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Ross island
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Picturesque Ross Island in Andaman

Short vacations and weekend getaways have been a major part of Indian vacation plans since time immemorial. Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been one of the most exotic destinations in India and travelers prefer to embark on India to Andaman Tour packages for short getaways and weekend vacations. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the Union territories in India and is an archipelago consisting of over 300 Indian islands. It is home to some of the most beautiful marine life in the country.

The Picturesque Ross Island in Andaman

Ross Island is one of the prominent Islands in the Archipelago of Andaman. The Island is cladden with coconut and palm trees all across the island. The Ross Island, which was once a British inhabited island is now mostly deserted with some parts of the island retaining the colonial architecture that it is very famous for. Incidentally, the Ross Island in Andaman was also the capital of the Archipelago for close to a century, between 1858 to 1941.

Ross island dock
Photo by Harneet Kochar on Unsplash

History of the Ross Island.

The Ross Island in the Andamans was once occupied by the British raj in India for close to a century. It was also their capital for the Archipelago until an earthquake in 1941 forced them to shift base to port Blair, which is the current capital of the union territory.

After the Abandonment of the Ross Island, it was covered banyan, palm and coconut trees, covering all the buildings and establishments. The Indian navy then rebuilt some of the establishments, restored the colonial architecture, set up a bakery, a couple of shops for visitors to buy souvenirs. The Presbyterian church and the residential quarters of the island are worth checking out. The bakery also plays a short docu-film on the island twice a day.

Things to do in Ross Island

The rich history and the intriguing nature of the island draws a lot of people to the Ross Island. The island boasts of different activities that might interest different kinds of people.

The tennis court and the swimming pool present in the island act as a very good leisure spot for the visitors on the island. One can visit the Gandhi park or the ross island sanctuary to interact with rich biodiversity and click some stunning pictures.

The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is a very interesting visit for kids and adults alike. The light and sound show of Ross island is the most famous attraction, and happens with the island’s bakery as the backdrop.

Ross island beach
Photo by tatonomusic on Unsplash

Some of the places that one should not miss out on Ross island are the Ancient Presbyterian Church, Commissioner’s Bungalow, Ferar Beach and The Garden of Remembrance on Ross Island. These are some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

How to reach, entry fees and timings of Ross island in Andaman

The Ross Island is located at about 3km from port Blair. Travel by sea is the only way to reach the island. You can hire a private boat or the public boat ride from phoenix bay. You can also visit in fishing boats whilst exploring the mangrove creeks.

The entry fee for adults is INR 20 and for children it is INR 10. The island can be visited anytime between 8 Am to 5 Pm.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Ross Island

1. You can take a personal guide with you to explore the ross islands. It is advised to pre-book a guide in your Andaman vacation package or book one at port Blair itself.

2. Be prepared to walk as that is the only way to explore the island. It can take up to 2 hours to explore the island.

3. Do not litter the island.

Ross island is one of the must-do experiences in Andaman. Reach out to the destination experts at to book your customized weekend getaway to Andaman Nicobar packages for couple

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