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Temples in Vancouver
Written by Athul K V on August 26, 2020 Share on

Connect with your spiritual side – Best Temples in Vancouver, Canada

Being one of the most densely populated cities in Canada, Vancouver is an exciting place to live. The city is a famous cinema location with a wide variety of attractions. Also, this hustling port in the West Coast of Canada is ethnically diverse as well. Different religions co-exist here, thus creating a unique cultural mix. Furthermore, there are temples of different faiths, for people from all beliefs. Being one of the major cities in Canada, Vancouver surely lives up to its name as the best cities to live in the country. Temples in Vancouver also are global and welcoming all religions and faiths. Here are the famous temples in Vancouver.

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Temples in Vancouver, Canada

International Buddhist Society

Otherwise known as the Guan-Yin Temple, this is one of the most famous temples of Mahayana Buddhism in Vancouver. Though the building was completed in 1983, the temple was officially inaugurated in 1986. The traditional architecture and Chinese garden are the highlights of the temple. The temple aims to spread Buddhist values through paintings, texts and rituals and festivals. Thus, this is an essential centre for Buddhists to meditate and chant their prayers. Above all, this is one of the main centres which spread the Buddhist religion and its values in Canada.

International Buddhist Society Vancouver
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ISKCON is an international society of Lord Krisha believers. The ISKCON temple in Vancouver serves the same purpose. They conduct pujas, aartis and spread teachings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagvat Gita. This colourful temple celebrates all Hindu festivals and promotes unity and brotherhood. This is a perfect place to offer yourself to the Lord and simply be one with the Almighty. Also, they have bhajans and Bhagvat Gita classes for you to have a greater understanding of life and the values of it. Above all, regardless of caste and race, you can have a peaceful time while singing and serving the Lord.

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Shree Mahalakshmi Temple

This temple is devoted to Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is one of the busiest Hindu temples in Vancouver. The main three deities are Shree Mahalakshmi, Shree Lakshmi Aanjaneya and Shree Lakshmi Ganapati. There are regular meditation, japas (chanting) and rituals happenings here. In addition to this, it is also a centre of promoting Indian culture, art and literature. Again, this is one of the most notable Hindu worship centres which propagates the values and principles of Hinduism in the state.

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Thrangu Monastery

The Thrangu Monastery is the seat of the Rinpoche in Canada. This is also the first Tibetan Monastery which practices the teachings of Kagyu Lineage in the Great White North. As the knowledge of Kagyu dates back centuries, the Thrangu Monastery is truly a place which propagates it. The monastery has a peaceful atmosphere where one can meditate and relax. Also, Tibetan Buddhism bases its teachings on Hinayana, especially the Kagyu Lineage. Monks teach and practice these lessons, you can attend the same regardless of religion and faith.

Thrangu Monastery
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Akali Singh Sikh Society

This is one of the most important Gurudwaras in Vancouver. Everyone can come here and learn about the Sikh religion, as well as listen to the experts who teach you the messages of The Guru. There are regular praying and singing sessions which you can participate as well. The Granth teaches everyone to treat each other with respect and the importance of being true to yourself and others. Since there is a relatively large Sikh population, the Gurdwara will always be alive. Also, they stay close to their roots through Punjabi language classes, musical instrument classes and Kirtans teachings etc.

Gurudwara Vancouver
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The ethnic and religious diversity of Vancouver is quite visible in its temples. The city has worship centres for all religions and faiths. This is because it is a coming together of cultures and having space for everyone to embrace their own. The different temples in Vancouver is a prime example of co-existing of different backgrounds and origins.

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