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Switzerland in July
Written by Prajawal Pradipkumar Tare on November 14, 2022 Share on

Switzerland in July 2024: Top 5 Things to Do For a Splendid Vacation

When are you visiting Switzerland? Here are few best timely facts that may assist you in planning your vacation. Switzerland is legendary for multiple adventurous and thrilling activities, then be it from cruising in a lake to taking off in a cable car to see the scenic beauty of the Alps or the beautiful landscapes of the city.
Switzerland has always been a heaven for travellers all over the world then be it the best of the Euro Rail travel, or long walks to the falls. There are so many important things to do when it comes to Europe and Switzerland is one of the most important destinations on anyone’s itinerary, it’s similar to adding your favourite toppings over your ice cream. Be it if you are a newlywed couple, or a group of friends, or a small family, a vacation to Switzerland in July is a must do!


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Weather in Switzerland in July

When you consider Switzerland in July, it’s the peak summer season in the country and the time when a maximum number of a tourist visit. There is no much variation in the temperatures it drops max of 15 degrees to Increases up to 25 degrees in the daytime, so July is ideally the best time considered to travel to Switzerland. And moreover, in this season, the daylight stands for more hours you have ample time with you to explore the beautiful destination. Since the Snow starts thawing down in the month of July, you can explore more of the offbeat locations and reach the remotest place which many could have not explored.

Weather in Switzerland in July
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What to Pack for Switzerland in July

At the mid of July starts shedding the snow off and moreover the travel facilities help you to reach the peaks at easy with the best transit facilities provided. you can reach the higher slopes with the cold breezes all around you and explore the unexplored. There are a lot of things that are to be taken, such as the sun-screen for moving to high altitudes to protect your skin. Here are few things that you can carry,
– a Pair of Comfortable footwear which helps you in all the wether conditions.
-an Umbrella or Raincoat whichever you prefer.
-Sunscreen protection for you skin.
-a Good quality Sunglasses for the afternoon sun for protecting your eyes.
-Good thick clothes for the cold weather.
-Light weight fleece jackets and a thick jacket for the late evenings.
-Hat or Caps are also preferred if you want, or even an umbrella is fine.

5 Top Things to Do in Switzerland in July

1. Skiing at Interlaken
2. River Rafting in Simme Interlaken
3. Explore the old town of Bern
4. The Rhine falls
5. Ride the Bernina Express in the Alps

1) Skiing at Interlaken

Skiing at Interlaken, Things to Do in Switzerland in July
Image Source: Unsplash

Interlaken is a starting point for many short and long Excursions, and if you are planning for a super amazing experience of Skiing, then there is no other place than Grindelwald Skiing. You can have the pleasure of the best sightseeing and the thrill of the best skiing. The Grindelwald skiing is the best paradise for the tourist to learn skiing.
They provide a different kind of activities and for beginners and professionals. You can learn the skiing activities if you have the adrenaline rush for the best skiing experience. You can carry your camera here to have images of the beautiful sights and landscapes. There are multiple packages for the tourist who travel a half-day one which is 2:30 Minutes one and the other the full day one 5:30 Minutes where you can avail the breakfast and lunch included in it.
If you want this to be a part of your itinerary, you can get it booked beforehand by having it in your Europe Package.

2.) River Rafting in Simme Interlaken

River Rafting in Simme Interlaken, Things to Do in Switzerland in July
Image Source : Unsplash

Interlaken is famous for multiple activities, not only numerous excursions. Interlaken has white water river rafting, canyoning and paragliding as well. If you want to push adrenaline in you and experience the thrill then the Simme River Rafting is something you should never miss out on in your travel package. If you are planning for these activities and Interlaken as your destination then, be ever-ready to expect unexpected experiences. The raging rough water of this white water body pumps you up to the peaks of the adrenaline rush and you end up having amazing memories. Pickyourtrail will help you out in crafting an awesome personalised vacation to Switzerland if you are an Adventure Junkie. You can even plan your vacation in different other months starting from May to End of September, you can have a look into the best time to travel to Switzerland.


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3.) Explore the town of Bern

Explore the town of Bern, Things to Do in Switzerland in July
Image Source : Unsplash

All the places have their own experiences, but the off-beat experiences always head a count. May it is from travelling to the unexplored ruins or the market hub of the Town, each has its own experiences. And being an enthusiast travelling in the unexplored is always a memorable thing to do. Bern is the capital city of Switzerland, which situated over the banks of the River Aare.

This city if famous for its astronomical clock which is the oldest town monument as well. People all over the world self explore this town and consider it as a relaxing destination.
You can visit the Gothic cathedral also known as Munster of Bern, Walk on the oldest bridge and spend you day visiting the local art museum. Moreover you can experience the local cuisine over the riverside of the city and enjoy the Authenticity of the old town of Bern.

4.) The Rhine falls

The Rhine falls, Things to Do in Switzerland in July
Image Source : Unsplash

Rhine Falls is an amazing scenic waterfall with stunning views of the water body. This destination is often considered for the family also and also for a gaggle of friends or even solo travellers. The simplest part is you’ll have a peaceful time relaxing your body with this beautiful waterfall, with the scenic landscape. Travelling from Zurich this the closest and must visit destination in Switzerland in July. since the water in the lake formed due to the waterfall melts down with the rising sunny days, when you travel in the month of May the Maximum temperature there will be 15 degrees which ideal for any tourists. This tour operates every day between April to September and in the starting weeks of October. This place should be a must in your travel package to Europe.

5.)Ride the Bernina Express in the Alps

Ride the Bernina Express in the Alps, Things to Do in Switzerland in July
Image Source : Unsplash

What is more awesome than sitting in a panoramic roofed train and travel between the snow all around?
In the month of July even in the peak season of summer you can have a look into the beautiful sides of mountains and rail routes shedding with the sparkling white snow. Travelling in this train is equivalent to sight seeing the Alps, snow capped mountains all around make it feel special, just with the panoramic roof of the Rail carriage throughout.
This rail line connects Albula/Bernina and enjoys a special status of the UNESCO world Heritage status.

The journey has the best of best long tunnels, scenery including Iconic landscapes which has a mesmerising, snow melting and the new greenery to blossom. And having all this in your bucket list is worth it.

How do you have it in your vacation! the top and stunning destinations which can best fit your vacation? Then the best way is, don’t forget to log onto and check out some of the best Switzerland packages or Switzerland honeymoon packages. Anyway, it’s long been a pandemic and slowly all the destinations to open up if you are planning any vacation soon here is an all-season guide to Switzerland.

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