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A bar in Santorini
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The Best Santorini Bars to Spend the Freaking Weekend Chilling Away

Every time you visit the bar with your friends, there exists unmatchable happiness around. When you visit Santorini in Greece, every time is a Happy hour O’clock! Trust me, the place is full of welcoming bars with each one unique in its own way. Isn’t it exciting to hear? Yes. Once you finish exploring Santorini, end your day with a visit to one of the island’s many bars. The Santorini bars will surely take you to the mood of cocktails, live music and sampling local wine. Are you ready to cover the best bars in Santorini and get in the mood already? Here are some of the top Santorini bars that you should never miss visiting during your trip.

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Santorini Bars

Santorini bars with best cocktails

  • Fino Cocktail Restaurant
  • Momix
  • Pk Cocktail Bar
  • Seaside Santorini

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Fino Cocktail Restaurant

Head to one of Barbata’s favourite courtyard bars in Santorini. Though this exotic cocktail spot is not located on the shores with a view, it offers the best cocktail artistry in a laid-back elegance. This is one of the top Santorini bars with intimate shelter and tongue-tingling cocktails. Also, it is the most favourite stop for local residents. Do not miss trying out the signature cocktails range from the vodka-based Snappy TeaMiss Milly and laced Localili. For the sides, you will be given with Santorini’s finest Mediterranean dishes. Isn’t it mouth-watering already?


How excited are you to visit Greece’s first molecular mixology bar opened in Athens in 2013? Experience this fine dine on your next Santorini tour package from India. Currently, it is a sister location, where you can experience weird and wonderful drinks overlooking Fira’s caldera. Also, you will be surprised to know that not all cocktails are in liquid form. They offer peculiar cocktails as foam, fizz or jelly. Try out the chocolatey Perfect Kiss, Smurfs in a Bubble and the Macaron Pornstar Martini – a vodka and passion fruit “shot”.

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Pk Cocktail Bar

If drinking with stunning views is your fascination, head to this three-storey Santorini bars overlooking the mesmerizing sunset. Nestled right near the volcanic island, Palaia Kammeni, this family-run cocktail bar is truly a must-visit place on your Santorini tour package. Try out the spicy margarita and Pistachio Alexander and mojito here. Visit the place during the evening because once the sun sets, the place is all about mood lighting, candles and crowd-pleasing music. Isn’t that cool?

Seaside Santorini

Walk into this hybrid Perivolos Beach venue and you will spot heaven a little closer. With the best of ambience and best of wines, Seaside Santorini is one of the top Santorini bars. Get some five-star vibes while walking into this spectacular spot. Spend your day at the beach by visiting the bar and relax on boho-chic sunbeds drinking Pina Coladas in the morning on your Santorini holiday packages. During the afternoon and early evenings, enjoy chill-out music with fruity margaritas. Isn’t it so pleasing to even read? Once the sun goes out of vision, it’s a dry martini or bellini time while you wait for your sea bream carpaccio or sushi from the gourmet menu.

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Santorini bars with best wines

  • Oia Vineyart
  • The Wine Bar Santorini

Oia Vineyart

Set up by a group of true-blue Oians, Oia Vineyart offers a spectacular wine experience which made it one of the best Santorini bars in recent times. This wine lover’s hotspot has the ambience of an old traditional home with its original grape press intact. Except for the wine holding part, the rest of the building has been beautifully renovated so as to create a stylish courtyard. It is the favourite spot for young local residents who come for a dose of culture and wine.

The Wine Bar Santorini

If you are looking for great wine and stunning caldera views, without any second thoughts, head to the terrace of Imerovigli’s. It is one of the best Santorini bars that offers exotic wines with a view. When you are up for visiting the dreamy village of Imerovigli towers, you can very well head to this bar and grab a front-row seat on the terrace. Exploring the quaint village from a terrace while gulping your favourite wine is indeed a great idea. The sunset view from this terrace can make even a random catch-up into a romantic one. You can also have a drink inside the bar since it is an elegant space with candlelit booths and antique mirrors on walls. Enjoy the Mediterranean style nachos and the best pizza on the island here.

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Santorini Bar with Best Live music

Agaze Santorini

What’s a weekend party without some music? It is like toast without jam. If you want to soak up in the partying vibe with amazing drinks and heart-warming music, head to Agaze Santorini. It is one of the top Santorini Bars that will offer you the best musical surprises along with a standout brunch, lunch and dinner menus. The gorgeous antique-heavy decor and 360-degree views will surely kindle you to take some Insta worthy pictures. You can hear a wide range of songs from Greek rebetiko to jazz duets and karaoke drag queen sets here. Enjoy a musical retreat with a side of refreshing cocktails and a gulp from the carefully curated wine list.

Santorini Bar with the best beer

Katharos Lounge

Here’s Katharos Lounge for the die-hard fans of beer. No pleasure can match the experience of sipping a chilled beer on a perfectly secluded beach. Katharos is one of the top Santorini bars that offer amazing Greek beers. Grab the front seats of the bar when sun signs off because the views that you get here are simply matchless.

Its that time of the year to be a hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle. Be it a good day or a bad day, stop wine-ing about the situation and make way to the Santorini bars. These lovely bars will surely lift up your mood and will make you happy like crazy. A sip of your favourite cocktail from the bars in Santorini will truly take you to heaven with its peculiar taste and flavours. When life gives you lemons, make vodka out of it and vibe on! Already excited? Well, head to the Pickyourtrail website and have a look at the Greece travel packages. Also, connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your dream Santorini holiday packages.


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