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Nandi Hills in Karnataka
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Top Places To Visit In Nandi Hills For Weekend Getaways

One of Karnataka’s popular hill stations is Nandi Hills and there are so many wonderful places that visitors can choose from, that are often left spoilt! The region is the perfect weekend getaway for visitors in Bengaluru. The location’s proximity to the international airport makes it even more convenient for the tourists. There are many places to explore including remnants of royal forts, ancient temples, and other important edifices. Perhaps the biggest draw is the sunrise that nature and photography lovers enjoy. If you’re looking for weekend getaways then choose any of these top places to visit in Nandi hills!

Majority of Nandi Hills tourist places are well maintained, and considered as important heritage sites. Most of these sightseeing are located close to each other and so you can cover them all in a day, without issues. You can plan your trip to Nandi Hills any time of the year, thanks to the pleasant climate. In recent years, the transport options have also enhanced-boosting tourism prospects. The location has attractions for nearly all types of visitors. Check the top places to visit in Nandi hills for weekend getaways!

A Day At The Foothills of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a collection of beautiful hills located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore. Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on top of the hills. The place is a favourite of visitors coming from nearly all the surrounding area, particularly Bangalore.

Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp

Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp
Image Credits: Google Images

Enjoy camping at the Beautiful Hill, located in the foothills of the Nandi hills, 60 km away from Bangalore. Undergo a fun-filled camping experience with comfortable accommodation in tents surrounded by the lush greenery of the hills at the scenic spot. You can enjoy the ideal combination of natural beauty and a wide range of indoor games like pool table and foosball. Indulge in indoor-outdoor games and enjoy the views from the top. You can also by the bonfire sit in the evening and talk with your fellow wanderers. The campsite features a 24-hour restaurant facilities along with breakfast dinner and high-tea meals.

Skandagiri In Chikballapur

Those looking for places to visit in Nandi Hills should look no further than the Skandagiri hills with an added thrill of trekking. Also known as Kalavara Durga, it is a hilltop fortress with stunning natural beauty and views. Approximately 3 km from chikballapur, off NH7, is the peak. To reach the peak, you have to walk through the village of Kalavara. The hill has ruins of a fort with 18th-century origin. The ruins are in a dilapidated condition now and the same can be said about a temple located nearby. However, the trekking experience is enjoyable and it is best taken in winter months. Buses are connecting Bengaluru with Chikballapur from which you can reach the base of the hills either by walking or after taking an auto. The place is ideal for the shutterbugs.

Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple

Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple in Nandi Hills
Image Credits: Google Images

Karnataka has some of the most impressive royal heritage temples which spellbound the historians. The stunning Bhoga Nandeeswara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is situated at the base of the Nandi Hills. Currently, the temple is under ASI maintenance. The massive temple complex houses 3 temples- the temple of Arunachaleshwara, the temple of Bhoga Nandeeshwara and the temple of Uma Maheshwara. The temple bears the stamp of ancient Dravidian architecture and the inner artworks and sculptures leave the tourists hyped. The 9th-century origin temple, reportedly built by Bana queen Ratnabali, went several modifications under subsequent 5 dynasties that ruled Karnataka. So, you can spot a mix of different architectural styles in the temple. There is a statue of Chola monarch Rajendra in the temple complex. Even now, you can see weddings organized in the temple premises and Shivratri is the right time for religiously inclined visitors.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort

Known as one of the mightiest warriors of southern India who fought valiantly against the British invaders to protect the sovereignty of his motherland, Tipu Sultan has a special place in pages of history as well as a heritage of Karnataka. The mighty ruler and freedom fighter built some edifices and forts in his regime which still stand and serve as major tourist draws. The Tashk-e-Jannat (Heaven’s Envy) fort is one of Nandi Hills’ main tourist spots. Made by Tipu’s father, Haider Ali the fort opened later by Tipu Sultan. Located on a hilltop, the fort features five magnificent arches laden with minarets, showcasing ancient architectural style in its glory.

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple in Nandi hills
Image Credits: Google Images

The concept of setting up twin temples for the same deity is quite popular and prevalent in Karnataka and Nandi Hills bears testimony to this religious belief too. The Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple stands at the base of Nandi Hills and the peak of the hills is the counterpart-Yoga nandeeshwara temple.
The hilltop temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva represents the later stage of the deity-the state of renunciation. The hilltop Shiva temple has beautiful architecture and its origins trace to the days of the Chola dynasty. From the temple premises, you get a stunning view of the adjoining valley.


This region of Nandi Hills, known for its mountainous terrains, and contain several caves. The cave named Brahmashram is visited throughout the year by visitors with a spiritual inclination. Surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil settings of the cave will soothe your mind. This can be the perfect way to relax after visiting the Nandi Hills sightseeing and it always stays crowded! The noteworthy fact about this cave is that eminent Sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa spent a few days here and meditated in his spiritual quest. The place is calm and has a blissful setting. Of late, the cave revamped with masonry work though. Surrounded by patches of greenery and the cave has a lot of trees.

Grover’s Zampa Vineyard

Grover's Zampa Vineyard in Nandi Hills
Image Credits: Google Images

This is one of the top places to visit in Nandi Hills. The areas around Nandi Hills are ideal for those who love savouring fine quality wine while enjoying amazing natural splendour and serenity. The 410 acre spanning vineyards is perfect for soothing your eyes and mind. The winery has been active over the last 2 decades and produces some of the best wines in Karnataka and southern India. They handpick the grapes and use global standard equipments for storage as well as processing. There is a guided tour that introduces you with all nuances of winemaking. You can also savour some of the popular wine variants made with French grapes. Also, this tour is inclusive of lunch.

Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings. Start customising your itinerary online by choosing the top highlights of Nandi hills. We at Pickyourtrail make sure our best travel experience is put into planning vacation with lots of excitement. Start planning and Happy travelling!

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