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So have you eaten at these 11 places in Auckland yet? |(Chosen by Metro Peugeot)

Auckland is striking modernity desperately trying to blend in the wilderness that New Zealand proudly is. It’s fair to say the result is nothing but astounding. Auckland’s cuisine, on the other hand, is steeped in the country’s culture like nothing else. If you want to travel Auckland the right way, make sure you don’t commit the sin of not trying its impeccable cuisine.

In a city so obsessed with food that there are a million choices to choose from, Metro magazine comes to the rescue. Metro announces the top restaurants in Auckland that you should visit on your next trip to New Zealand. You’re welcome!

11. Saan

♛ Soft-shell crab – People’s Choice Award for Best Dish

PC: Cheshire Architects

“Saan is like a little glowing beacon of how good Auckland can be. So much to love.”

Cites Metro. Well this is just the icing on the cake. Saan has its space rather etched in the hearts and plates of the Aucklanders with its most renowned dish, Soft-shell Crab. Saan’s peachy-mauve ambience coupled with its classy culinary style work in offering the dining experience that couldn’t be better.

10. O’Connell Street Bistro

♛ Best Wine List – Winner

PC: Metro

Dainty yet perfectly cosy, this modern backstreet bistro with a classic European touch is going places now! Journalist and food bloggers are going gaga over the wine tasting experience in the O’Connell bistro and clearly not without reasons — Vanity Fair named O’Connell as one of the world’s best 42 restaurants on Travel Magazine.

9. Ponsonby Road Bistro

♛ Best Drinks List – Winner

PC: Metro

“In brief – modern bistro with stellar wine focus”

Cuisine Magazine

The casual setting with a slight tint of sophistication is the best place for a lackadaisical evening drink with your friends, while watching life at Auckland unraveling in front of you.

8. Three Seven Two

♛ Best New and Best Destination Restaurant

PC: Three Seven Two

Lounging peacefully in the coastal shores of Auckland, Three Seven Two takes pride in reflecting Waiheke in its truest character. The fresh ingredients and culinary style results in a devour experience that has never been so close to nature.

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7. Baduzzi

♛ Best Service Award
♛ Best Smart Restaurant – Runner-up

PC: Metro

Baduzzi can be best described as an ode to all that is lively and cheerful. Its owner Michael P Dearth on the other hand, toasts the whole idea of Baduzzi to the rich cult that Roman gastronomy is.

6. Sidart

♛ Sid and Chand Sahrawat – Restauranteur of the Year

Sidart is a special pick, given its owned by the Indian couple Sid and Chand Sahrawat, who are aimed at offering a twist of Indian flavours in the contemporary cuisine of New Zealand. Not to mention, Sidart is also known for its exotic collection of wine from some of the best vineyards of New Zealand.

5. Cassia

♛ Best Smart Restaurant

PC: Denizen

Once again, the Sahrawat couple is disrupting the way the Kiwis dine. Until Cassia was started in 2014, Aucklanders didn’t have a chance to devour authentic Indian food with a modern twist. Cassia not only solved Kiwi’s quest for Indian food, but rather aced it.

4. Apero

♛ Best Casual Restaurant
♛ Best Service Runner-up

PC: The City Lane

“Apero is about a couple in love with food and wine and each other, bringing their absolute best to the realisation of a long-held dream”

NZ Herald

Looks like Apero values more the idea of providing good times to its visitors — as an aside to astounding them with delectable food and exotic drink varieties.

3. Amano

♛ Best All-day Restaurant
♛ Best Chef Runner-up

“Humble, welcoming and unpretentious”


Authentically New Zealand from ingredients to recipes, radical views of Waitemata harbour, hand made Italian delicacies and artistic baking are only few of the many reasons why Amano stands apart when it comes to being the master of the dining realm.

2. Cazador

♛ Supreme Award category – Runner-up
♛ Best Neighbourhood Restaurant

PC: Localist

“Cazador is a restaurant full of heart and comfortable with its place in the Auckland dining scene”


The Cazador experience is all about old-school romance with food, an ambience soaked in culture and of course delicious food as the cherry on top.

1. Pasture

♛ Restaurant of the year
♛ Fine-Dining category – Supreme Winner
♛ Best Drinks – Runner-up
♛ Best Dish for Aged Wagyu
♛ Best drinks – Runner-up

PC: Eventopia

The Verner couple turned heads when they reduced the restaurant space from 20 seats to 6, so they never have to take chances on their best dining experience. Now with the change, every customer can steal peaks of how Chef Ed Verner cooks each dish by the fire. It’s comfortable to say the Verners would give anything for the joy of observing people dine in peace.

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