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Pattaya in Thailand
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SkyDiving in Pattaya – Let’s get your Adrenaline Rushing?

All of us would have an adventure activity on our bucket list and one such activity which will give you a massive adrenaline rush is skydiving! When you visit Pattaya, Skydiving is something that all visitors above 18 plus must try and enjoy the most beautiful view of some of the best coastal lines and skyline of Pattaya. You can find many activity organisers on the beach and do choose the best one to get the best experience. Skydiving can be done from various levels of heights. This activity is generally done in crowd-free coastal areas that are situated in the outskirts of the city. Skydiving in Pattaya is one of the best adventure activities to go for and is once in a lifetime experience and is one of the top activities amongst adventure activities in Pattaya.

SkyDive in Pattaya
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Skydiving experience in Pattaya beaches is an experience with trained instructors along with proper safety guidelines of all individuals. The freefall for skydiving, in general, is 60 seconds with a 5 minutes parachute ride with visitors viewing the beautiful coastal line. Visitors can also go for tandem skydiving in Pattaya and this is the place for adventure activities.


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Things you need to know before Skydiving in Pattaya

Tandem Skydiving:

In Pattaya, tandem skydiving is one of the most done activity among all other water activities and is the one for those looking at first-timers with a proper instructor. The instructor will guide you throughout skydiving activity and you will be attached to the instructor with a furnace.

Freefall Skydiving:

This type of skydiving is one of the best that you can indulge in Pattaya and is a challenging activity as you will be experiencing a free fall from the middle of the sky. It is one of the most recommended activities for visitors to Pattaya and has an experience with no instructor. 

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Skydiving Spots in Pattaya

There are so many diving spots in Pattaya and your view depends on the place you choose with proper safety precautions and an instructor. Most of these spots are located on the outskirts of Pattaya city and all of them offer unique breathtaking views. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the Pattaya countryside regions from the sky. In these drop zones, you also have professionals make the complete process run smoothly by arranging all equipment and safety precautions. No doubt safety is one of the most important priorities along with multiple checks and this will give you more confidence enabling you to have the best experience. All of us have loved the wind rush by our face when on a car with open windows or while riding a bike, why not try this too?

Skydiving operators: Skydive Pattaya, Thai Sky Adventures, and Bird’s Paradise Extreme Resort are some of the well-known places which offer really good skydiving training for both tandem and free fall skydiving at varying height levels with breathtaking views.

There are only two famous skydiving spots in Pattaya. Tandem skydiving is generally done in the north of the Pattaya city. The skydiving facilities for beginners take place under trained instructors, and the safety of the visitors is the major concern. You can also go tandem skydiving in the rural areas of Pattaya. Trust me! The Gulf of Thailand is one of the scenic views you have to go for when in Thailand. Get your bookings in advance so that you get the best time slots to do the activity as well as the best skydiving spot in Pattaya. The best about skydiving in Pattaya is that you don’t require pre-experience, which is required in many other countries.

Best Time for Skydiving in Pattaya

Skydiving is at its best in summer or winter. In general, monsoon is not recommended for this activity as the weather conditions are not great and you will also not be able to get a beautiful view. In Pattaya diving spots are well maintained with proper care to avoid inconvenience to the visitors. Regular maintenance of skydiving equipment, diving suits, and all the other essentials like the furnace and ropes are done for the activity to avoid any kind of accidents in the future.

Skydiving Fees

Skydiving in Pattaya is charged about 10,950 THB per person for a tandem skydive and you can get a negotiated price if you go as a bigger group with a difference of about 500 to 600 THB less per person.
The regular skydiving in Pattaya ranges between 10,500 THB per person inclusive of equipment and suit.
For those with their own skydiving suit and equipment the activity costs about 750 THB.

Tips for Skydiving

1. You must wear comfortable clothes for a proper experience, in general, t-shirts and shorts are recommended
2. Sandals are not recommended. Do make sure you carry sports shoes along with you
3. Do not eat a lot before skydiving
4. Make sure you don’t opt for skydiving the next day or the same after a flight
5. Be open about your medical conditions and also read the form before signing it
6. Do not wear any valuable belongings while going for skydiving.

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Skydiving in Pattaya is one best fun activities that all adrenaline junkies should explore on their Pattaya tour package and this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To plan skydiving in Pattaya in well-maintained places with the mark safety precautions do get in touch with Pickyourtrail and customize your Thailand trip package for a fun and adventurous vacation!

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