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How Aneri helps our travellers get their picture perfect New Zealand vacations

If there is one statement that could define Aneri Halwawala, it is J.R.R Tolkien’s quote from his book ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – ‘Home is behind, the world ahead. And there are many paths to tread’. Quite a coincidence that Aneri showcases New Zealand, where LOTR movies were filmed! Living in Ahmedabad and working for a New Zealand based company in the travel industry, Aneri saddles the best of both worlds. She and her team in New Zealand make sure that our travellers have the best New Zealand vacations ever!

Hello, I am Aneri!

I live in Ahmedabad, with my parents and have been spending quality time with them after they retired. My favourite family moments include having fun with my 10 year old nephew, Shashwat, the darling of the family.

Why the travel industry?

Aneri at the Penguin Cruise, Australia

I have been working in the hospitality sector in Australia for the last decade. It’s been a fun two years working for tourism industry, with New Zealand vacations as our focus. In Australia, I worked in one of the best locations ever – the Holiday Inn near the Opera House. It was this experience that made me want to continue in the tourism sector.

New Zealand Top Picks

NZ is a place for adventure lovers and the outdoor buffs. These are my picks:

1. Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world and the activities here like the Shotover Jet boats and the sky diving are something one shouldn’t miss.

2. Taking the Tranzalpine, the most scenic train journeys in the world.

The most scenic Tranzalpine train

3. Experiencing the Maori culture at Rotorua’s Maori village is something a first timer to New Zealand must do! The village showcases a centre for arts and crafts too.

How does your Wander-list look like?

Oh yes! I love travelling and more than anything else, love to meet new people and make friends. Though I have a huge bucket list, the top 3 places include Europe, Corsica and South Africa. 

Cranky traveller alert!

I tell myself to keep calm and I don’t lose my cool. Before the problem gets too serious, try to resolve it  in a calm manner.

What do enjoy the most in your job?

With team Freedom Tourism!

The travel industry is where I always ought to be I guess. I like to learn new things, I love people and conversations. So the work that I do is something that I do love, as it allows me all of these!

Awards and more

I have been awarded by the Intercontinental group and others as well in the course of my work years. The thrill of getting travellers to experience awesome New Zealand vacations is something else totally!

If not India or New Zealand, where else?

Maybe Australia! I consider it my second home 🙂

Pointers to Indian travellers

Indian travellers are as good as everyone else. They could however try to be on time though and not throw garbage everywhere! I always tell people to be polite and enjoy your holidays to the best!

Fav food from New Zealand

Ferg burgers and Hokey Pokey Icecream! And yes, candy from New Zealand and of course Kiwi fruits. The list could just go on.

Best NZ Souvenirs to take home 

Jade necklaces at Hokitika. Whittakers Chocolate and Wittiy Kiwiana Tshirts.


Inspired enough by Aneri and team to plan a trip to New Zealand? We are just a note away!

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