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Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok
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Terminal 21 In Bangkok: A Visit To World Cities Themed Shopping Mall

For all those shopaholics out there looking to travel to Bangkok, you might be lost with too many options popping up about the shopping streets in Bangkok. During a vacation it will always be difficult for you to visit all of those places to shop the best of Thailand, so why not visit just one place where you can get all of what you are looking for? The terminal 21 mall has got all of it! Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok is a shopping complex themed on travel with 600 shops, food courts, and an attached five-star hotel. With reasonable pricing and a central location on Sukhumvit Road keeps it buzzing. This unique mall has a wrestler and a double-decker bus for the visitors to not only shop but also some entertainment. The mall owns various food courts and these are marked one of the best food courts in Bangkok.

Terminal 21 in Bangkok
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Terminal 21 has three locations in Thailand. There’s one down the coast in Pattaya and another iteration in Nakhon Ratchasima. Not only possessing the best decor, but Terminal 21 also records the longest escalated mall in the world.

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The Pier 21 Food Court at Terminal 21 Bangkok

Pier 21 food court is located on the fifth floor and is one of the largest, most family-friendly food courts in Bangkok. Locals, office workers, families and tourists cram in to take advantage of the many inexpensive stalls. Pier 21 has so many food courts with various authentic options and Thai cuisines it looks like a street food arena with air conditioning and beautiful decor.

With prices hovering under $2 per dish, you can sample, nibble, and mix up the experience rather than having to commit to a single choice as you would in a pricier restaurant. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

The outlets at Pier 21 don’t handle money individually. You can credit your Pier 21 card with enough money to enjoy your meal. Don’t stress about depositing too much: Any remaining credit on the card will be happily refunded when you leave.

Other Dining at Terminal 21 Bangkok

Those who want to dine with family can look into numerous other dining options scattered throughout the mall. Among the restaurant choices are two all-you-can-eat sushi buffets, Korean, Japanese, hotpot, and Western chains you’ll know from home. Most restaurants can be found on the fourth and fifth floors. The fourth floor has various ice cream and dessert outlets. The Level LG at the basement has quieter shops but the ones which offer western food.

Terminal 21 in Bangkok
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Shopping at Terminal 21 Bangkok

Some parts of Terminal 21 feel like a labyrinth. Travellers can buy the best products of Bangkok at a bargain-able price here. Small outlets are found all over the mall which offers cheaper products and unique ones compared to the ones available in local markets. Prices are reasonable, particularly when compared with other big malls in Sukhumvit.

Each floor depicts a specific city as follows :

  • Level B (Caribbean): Fast food and pharmacy
  • Ground Floor (Rome): Clothing and shoes
  • Main Floor (Paris): Chains, Starbucks and H&M
  • First Floor (Tokyo): Boutiques, designers and women’s fashion
  • Second Floor (London): Boutiques, men designers, and men’s fashion
  • Third Floor (Istanbul): Cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, and shoes
  • Fourth Floor (San Francisco): Food joints, and desserts
  • Fifth Floor (San Francisco): Pier 21 food court and  restaurants
  • Sixth Floor (Islands): Guest services, Theatre, electronic devices, gym, and supermarkets

The Hotel

Grande Centre Point Hotel is a luxurious 5-star accommodation that is a part of the Terminal 21 mall. The hotel boasts 500 guest rooms, a rooftop pool and spa with amazing views and is a must visit on your Bangkok tour package. The hotel is well connected by MRT & BTS networks and is one of the best affordable five-star hotels in Bangkok.

Entertainment Options at Terminal 21 Bangkok

Terminal 21 in Bangkok
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SF Cinema City on the 6th floor casts movies in English and Thai. The air conditioning is super-powered for beating Bangkok’s hot months. For gym freaks, you can utilize the gym on the sixth floor on an hourly basis.

Getting to Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is located in the middle of the action on Sukhumvit Road between Soi 19 and Soi 21, just opposite the Asok BTS Station. The Sukhumvit MRT (underground) station also connects to Terminal 21 making it one of Bangkok’s most accessible malls.

Services for Travelers
Terminal 21 aims to please travellers. Sticking to the theme, the mall provides a shopping guide which looks like passports. At the information counter, you can even check-in details of your upcoming flight with a valid passport. Other exclusive options like luggage storage and delivery to hotels are available. The mall also has a small studio at which you can get your passport photos printed and apply for VISA or other processes. Most of the embassies are located nearby.

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