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Hot Springs of Melboure
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Hot Springs of Melbourne: Dive into the Relaxation of Hot Springs!

“The Land Down Under” located in a quiet little corner of the world, Australia is the perfect example of ‘Paradise on earth.’ Home to the largest ecosystem in the world, the Great Barrier Reef and cute little koalas and quokkas, Australia should undoubtedly be a part of your travel bucket list. Major cities that you shouldn’t miss out on, are Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Melbourne. While nature reincarnates herself in this beautiful country, an unmissable gift of nature is the Melbourne hot springs. With all the adrenaline-filled activities at the Great Barrier Reef and the vivacious cities of Australia, Hotsprings in Melbourne is the ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind. Read on to find out more about the must-visit hot springs.

Onsen Retreat and Spa

Located a couple of hours away from Melbourne in the Hotham Ski Resort, get comfortable as you are treated to some soothing body and head massages. Sauna Baths and Plunge pools at the resort will relieve all the knots from your body and leave you refreshed. There is also an onsen in the resort which is an outdoor pool for the restoration of your skin. Take a dip into this pool and see the magic on your skin.

Hotham Ski Resort- Onsen Retreat and Spa
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Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs

You must have always wondered why we use bath salts in hotels before taking that long bubble bath. The minerals used in preparing those bath salts are extremely nourishing for your skin and makes you glow. There is a hoard of bath salts and minerals naturally prevalent below the Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs which make this geothermal pool the ideal spot to nourish your skin. The massages and facials at the spa are sure to leave you with a feeling of glee.

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Situated in the Southern part of Melbourne, this hot spring is sure to leave you feeling completely fresh after a good soak in the mineral waters. The rock pools at these hot springs resemble the Sauna Baths in Japan and demand relaxation from your body after a tiresome vacation. Be sure to add this during the last leg of your journey in Australia to make you feel refreshed before you head back home.

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs
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Hepburn Springs

Around 100 kilometres away from the main centre of Melbourne, the Hepburn Springs can be considered the Master of all springs. With the largest concentration of minerals and salts, the Hepburn Springs make for a must-visit when you plan your Hot Spring tours. The spas and wellness centres at Hepburn make sure you are completely transformed and relieved off all your knots and stress before you leave. The Hepburn hotel offers wellness sessions and spa therapies which can be taken up whilst savouring some of the snacks available at the restaurant.

Japanese Mountain Retreat

This is probably one of the closest Hot Springs to Melbourne. The Japanese have been known for providing the best massages and therapies for a long time now. Spa date with your loved ones would probably be one of the best ways to end your vacation to Australia. Embrace the nature of the Bamboo groves around you and feel all your knots being removed by some of the most trained specialists.

Bitter Springs

The Bitter Springs are not be left out just because of their name, they form one of the major thermal clusters in Melbourne and are a must-visit for hardcore thermal spring lovers. It is not advisable for children since the spring is quite deep and the water keeps drifting on the surface due to the depth and width of the spring. But if you are an adventure junkie and love to experience a tinge of thrill even in this luxurious place, the Bitter Springs is your calling.

Bitter Springs
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Moree Artesian Baths

Melbourne exists in the Victoria region of Australia whereas the Moree Artesian Baths are located in New South Wales. This is a family-oriented spring where both your kids and you can have a gala time. While you can soak into the temperature-controlled springs, your kids can enjoy themselves at the waterpark. Rejuvenation at its best right?

Each day is a busy and hectic day for us filled with priorities. What if I told you that you can a day off from all those tiresome activities that cause your stress and simply relax. Seems unreal since we all live in the harsh reality. But that’s the real joy of going on a vacation don’t you think? No matter what your worries might be or what issues await you back home, the true essence of a vacation can be tasted only when you relive every moment over and over again. The Hot Springs at Melbourne do just that for you. Relax at any of the Hot Springs in the company of your loved ones and you are sure to cherish the memories of your vacation for times to come.

Hot Springs in Melbourne
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Feel like rejuvenating at the Hot Springs already I presume? Well, then go ahead and start planning that vacation to Australia. Pickyourtrail, one of the most trusted travel companies is sure to provide you with the best possible Australia travel package. Log onto for some unmatchable deals. Start planning and brace yourselves to get replenished at the heavenly Hot Springs of Melbourne.

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