flavours, go to workshops and introductions and partake in tasting meetings. 

At that point, there is the Sani Festival of music, from July to August, held at Sani slope, with a beautiful medieval pinnacle and the ocean as a scenery. In any case, a few different areas are additionally utilized. Moreover, the Kassandra Festival furthermore occurring all through July and August in Siviri, highlights a broad scope of music, including customary and contemporary music from over the globe. What’s more, for Greek music darlings, the Polygyros celebration is held all through August. It highlights legends music craftsmen and groups from Greece. 

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9. The wine racecourses 

Disregard Nemea; Halkidiki is similarly intriguing for oenophiles. With the wineries spread out over the territory, along these lines of investigating the area permits guests to find a neglected feature of Halkidiki. This is why travellers Visit Halkidiki. Just make a halt at Agios Pavlos, test the notable PDO Slopes of Meliton red wine, created on the abundant inclines of Mount Meliton in Sithonia. 

10. Ammouliani 

If you are searching for someplace offbeat, at that point head to Ammouliani, the main island of Halkidiki. With around 600 changeless occupants, this minuscule drop of land in the dark blue ocean is a little safe house of small bays and beaches protected from the groups. However, other than its especially delightful scenes, the island itself is perfect for explorations. The residents hold tight to their customs, brought back hundreds of years prior by their precursors from Asia Minor. 

11. Rich culinary legacy 

Visit Halkidiki
Image Credits: Unsplash

All through Greece, the northern part of the nation is known for its great food. Also, you will quickly understand this in Halkidiki. With a long culinary history impacted by Constantinople and Asia Minor, the gastronomy of the district is full in delicious food made locally under the sun, and wine delivered in the many wineries of the region. You will taste great bread and pies, fulfilling meat dishes just as natively constructed pasta, sharp cheddar and other paramount, new recipes. Isn’t all the above a good reason to Visit Halkidiki?

Well, Vacation to Greece is packed and set as an all-time visit destination. If you wish to take your trip a little off-route, then do consider adding Halkidiki to your Greece holiday package or Greece honeymoon tour package. So, why wait? Call our experts at Pickyourtrail and customise your vacation with us.

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