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Seattle city
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Things to do in Seattle, the culture capital of the USA

Choosing the best things to do in Seattle is close to impossible as the city has got a long list. It is the largest city in Washington State of the United States of America. In Seattle, you can find the headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft. What else can you do here? It is the land of Starbucks, where you can easily learn how to make coffee by attending the coffee classes. Wander around the town do some antique shopping. Also, visit the world-class museums and unique Seattle attractions. Fall in love with Seattle. Here are the top things to do in Seattle, the culture capital of the USA.

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The Culture Capital of the USA

Seattle is also known as the PNW culture capital. Spend a day or two here wandering around. Try not to lose all your energy before the sun sets over the beautiful Pacific. Thirsty for refreshments? Without any second choice, fill your stomach with some delicious meals at the best Seattle restaurants. There are also best drinking spots to boost your energy.

If you are going visiting the city for the first time, you have to check all the best things to do in this city.

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Things to do in Seattle

1. Pioneer Square

Going back to the past, here is where the first settlers built their homes. In Seattle, one of the oldest neighbourhoods is the pioneer square. Pioneer Square holds some of the most beautiful buildings, cafes, art galleries and bookstores. 

Wondering why you have to visit this old neighbourhood? This is where you get to know the history of Seattle. In the 1890s there was a mass migration and people migrated to Canada’s Yukon region. If you want to know about Seattle’s involvement in this migration you definitely have to visit the marvellous Klondike Gold Rush museums.

Located in the West coast, this was considered to be the tallest building for years up until 1913. In 1914, the Smith Tower was built, making it the tallest building with 35 floors and a mind-blowing view.

To enjoy the beauty of the Square’s galleries you can take a tour by taking part in the Pioneer Square Art Walk which happens every first Thursday of each month. And, if you are a person who likes to explore secrets then you should try Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, where you will be able to explore the dark tunnels and winding subterranean passageways that are underground.

2. Space Needles

Space Needle is an iconic landmark of Seattle and it is known for its beautiful construction. The breathtaking and extraordinary panoramic views of downtown can be experienced from the top. Be sure to visit space needles, not just for the views but also for the attractions it provides. Enjoy the views of the Cascades, the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Space Needles
Image Source: Unsplash

Still, wondering what is so unique about the space needles? The design of the Space Needle is similar to the Space Ace flying saucer. But if you have a fear of heights you should think twice before visiting this place. After the recent upgrade, there are tilting walls of glass which provides the illusion. You will feel like you walking in the open air. Above all, the Loupe is the first revolving glass floor in the world.

3. Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is an archive of the great work by glass artist Dale Chihuly. You can find his beautiful exhibits here. Head to the attraction for a unique visual experience of a lifetime.

There are a series of marvellous and beautiful glass-blowing installations that are present indoor and outdoor.

In the garden, you can find plants and glass pieces that twist in flames of colours. You can also find a range of elegant and lavish sculptures. The park doesn’t look the same in different weather conditions but it always gives a mind-blowing experience whenever you visit.

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4. Pike Place Market

If you are a shopping freak then the Pike Place Market is the place where you should be. It is a very famous market in Seattle and you should never miss visiting the place when you are in Seattle.

It is considered the most visited landmark in Seattle. If you are a food lover, it is a great place to visit and fill up your stomach with some local food.

Pike Place Market
Image Source: Unsplash

The favourite eatery amongst the locals is hidden beside a pink entrance known as The Pink Door, they serve some of the delicious fresh Italian grub. There are other good options where you can dine in like the Pike Place Chowder, where they serve the best clam chowder. Above all, there are other favourite local spots like Seattle Joe’s Scramble and the most famous Crumpet Shop.

5. Bainbridge Island

The Bainbridge is the straight opposite of the city of skyscrapers. It holds 150 acres of garden, meadows and ponds. Like Staten Ferry Island in Newyork, Bainbridge Island is a better way to look out for highlights in Seattle fast and cheap. Before completing your visit to Bainbridge Island, you should visit the Mora Iced Creamery for a treat. It is one of the finest and fresh ice cream parlours on the West Coast. Try cheesecake with raspberry which is the local’s favourite here!

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