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Spain In June – A Comprehensive Guide to an Exciting Spain Trip!

Hello travel lovers! It’s time for a perfect trip this June. Do you know what this blog is about? Yes, it’s about Spain. The most beautiful European country we would all like to visit in our life. Let it be the beautiful beaches, mouth-watering Spanish foods, fine artworks, fun-filled parties, or the adventurous sports, Spain has covered it all. It is the second most traveled country in the world. June is indeed the best month to have a perfect Spain Trip. Excited, isn’t it? So, let’s have a look at a complete travel guide to dazzling Spain.

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Weather in Spain in June

As it is the summer season, the weather is warm and the sun shines brightly. But, the warmth is bearable and this doesn’t stop us to plan an awesome vacay. The temperature in Spain averages between 21 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Summer starts from the month of June and goes till August end. The particulars of the June weather forecast rely on where you are in Spain exactly. In general, you can expect great weather in most parts of the country. Barcelona and the northern regions possess average daytime temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and Andalusia and Madrid might reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend you to check the weather forecast before your trip and also during your trip. There are plenty of fun activities and festival celebrations you would love to enjoy. June is all set to brighten your Spain vacation.

Weather in Spain in June
Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Festivals And Events In Spain in June

Being a festive season, Spain is filled with incredible events which are worth a visit. From partying in Ibiza at night to lazy days getting sun-kissed and tasting the fascinating cuisine, you have plenty of things to see and do. Like the Camino Trail, Tapas, La Tomatina are some of the fun-filled bucketlist worthy events you must explore. Let’s discover the Spanish culture and traditions and bring back beautiful travel memories. Here are some of the popular festivals that will make Spain’s travel in June more special.

  1. Haro Wine Festival
  2. Noche de San Juan (St. John’s Eve)
  3. Pentecost Sunday

1. Haro Wine Festival

Do you love wine? You can get a unique experience by participating in the Haro wine festival. La Rioja is one of the best wine-growing regions of the country. If you visit this region, especially the small town of Haro, in June, you can participate in the Batalla de Vino, a party that includes people drenching each other with wine. This party happens inbetween the bullfights, processions, and many celebrations. Visualize it to be the La Tomatina festival of Spain with wine, replacing tomatoes. These festivals are so much of happy vibes and never miss to witness these fun and celebrations.

Haro Wine Festival
Photo by Luismi Sánchez on Unsplash

2. Noche de San Juan (St. John’s Eve)

This event is held on 23rd of June across the country and you could witness the most beautiful bonfires and fireworks all over the city. This is one of the biggest celebrations held in the Valencian Community and Catalonia. Barceloneta beach is a fantastic place to enjoy the festivities, just make sure you get there early to grab a spot. The best nights with sparkles on the sky will bring an awesome feeling.

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3. Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday is an event that indicates the Romeria Del Rocio pilgrimage which is held every year in the southern regions of Spain. Thousands of people travel here from larger cities like Seville to visit the town of El Rocio, located in the Huelva province. They dress up themselves in conventional flamenco-inspired attire and croon songs while they travel. The dates of this event can change every year. You could explore the unique Spanish history and culture from every festival which is held here.

Pentecost Sunday
Photo by Guillermo Latorre on Unsplash

Best Places To Visit In Spain In June

Spain has got so much to explore and enjoy. Let’s look on some of the best places you could cover during your visit. Alicante is a major coastal destination in the country. The port city possesses a lively city beach which has the incredible Mount Benacantil in its background, a massive rocky peak whose top is home to the Santa Barbara Castle. You could enjoy a resort stay and have a look on this fairyland. Next comes the beautiful Barcelona, a lovely city every tourist would like to visit. You can visit Mount Tibidabo for stunning views across Barcelona to the ocean beyond. If you are a adventure junkie, you must go to the Tibidabo Amusement Park, while the mountain in itself is a good place to hike or cycle.

Best Places To Visit In Spain In June
Photo by Ken Cheung on Unsplash

Explore the history of Seville by taking a trip to Alcazar. The old town of Cordoba is a UNESCO Heritage site and has the Roman Bridge of the city, alongside delightful cobbled streets and charming architectures. Madrid, the capital of Spain is an excellent destination you must visit. The city has a royal palace, the biggest palace in the entire Europe, and you will find new shops, churches and bars around each corner. You can also enjoy a scenic drive around Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Each part of Spain had endless things to discover and enjoy. You can customize your perfect trip so that you never miss any of these best places during your vacay.

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Now Let’s Plan Your Spain Vacay!

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