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10 Best Things to Do in Melbourne: Dive into the Best of Australia’s Cultural Capital

Melbourne is one of the world’s most desirable cities to live in, which has enough entertainment to keep any kind of traveler entertained. The strategic location of the city makes it closer to a majority of Australia’s local attractions, adding to this is the city’s planned infrastructure and advanced transport system that makes this place a heaven for the residents here as well as the tourists. One of the reasons why Melbourne has been consistent in maintaining its top position over the years is because the city has so many exciting things to offer. If you are a tourist visiting Australia, here’s a helpful guide for you. If you are particularly looking to explore Melbourne, here are a few things that you can enjoy. Consider booking Australia Tour Packages to make the most out of your trip.

1. Spend a day at the Brighton Beach

The most iconic attraction of Melbourne is Brighton Beach which is etched with vibrant-coloured bathing booths from the 90s along the lines of powder sand beaches. Take a stroll along Brighton Beach, you will come across numerous locals soaking up the morning sun. If you are interested in digging deeper, visit the cafes and restaurants situated nearby after taking a dip in the beach. But please take safety measures such as not swimming beyond the restricted area and choosing a hygienic cafe to stop at.

2. Explore the Royal Botanical Garden

Start your journey at this amazing city with a breath of fresh air from the Royal Botanical Garden, which is a home to more than 50,000 plants. The entire garden is categorized into different zones, like Herb Garden, Fern Gully, a Glasshouse, a Water Conservation Garden etc. Along with exotic plants from various parts of the globe, it also houses more than 10,000 different flower species and with dried plant specimens that are used extensively for research work. The garden also has a separate section for kids of all ages, named as the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden. A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden can easily top the list of free things to do in Melbourne since it is loved by all.

3. Take a free ride on the City Circle Tram

Transport charges are one of the major concerns of any trip. Fortunately, Melbourne can save you from all of this if you hop on to the City Circle Tram which runs for free! The tram operates in a circular route passing major tourist attractions, as well as linking with other public transport routes in and around Melbourne. The City Circle Tram runs from 10 in the morning to and 6 in the evening from Sunday to Wednesday and till 9 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

4. Check out the architectural marvels in the city

The stunning architectural buildings of Melbourne are something that catches your sight the moment you land in this city. Melbourne reminds you that you don’t need only palaces and tombs to be considered as something historical importance. In Melbourne, places like the Flinders Street Station, General Post Office, and Port Melbourne are all important city landmarks and also examples of great architectural works of the past.

5. Chill out at St. Kilda

St Kilda is the home to some of Australia’s best tourist attractions like Luna Park, St Kilda’s beach and Esplanade Market. This seaside location is buzzing with cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and play areas. At St. Kilda’s beach, you can just relax under the summer sun, stroll along the sea or swim. The Luna Park is a theme park boasting over 20 different rides for children and families. Don’t forget to click a picture in front of Mr. Moon, the huge face-shaped entrance to Luna Park.

6. Visit Queen Victoria’s Market

Imagine exploring a seven-hectare open-air market that’s buzzing with shops, people and different items on sale! From packaged food to meat to clothes and other daily need items, electronics, toys, sporting goods and everything that you can think of buying can be found here. You can visit the food court inside the market premises and try the local food as well.

7. Soak in the city’s culture at the National Gallery

The National Gallery of Melbourne is an art museum that consists of artworks from different regions of the world including artwork of renowned international artists. If you are someone who loves art then you will thoroughly enjoy exploring this place. Even you’re not a big fan of art, you’ll love how the gallery has curated the best artworks from all over the world and conserved them inside this gallery.

8. Stroll in the city parks and gardens

Melbourne is blessed with numerous parks and gardens where people can be seen jogging, strolling or walking all through the day. On days when you don’t particularly feel like going out for city hopping, just plug in your earphones and walk to the nearest park or garden to spend some quality time away from the city crowd and in the lap of nature. Of all such parks, Carlton Garden is a must-visit.

9. Take part in the local festivals in Melbourne

Melbourne celebrates a lot of festivals all around the year. If you plan smart, you can visit this place during one of the local festivals and experience the joy and spirit of celebration that the locals indulge in.

10. Go through the book collection at State Library Victoria

For book lovers, your best chance to make the most out of Australia’s oldest public library is to visit the State Library Victoria and read to your heart’s content from the 2 million book collection that the library possesses. With multiple reading rooms and a special collection of databases and photographs, this library is the place to hone your reading skills.

Australia is a dream destination for anyone who is looking for a value-for-money trip. The top Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney offer so many free things to offer besides the regular tourist attractions. At Pickyourtrail, we can help you curate the best Australia packages for yourself and take a trip that will remain memorable with you forever. All that you need to do, is the visit Pickyourtrail and drop in your queries.

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