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view of twelve apostles
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Disclosing The History Of The Twelve Apostles!

Inhale the spectacular Great Ocean Road winds and get into the breathtaking views. This majestic place along the Southern ocean is a must-visit spot when you are in Melbourne. The craggy cliffs, calm beaches, and varied wildlife will bring the richness of nature in front of your eyes. Go for a hike and wipe your sweat by diving into the mighty ocean. Plenty of adventure is waiting for you in every corner of the place.  

Twelve Apostles in Great Ocean Road
Image Credit: Pixabay

How to get there?

The Great Ocean Road is at a distance of 400 Kilometers from the town of Torquay to Nelson on the southern border of Australia. It takes approximately 90 minutes to drive to this wonder. 

 Along Victoria’s coastline, you will get to notice the Twelve Apostles standing on the waterfront. This view will definitely pull you into a moment of astonishment. The specialty of the Twelve Apostles is its uniqueness. One cannot witness this beautiful view anywhere except for the Great Ocean Road.

History of the Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles have once attached together to Victoria’s limestone cliffs over 20 million years ago. These were then fragmented when Southern ocean began to erode these cliffs. As a result of this erosion, a wide array of rocks and arches were separated and are now standing up to 50m in height. Bakers Oven Rock, The Grotto, Thunder Cave, and Razorback were some of the names given to those fragments. The apostles were initially called ‘Sow and Piglets’. It was then renamed to The Apostles in the year 1922. 

These Apostles slowly collapsed as time passed. Today, we can find only eight of them standing high on the coastline. It is studied that its height decreases by 2 cm every year. 

What to see and do?

From dawn to dusk, the apostles will never fail to make you go AWE! Their different faces from different directions adorned with sunshine is a feast to the eye. Stop your car and admire the naturally crafted marvel. Discover the cultural heritage of the Twelve Apostles and begin your journey to the Great Ocean Road. 

sunset at twelve apostles
Image credit: Pixabay

One can explore the deserted beaches and coastal scenery while walking along the Apollo Bay. Stand on top of the cliff to get a breathtaking view. On your way, you will come across a narrow opening to the Loch Ard Gorge. Experience a spectacular natural show of rough weather with the waves crashing against the rocks. The Grotto, a geological formation caused by sinkhole provides a sense of eeriness and tranquility. Do not miss taking the Gibsons Steps to the beach below where you will feel very small next to the apostles. 

Catch a light plane or a helicopter to explore the tremendous coastline. Alternatively, one can also snorkel and dive through the ocean to meet the marine lives in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. 

Hunt for food

12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe

Grab a pub-grub meal and relax in the 12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe. With spectacular views of Port Campbell Bay and beachfront dining, this cafe stands as the best spot to relax after a tiring day.

Aireys Pub

Aireys Pub is a vintage pub located along the Great Ocean Road. Give yourself a delight with the classic bistro meals and local craft beers. 

La Bimba

Enjoy fine Australian dining with lively ocean views at the La Bimba restaurant. This place is famous for its Kangaroo meat, local lamb, fresh fish, and wine. 

One can also spend two to three days in this beautiful place to explore the Great Ocean Road more. Butterfly Farm Bed & Breakfast, Alkina Lodge, Bellevue Farmstay are the popular properties to have a pleasant stay.

Stay at beachside villages, wake up to the breathtaking clifftop views, immerse yourself in nature, and make your Melbourne days memorable. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Australia right away!

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