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Sunday mass church
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Six absolutely free things to do in Seville

Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco, a traditional art form that was believed to be founded by the Romani people in southern Spain. Flamenco is usually carried out by a combination of playing the guitar, singing, hand-clapping, and finger-snapping.

It is popularly believed that the city of Seville (called Hispalis back then) was founded by Hercules, the gatekeeper of Olympus. The culture in Seville is largely influenced by the Moors-Muslim inhabitants of Maghreb, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and the Iberian Peninsula. Some important buildings constructed during the Moorish rule here like the Alcazar and the Seville Cathedral are now labelled World Heritage Sites.

After the Morrish rule, Seville was taken over by the King Ferdinand III of Castile who built a number of important buildings including traditional Gothic-style churches. Later, during the Golden era, Seville became a major trade hub and in the 19th and 20th century, the city’s architecture was refurbished allowing better connectivity to other countries.

With 3 world heritage sites and multiple places of historical importance; Seville has endless attractions to offer. Besides historically significant places, the lanes of the city are filled with a colourful array of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, alongside some beautiful parks and scenic spots to help take that much needed city-break!

While thousands of travellers throng the city, not all of them get the best deal out of it!  For instance, can you imagine watching a free Flamenco show or exploring city museums without spending a single penny? It is entirely true! Here we have handpicked some of the top free things to do in Seville:

1. Attend a Sunday Mass in Seville

Sunday mass church
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While the churches in Seville are grand and mesmerizing to look at, the intricate handiwork in its detailed interiors – ceilings, windows and doors are worth noting. The church gates are always open to everyone. Catch the Sunday Morning Mass here to watch the the locals gather and offer their prayers.

2. Watch a free Flamenco show

Free flamenco show
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When you heard about a free Flamenco dance show in Seville you probably wanted to find out where and get there as soon as possible!  The answer is, there are plenty of bars and restaurants like La Carboneria or La Anselma where talented flamenco singers perform throughout the day. While most of these restaurants will be overcrowded and the service is questionable; there is nothing a good Flamenco dance and cheap booze can’t fix.

3.  Go window shopping at Los Gitanos

gypsy store
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Why spend money when you can enjoy window shopping? Enjoy the essence of window shopping at the gypsy market of Seville, Los Gitanos. The small shops in the area sell plenty of whacky and colourful things. If you really like something, be rest assured that it will be sold at a reasonable cost. Want to just window shop? Just try on some of the gypsy accessories, click selfies and get going!

4. Visit the Real Alcazar on Mondays

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Your visit to Seville is incomplete until you visit the iconic Alcazar. Psst… want to visit this iconic place for free? Head here on a Monday. The Real Alcazar is open to people for free. No, it isn’t a scam; it is just a sweet gesture by the people of Seville to thank the numerous visitors who come to Seville to get a glimpse of this place.

5. Go to the Military Historical Museum

military museum Seville
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Seville’s famous Military Historical museum stores some of the oldest war ammunitions used by the military like pistols, knives, swords, cannons and bombs! The three-storeyed museum with preserved military uniforms, equipment and miniature items depicting war fields, fortresses and castles is a wonderful thing to visit. The museum has free entry on any day!

6. Stroll at a park in Seville

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Enjoy a lazy evening stroll at one of the beautiful parks of Seville. With numerous trees, benches, fountains and play area for kids, this is the perfect place to hang out with family on a lazy day or spend some time alone in the lap of nature. You can also sneak into the food stalls and restaurants located just outside the parks for a quick evening snack.

A trip to Spain is really incomplete without spending atleast 2-3 days in Seville. Plan your Spain itinerary with the help of the experts at Pickyourtrail.


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