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The perfect 9 day New Zealand honeymoon itinerary

So the dates are fixed or maybe the wedding planning is still underway. Whichever it is, you deserve the best for your honeymoon experience. Chances are if you have heard enough of about New Zealand, you don’t need any more convincing to make it your honeymoon destination! Here’s a New Zealand honeymoon itinerary we crafted with love, romance and all other magic ingredients.

On the rare chance you haven’t heard enough of the glorious Middle Earth, New Zealand – here is all the convincing you need!

Day 1 – Auckland

Auckland Tower:

Skywalk on Auckland Tower
Image credit – weddingcoindia

There is a reason your romantic rendezvous in New Zealand begins with Auckland. After all, here, you get to begin your honeymoon at New Zealand’s highest – 193 metres above Auckland! Awe at the panoramic views the Auckland Sky Tower gives you access to. Feel a little braver, a little bolder? Sign up for the Sky Walk. Hanging by a rope, you can catch all that is Auckland as you walk around the outside of the Sky Tower.

Eat: Satiating your hunger pangs is – literally – only a hop, slide and walk away from here. The Orbit 360 degrees restaurant provides the best views, food and dining experience – what with rotating once every hour.

Note: If adventure is on you lovers’ agenda, don’t stop with Sky Walk – take the leap and Sky Jump from the Auckland Sky Tower.

Day 2 – Coromandel Town

Amidst all the excitement, fun and adventure – here’s a little getaway to score yourself some seclusion, a dollop of a charming town and you have your ideal romantic setting for your New Zealand honeymoon. Visit the town’s quaint galleries, bakeries and its restored Victorian-age buildings.

Take a walk:

Discovering the Coromandel together
Image credit – downunderendeavours

With countless trails to explore Coromandel’s countryside, there isn’t spot you can’t walk hand-in-hand to. Tread the 356 Wharf Road to an ancient Maori fortress site offering 360 degree views of the Coromandel Ranges and beyond. To stumble upon a secret swim spot, a walk through the Papa Aroha Scenic Reserve will do it.

Cathedral Cove:

Cathedral cove
Image credit – kadolog

From the Hahei beach, keep walking. Up a cliff and down to a cove, you will emerge into a white sandy beach decked with pohutukawa trees by the shore. Draw corny signs on the beach shore or just take a walk – you won’t want to leave here. Ever.

Eat: Vegetarians and vegans rejoice. Along the Driving Creek road, the Driving Creek Cafe is the ultimate find. Serving organic, gluten-free food, your hunger pangs will find respite in the food here, whilst your eyes in beautifully presented food.

Note: For those seeking a bit more than a walk and some foodgasms, stop by Gemstone Bay on the way to Cathedral Cove to snorkel and get acquaintance with marine life and corals.

Day 3 – Hamilton

Waitomo glowworm caves:

At the Waitomo glowworm caves
Image credit – mnn

Under a thousand stars, confess your everlasting love for each other. Oops, did we say stars? We meant bioluminescent glowworms who have made their home in the Waitomo caves. And glow, in the dark. Doubtless, a boat ride under these limestone caves is must-do and a New Zealand honeymoon itinerary without this is incomplete. 

Eat: A hop skip and jump (and several metres of walking) away is the Huhu cafe. Offering local craft beer, enjoy your tapas style food stop a cozy terrace with just the right views to get your evening started.

Day 4 – Matamata

The Hobbiton film set
Image credit – pinterest

Your Matamata adventure must begin here at the Hobbiton movie set. A drive through a sheep farm will lead here. Featuring in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, exploring the cute and well-made set can climax with a visit to the Green Dragon Inn. Get a closer look of the set here.

Eat: Raise your glasses of ale, apple cider or ginger beer to a honeymoon well-begun in the comfort of your love seat by a full, roaring fire. Warm inside and out.

Day 5 – Rotorua

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland:

Waiotapu Champagne Pool
Image credit – newzealand

Walk into the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland at Rotorua for an endless display of mud pools, volcanic craters, lakes and natural pools in a variety of colours. Special mention to the Champagne pool – the largest natural spring in the area. Retire for the day in one of the pools.

Eat: The on location Geyser cafe is the go to for all your food and beverage needs. With indoor and outdoor seating, prepare for an all-round sensory treat.

