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Promenade at Browns Bay in Whitley Bay
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Top Things To Do in Whitley Bay On Your Vacation

Whitley Bay was, for the most part, a mine and fishing town on the rough seaboard of the North Sea Coast for the 19th century. But things quickly changed when the city got back as a resort. The tourists from nearby Newcastle arrived on the newly constructed railroad. The city, originally referred to as Whitley, but there’s always an endless confusion between it and nearby Whitby when they buried a former resident in Whitby rather than Whitley! Whitley Bay is on the Tyne & Wear subway, and you can visit places all of Tynemouth’s attractions nearby. Check out some of the top things to do in Whitley Bay and book your vacation right away!

Rising Sun Country Park

Rising Sun Country Park
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This tops the list of things to do in Whitley Bay! The Rising Sun Country park is 400 acres of country property in the south of North Tyneside to refresh the battery following the Stephenson Museum. There is a whole network of roads and bike routes to enable you to see all this green flag scenery, which consists of lakes, ponds, foresters and farms. The lake park is a refuge with a bird hide overlooking Swallow Pond, the largest lake location. North of the park is the country centre, with restaurant views to the Swallows Pool. The farmland core. In the middle is a café that serves balanced, scratch-made meals and several picnic tables.

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Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Tynemouth Priory and Castle in Whitley Bay
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Two Metro stops can drive you to a medieval location once a major fortified resort in England. The tower, the keep and the doorway to the castle stand on a rough headland defended by a tomb. You can see it beside a ruined priesthood of the Benedictines where they buried the early medieval Northumbrian kings. You have to gage the amazing site, look over the ruins, and look from this elevated position at the Tyne and the North Sea. This transformed to a parish church for a period after the priory disbanded, post the Reformation.

St.Mary’s Lighthouse

St.Mary's Lighthouse
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If the tide is out, the Victorian Lighthouse becomes the way to St Mary’s Island, which was destroyed in 1984. Built-in 1898 this symbol of Whitley Bay is an illustration of the region. The best aspect of the tour is the 137 stairs that carry you to the spectacular views across Whitley Bay and Tyneside. At the foot of the lighthouse is a small retreat with a centre for tourists to learn about its past. One can see the original lens from Fresnel and learn about the species which now make up much of St. Mary’s Island in the nature reserve. Don’t miss out to write down this on your things to do in Whitley Bay list!

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Watersports in Whitley Bay
Image Credits: Pixabay

There are other opportunities across Whitley Bay as well as surfing should you choose to play a bit. The Bicycle & Kayak hire paddleboards and kayaks from Cullercoats helps you to enjoy the wild landscape of Whitley Bay and Cullercoats. The organization often hosts paddleboard and kayak tours, whether you require tuitions or would like any help. You should even take a riverbank tour in Cullercoats Bay to visit the caves with a neoprene mask, life jacket to goggles, climb over the reefs and observe the entire force of the north sea close. I’m sure all tourists tend to not miss out water activities on their things to do in Whitley Bay!

Whitley Bay Beach

Whitley Bay Beach
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Whitley Bay Beach is two kilometres wide and it is mostly sandy sand and little rocky areas. Behind there is an elevated path, protected by the open dense greenery of the Links on the hill. Comes to St Mary’s Lighthouse for a stroll here every season when you get a good view of the harbour. But as things get colder in summer, a ton happens on Blue Flag Shore, including a yearly battle for sandcastle at the end of July. You can have a bite at a Rendezvous Cafe, a minigolf round or “footgolf” on the links after relaxing at the beach.

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Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium
Image Credits: Google Images

Along the beachfront Grand Parade in Tynemouth, this tropical aquarium has over 40 live exhibits. There would be a variety of animals including Asian short-clawed otters, top-clown and cotton tamarins. You can also see harbour-sealed trout, stonefish, cownose and several other tropical animals. The seals live in a 5 lakh litre swimming pool with submerged grottoes and rugged drain areas in their natural environment. All-day you can get next to the birds and see the whales. Get ready to experience a fresh insight into the dolphins, seahorses, otters or rockpool animals. They’re on time for discussions and feeding hours.

Spanish City

Spanish City in Whitley Bay
Image Credits: Google Images

One of the best things to in Whitley Bay! This whitewashed Renaissance building was constructed on the shore in 1910 as essential to Whitley Bay as the lighthouse. Difficult to skip, Spain City was the reaction to Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach, with its white dome and the Bacchanalian sculptures that crested its walls. The original building, bar, tearoom and roof garden were inside, and a ballroom and funfair subsequently followed it. In the 1990s the symbol needed tore down by the outset of the 2000s. Nevertheless, in 2018 Spain reopened as an exhibition and restaurant after a seven-year renovation. Visit the fish and chip, the tearoom, a pancake house and champagne stores!

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Longsands Beach

Longsands Beach in Whitley Bay
Image Credits: Google Images

You can reach the Tyne and Wear Metro and be on another Blue Flag beach on the northern edge. Longsands Beach of Tynemouth is a sandy and enticing beach, one mile long and directed by the dark spiral north of the Church of St George. Surf, which is a bit harsher, represents the biggest difference between Longsands and Whitley Bay. The cool, dependable beach break is one of the best in the North East, and surf lessons for newbies are available. Two of the UK’s biggest international surf trains took place here at Longsands and the British National Championships.

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Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to this beautiful place. Whitley bay is going to be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences with your loved ones. We at Pickyourtrail make sure our best travel experience is put into crafting and customising your itinerary with lots of excitement. Check out some of the best holiday packages! Start planning your vacation with the top things to do in Whitley Bay and have a happy vacation! Also, for any queries do feel free to leave a  Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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