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These pictures of Sushmita Sen in the Maldives are vacation goals!

“Mornings like these”, reads Sushmita’s Instagram caption as she enjoys a warm morning in the pristine blue coasts of the Maldives. The Maldives is one of the hotspot holiday destinations for celebrities and this time it’s Sushmita Sen who’s rocking this tropical paradise.

Get rid of your Monday blues—we are sure this post will have you planning your next big Maldives vacation!

This could be you—enjoying the perfect morning amidst the azure waters of the Maldives.

The best thing to do in the Maldives, on any day, is to choose an exotic resort in a far-flung corner and be surrounded by nothing but the sound of the crashing waves.

Keep it simple, set out on a breezy evening walk like Sushmita or try the Maldives’ scintillating watery adventures. There are many.

The perfect spot to take a nap!

Or set on a yacht cruise! Sunset cruises are the best.

While there is more to Maldives vacation, we are sure this post comes close in summarizing the Maldives in a nutshell. Now it’s your turn—here are some handpicked Maldives itineraries for you to create your own vacation stories!

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