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Chennai in Tamil Nadu
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Top Getaways From Chennai For All Busy Madrasis

Chennai, the beguiling capital of South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is one of the foremost stunning cities in Republic of India located on the shores of Bay of Bengal. The beautiful capital has perpetually been commanded synonymous with made culture & traditions associated with an intriguing history that unfolds several attention-grabbing chapters from the traditional times of Pandya and Chola rule to the newer French, Portuguese and British formation. gratuitous to mention, the town and its near areas these days, teem in various cultural and historical attractions that lure tourists from all across the planet. Besides, their square measures a score of natural retreats too in and around the city that offers a good atmosphere to pay for a few days within the lap of Mother Nature. whether or not you’re searching for a cultural odyssey within the past, a journeying tour, a romantic getaway, associate journey vacation or a brief family break, that too on weekends, there numerous destinations close to the city that may be explored while not a lot of designing. If you’re conjointly amongst those searching for a weekend escapade close to the city, here’s s list top destinations, only for you!


Mahabalipuram from Chennai
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Also popularly known as Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram makes it one of the top weekend getaways from Chennai. Located at just a distance of around 60 km. from the capital city of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it’s an ancient town boasting a magical aura of its magnificent past. The town is known to have served as the political seat of the ‘Pallava Dynasty’ during the 7th century and this is the time when this primaeval city rose to its glorious heights; many brilliant structures were built during this era that even today, exude a magnetizing charm, calling innumerable tourists, historians, artists and archaeological buffs from different parts of the world.

You cannot return from Mahabalipuram without visiting its open-air museum of rock-cut sculptures, chiselled beautifully inside a series of caves. Also famed as the ‘Cave Temples of Mahabalipuram’, these temples are sure to take you in complete awe with their magnificently carved facades and walls. Most noteworthy among these caves temples are the ‘Varaha Cave Temple’, ‘Krishna Cave Temple’ and ‘Mahishasura Mardini Cave Temple’ which bring to life with their sculptural representations, some of the famous Hindu mythological stories related to Lord Vishnu’s Varaha avatar, Lord Krishna saving the people from Lord Indra’s agony, holding Govardhan Parvat on his little finger and Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahishasur.

There are yet other amazing structures like ‘Krishna’s Butterball’ and ‘Arjuna’s Penance’ to be explored on your trip to Mahabalipuram. If you are a beach person then the beautiful sandy beach of Mahabalipuram is where you can enjoy a nice picnic with your loved ones after spending a whole day exploring the rich history of the city.

2. Pulicat

Pulicat Lake in Chennai
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‘Pulicat Lake’ is the major attraction of this little town and enjoys the status of being the second largest salt-water lagoon in India after the ‘Chilika Lake’ in Odisha. Needless to say, this enchanting lake is a treasure trove of scenic beauty and offers deep tranquillity and peace to the distressed souls. The lake is also a favourite haunt for many newly-weds and love-struck couples who flock here to spend some romantic time in each other’s company, revealing themselves in dazzling vistas of the setting sun.

Besides being it is one of the most famous ecotourism destinations being a historic town that was ruled by different colonial powers including Portuguese, Dutch and British over its due course of history. Many intriguing buildings such as the ‘Dutch Fort’, a ‘Dutch Cemetery’ and a church of the colonial era, make this place an interesting site to explore when you visit this place.

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Kanchipuram from Tamil Nadu
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Once known as the ‘City of Thousand Temples’, Kanchipuram is today a famous pilgrimage destination and is counted amongst the seven holiest cities in India. Located just 73 km. from Chennai, this temple city in ancient times, served as the religious capital of the rulers of the ‘Pallava Dynasty’, under whose reign numerous exquisite temples and shrines were built between 6th and 9th centuries AD. Needless to say, these primaeval temples are today a major draw for innumerable pilgrims, spiritually inclined and patrons of Dravidian art, luring them to Kanchipuram in massive numbers. During weekends, there is a huge rush of visitors who travel here from neighbouring towns to immerse their souls in the spiritual aura of the temple.

The views of the 59 metres tall gopuram of the ‘Ekambareshwar Temple’, which is a Shiva shrine in Kanchipuram is a must-visit. Looming over the azure skyline of the holy city, this temple is the largest in town and is known to have been originally built around the 6th century AD although the present-day structure dates back to somewhere between 11th and 12 centuries AD. Besides the eye-catching gopuram, a prominent highlight of this temple is the 1000 pillared hall that has 1008 carvings of Shivlinga on the inner walls and gives a spectacular view to visitors’ eyes.

There is something for nature lovers too in Kanchipuram, the famous ‘Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary’. One of the oldest bird sanctuaries in the country, it is a bird lovers’ paradise offering them some beautiful sights of colourful winged creatures including parakeets, cuckoos, mynahs, egrets, spoonbills and pelicans.


The beautiful sun-kissed beaches, a turquoise ambience with beautiful French architecture, Pondicherry is a ‘must explore’ for every ardent traveller in India. Aptly named as the ‘French Riviera of the East’, as soon as you step in Pondicherry, you will find yourselves to be transported back in gothic times when French had strong control over this part of our nation; from architecture to sign-boards to restaurants, there is still that little influence of France at every twist and turn of the city.

If you are travelling to Pondicherry with the sole purpose of unwinding yourselves through yoga and meditation, directly head to the ‘Auroville’. Founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa, also known as the ‘Mother’, Auroville is an enchanting place that will soothe your souls and leave you blessed with inner peace.

The star attraction of Pondicherry is the ‘Seaside Promenade’ which is about 1.5 km stretch sea, the promenade reminds you of the glorious times during French colonization in Pondicherry and houses some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including ‘French War Memorial’, ‘Gandhi Statue’ and ‘Old Lighthouse’. For shutterbugs, needless to say, this place provides for some classy camera shots.

Pondicherry is also a paradise for foodies and gastronomes. With a strong influence of French flavours on its local cuisine, needless to say, a city is a perfect place for an extraordinary culinary experience. During your trip here, gorge on some delectable steaks and do try out for mouth-watering idlis and dosas, which are undoubted, a staple delicacy here.

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Diving into to the Nagalapuram waterfall
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Nagalapuram is definitely a heaven for trekkers and the town is one of the best travel places near Chennai for religious souls, especially the devotees of Lord Vishnu as ‘Sri Veda Narayana Perumal Temple’ here. Built during the reign of the Vijayanagara ruler, Raja Krishnadeva Raya, the temple stands as a beautiful specimen of the Vijayanagara style of architecture and enshrines the half-human, the half-fish deity of Lord Vedanarayana Swamy, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu in ‘Matsya (fish) Avataar’; his consorts, Sri Devi and Bhu Devi can also be seen in the Sanctorum. According to the Puranas, a demon called Somukasura stole the 4 Hindu Vedas and hid them under the sea. It was then, that Lord Vishnu took the Matsya Avatar and went deep inside the waters to get these Vedas back; a huge battle was fought between the two in which the demon was defeated. Since the Lord saved the Vedas, he came to be called ‘Veda Narayana Perumal’. Hundreds of devotees throng to this temple every day to seek blessings of the lord. And, the number of devotees get multi-fold on the 3 auspicious days of ‘Surya Puja’ that is held somewhere around the month of March every year. During these 3 days, sun rays during sunset directly fall on the presiding deity of Sri Vedanarayan Swamy, entering through the precincts of the gopuram that lies 600 ft. from the main sanctum sanctorum. Providing a phenomenal spectacle to all the onlookers, it is just a kind of miracle that never happens again all through the year.

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