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dogs being safeguarded with a mask
Written by Amirthavarshini on August 6, 2020 Share on

Dubai Airport Appoints Dogs To Detect COVID

“Making anything PAW-SIBLE is my design” – Says the sniffing superhero at the Dubai airport

In these hard times, people around the globe are desperate to try out anything and everything to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In this line, Dubai has employed sniffing dogs to detect the virus at the airport. Yep! You read it right. Dogs at the airport. You might wonder how these furry friends can detect the virus or if they actually have an inbuilt rapid testing machine with them! Continue reading this article to find out what tremendous job these Scooby Doo-s are up to! Woof we go!

sniffing dogs ready for detecting COVID
Image credits: curly tales

Scientific facts about the police dogs

It is scientifically proven around the world that sniffer dogs can detect any disease or illness in a person. You will be shell shocked if we list the diseases. From Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria to Diabetes, and Parkinson’s – the sniff list actually goes on and on! Similarly, it was being anticipated that they would be able to detect deadly COVID-19 too and the assumption turned into reality!

Sniffing in style at the Aiport

  • Firstly, the sniffing dogs along with their trainers, screen every infected passenger arriving at the airport.
  • Then, a scent sample is collected from the armpit of every passenger. The dogs sniff the samples in a secluded room.
  • The trained police dogs later detect the virus if present, within a few seconds without having major contact with the passengers.
sniffing dogs in action at Dubai airport
Image credits: Curly tales

Dogs On Duty

Data and studies show that detection by these dogs is fairly accurate. With 92% accuracy, the doggies sniff in style to help the authorities fight COVID. Also, these dogs have aced the skills of quick detection and crowd management – which makes our lives a lot easier!

Police dog doing the test
Image credits: Curly tales

The Ministry of Interior, Dubai is really proud of these canines and their skilled trainers. Also, they strongly believe that these sniffing dogs possess extraordinary capabilities and skills. The public of Dubai felt some relief after witnessing this TRANS-FUR-MATION at the airports!

Dear four-footed friends, we are thankful to you too!

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