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Mahon port
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Top Things To Do In Mahon, Menorca: Must-See and Must Do

Mahon or Maó, as called by the locals is Menorca’s charming capital centre. Homing some striking architecture, it also provides spectacular views owing to its location near the second-largest natural harbour in the world. Though small, this historic city offers plenty of things to see and do which can easily be covered on foot. So let’s take a tour and see the top things to do in Mahon.

1. Take a boat tour around the harbour

Mahón’s neighbouring natural harbour is best experienced from the sea. So, take a boat tour around the small islands and admire the bright colonial structures near the port. For the history buffs, the guide will talk you through the history of Mahón and show the significant houses. Moreover, some tours also have glass-bottomed boats which can increase your chances to experience its exotic underwater life.

Mohan harbour: Things to do in Mahon
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

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2. Visit the Military museum

Built-in the 18th-century, the Museo Militar de Menorca homes the island’s military history. It showcases antique cannons, rifles, and other weaponry with details about forts and other important sites of the land. Moreover, it also exhibits various invasions and the consequences they had on Menorca’s culture and tradition. It is certainly the top things to do in Mahon if you have a liking for military history.

3. Take a water taxi to La Mola

Besides its rich history and the beautiful harbour, Mahón homes magnificent military structures. La Mola, the Fort of Isobel II is one among the many. For the perfect military experience, arrive here by a water taxi and get incredible views of this 19th-century fort. Make sure you carry an audio guide and give yourself enough time (we suggest about five hours) to make the most of your visit.

water taxi to La Mola: Things to do in Mahon
Image credits: Max Pixel

4. Visit one of the oldest Opera Houses in Spain

Established in 1829, The Teatro Principal de Mahón is one of the oldest opera houses in Spain. Even for those who don’t fancy theatres, just a sneak peek into its striking interiors is worth a visit and one of the best things to do in Maho. For a peaceful and crowd-free experience, choose to take a tour in the mornings.

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5. Go shoe shopping

Menorca has a great past of shoe-making. The island’s popular sandals termed as Menorquinas or Avarcas are toady famous all across the region. Formerly invented to keep feet cool and warm while working in the fields, these shoes have been worn by the locals for decades now. One can easily spot many shops selling these sandals across the streets of Mahón in every colour one can picture. So, make sure you purchase a pair if not for anything but as a souvenir from Mahón.

Menorquinas: Things to do in Mahon
Image credits: Piqsels

6. Experience a Menorcan Caldereta de Langosta

When its time to eat, there are numerous cafes and restaurants lined across the harbour with waterfront views and delicious food. If you relish seafood, then do not miss to try their legendary lobster stew and other local seafood dishes which they specialise in. To make the experience even special, book one of the terraces overlooking the water while enjoying a scrumptious meal. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic things to do in Mahon which can woo your loved one.

7. Take the Mahon Express

Starting from Plaça de s’Esplanada, this journey in the red train circles around Mahón, taking you through some of its important sights within a duration of an hour. It is a great pick for adults or children who would refrain long walks or for those with walking troubles. You can be sure of a journey that provides valuable insights into the city. Moreover, the tickets cost only a few Euros as well as it allows you to hop on and off at key of the points.

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8. Enjoy a sneaky tipple at the Xoriguer Gin Distillery

A popular drink during the 18th-century British invasion in Menorca where thousands of volunteers on the island craved their local drink, which was not available anywhere on the land. That’s when the locals chose to ship berries and infuse gin using alcohol from the local orchards. At the present date, Xoriguer Gin is one of the island’s most renowned commodities and on your tour around the distillery, one can view the primary copper stills, sample and purchase the gin itself.

Xoriguer Gin Distillery: Things to do in Mahon
Image credits: Flickr

9. Visit the Museum of Menorca

Nestled in the cobbled streets of the island is the Museum of Menorca. Established in a 17th-century, this place showcases the history of Menorca across its several stories. From ancient culture to the contemporary industries, this place can give you fascinating insight for it all.

10. Shop for gastronomic delights at a local market

Mahón professes to be the real birthplace of mayonnaise and with its exotic seafood, remarkably gin, and several types of local cheese, food and drinks are key factors to any holiday to this city. The island homes many bustling markets where one can purchase its gastronomic local delights and specialities. Especially for the seafood lovers, one can find vast markets selling local prawns and lobsters which open early in the morning. However, a quick stroll around the place can leave you fascinated with the wide range of drinks and snacks stocked up in the stalls.

Local markets in Mohan : Things to do in Mahon
Image credits: Unsplash

Well, these are just a few of the many things one can do when in Mahon. There is a whole world of treasures that this island homes, and as always, the offbeat and lesser-known paths are the true finds. To get the best from your Spain vacation, it is essential to create a well-detailed itinerary from the start till you get back home. Pickyourtrail offers amazing Spain itineraries through their Spain tour packages. The itineraries can be entirely customised to your suit your preferences and choices.

You could also drop a Whatsapp enquiry to know more about Spain and other neighbouring destinations. You can also explore more about your favourite destinations, create your own itinerary or check out the domestic and international tour packages. Be sure to find something that would suit the traveller in you. So, what are you waiting for? Its time you fly to your dream destination. Happy vacay!

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