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Reformation wall in Geneva
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The Reformation Wall, The International Monument of Reformation in the University of Geneva

On my personal checklist of places to visit, Switzerland holds a sweet spot. This is because of its breathtaking visuals and picturesque locations. One will always want to visit Swiss at least once in their life. This is because of its locations and the world-famous production of chocolates. But what many do not know is that it also has its eyes on the famous arts and is also unique in presenting them. One of such places to feast your eyes on is the Reformation Wall. This is not similar to the John Lennon wall in Prague, But this gives you an overlook at the famous people at geneva as this wall presents with their sculptures. This wall was integrated during 1909, in the grounds of the University of Geneva, which was founded by John Calvin. People should keep is on their checklist while visiting the great land of Swiss.

The 4 famous Sculptures of The Reformation Wall
Image credits : Pixabay

The 5 Fact Section:

  1. The reformation wall was integrated in the year of 1917, which was the year of 400th anniversary of the birth of Calvin. This also dates to be the 350 years of the creation of the Academy by Calvin.
  2. The length of The Reformation wall which contains many famous sculptures is a hundred metres long.
  3. The Wall consists of 10 sculptures, which fill up the Monument out of which 4 figures are 5 metres high.
  4. The central group of sculptures represents 4 main preachers. They are Guillaume Farel, Théodore de Bèze, Jean Calvin and John Knox. They pose in the Geneva dress with The Bible in their hand.
  5. A part of the park was to be renovated and it was a contest that was held to select who would construct the space. The contest involved 71 contestants. It was at last won by 4 Swiss architects.
Mur des Réformateurs
Image credits: Google Images

The Direction Guide to the Reformation Wall

One of the most visited places in Geneva, The Reformation hall is one of the most sought after spot in Geneva, this place is filled with history and culture.

Prom. des Bastions 1, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

By Tram:
The closest name to the Reformation wall is the Place de Neuve and the Cirque. The tram services that reach the station are:
– Place de Neuve Stop: 12, 14, 17, 18
– Cirque Stop: 15

By Bus:
The Closest stop(s) available to the Chillon Castle is the Palais Eynard and Place de Neuve. The Bus service(s) that reach the stops are :
Palais Eynard Stop: 3, 5, 36, NO
Place de Neuve Stop: 3, 5, 20, 36, NO

Street view of the Reformation wall in Geneva
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Street View)
Satellite view of the Reformation wall in Geneva
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps (Satellite View)

Timings And Tickets Info of Reformation Wall

There are no entry fees to enter into the Reformation wall. It is all open to the public and this piece of architecture is the most sought after place to stay and learn the history of great scholars and sculptures who lived before us. The place is open 24/7 and is open to the public every day. This is also a famous picturesque location.

The best time to visit the place is between the months of April and October. This is the time where the Swiss will be at the peak of its weather and the best time for Sightseeing.

There are no restrictions on the dress codes to wear to the wall. Wear your comfortable casual clothing to this absolutely delightful experience.

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