Tamaki Maori Village:

Tamaki Maori village experience
Image credit – newzealand

Delve a bit into the New Zealand’s indigenous culture at the Tamaki Maori Village in the 200 year old Tawa forest. Surrounded by the warm hospitality of the Maoris, experience their way of life through stories, wood carvings, interaction and a cultural performance of song and dance. Brush up on some poi dancing and the haka or warrior dance while here.

Eat: Dig into some wholesome Hangi meal and local New Zealand desserts.

Day 6 – Christchurch

Whale watching:

Whale Watching in Kaikoura
Image credit – newzealand

Give flight to your inner children and get curious about Whales, water and more. At Kaikoura, aboard a boat you can watch the majestic Humpbacks and Giant Sperm Whales make appearance and slyly retreat back into the water again. Some Whale Watching and ocean breeze will add the right amount magic on your New Zealand honeymoon.

Eat: After hours of standing in awe, be treated at the beachfront Flukes Cafe to some fantastic coffee and a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian lunch and breakfast options.

 Note: Hate choppy waters? Go Dolphin watching at Akaroa instead and meet the world’s rarest Hector’s dolphin.

Day 7 – Franz Josef

Franz Josef Neve Discoverer Helicopter Flight:

Helicopter ride to Franz Josef glacier
Image credit – salvarado24

Climb aboard a helicopter for twenty minutes of scenic ride above the Franz Josef village and to the glacier. Looming in the distance, notice Mt. Tasman and Mt Cook peeking through a distant array of clouds. Land soft on the snowfield on the Fox or the Franz Josef glacier. Through the frozen waterfalls and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Cook, celebrate your New Zealand honeymoon to a fairytale-winter-wonderland setting.

Note: Stock up on warm clothes and appropriate foot wear. Fair warning, the tour is subject to cancellation if there is bad weather.

Franz Josef Quad bike experience:

Quad biking at Franz Josef
Image credit – worldfootesteps

Once you have had your fill of dreamy eyed looks and panoramic views, get on your ATV quad bikes and explore the rugged New Zealand West Coast. Along river beds, across temperate rainforests and a backdrop of the Southern Alps – find adventure, find love on your New Zealand honeymoon. Inclusive of pitstops for picturesque selfies, of course.

Eat: With a fireplace and wide range of local beer to choose from, your grub time at Monsoon Bar and Restaurant will be eventful.

Day 8 – Queenstown

Milford Sound cruise

Even the drive to Milford is a magical experience. Cruising in the Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound will appear to you among towering cliffs, misty waterfalls and mountains decked in rainforests. With a viewing deck and commentary from the captain, you won’t miss out on any highlights!

Note: A cruise alone doesn’t cut it? Explore and get closer to the scenery on your kayak.

Skyline Gondola with Luge ride

Adventure and scenic views sure do mix well. Take a sip of this cocktail on your Skyline Luge experience at Queenstown. A gondola ride to an elevated track after which you are set free on your luge. With braking controls et al, take control and swerve past twists and turns – the more, the merrier!

Note: With Skyline Luge Queenstown you can do this to the backdrop of Lake Wakitapu and the Remarkables mountains ranges

Day 9

Shotover Jet

A ride through dramatic canyons and river banks, the Shotover Jet is a fast jetboat ride that climaxes with an absolutely exhilarating 360 degree turn. With the wind in your hair and your partner beside, hold on tight to each other as the driver maneuvers the jet boat at thrilling speeds.Explore this and more with our tailored New Zealand travel packages.

Note: The Shotover has more adventure up its sleeve. With grade 3 – 5 rapids, this is also an excellent place to go rafting at.

Kawarau bridge bungy

Go back to where it all started first – the Kawarau bridge. With brilliant views of Kawarau river ahead of you, take a leap with each other. This also happens to be be where they discovered bungy jumping. Honeymoon, adventure, life. So much to celebrate here.

Glenorchy Lord of Rings safari

Conclude your New Zealand honeymoon on a high! Revisit the sets of movie series that New Zealand’s claim to fame – apart from its breathtaking scenery, of course. Visit the filming locations of Isengard, Lothlorien, Fanghom forest come to life and your inner LOTR nerds rejoice and gesticulate. Hold each other’s hands and set your inner children free. There many, many sets here and so much tramping to do!

Note: Let Nomadic Safaris be the guide to your LOTR wonderland.

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