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Top Tea Gardens in Assam- Guide 2024

tea estate in assam
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Sprawling beside the magnificent Brahmaputra River in the Northeast, Assam is a perfect amalgamation of modernisation and ancient history. While the age-old temples take you back in history, its electric ambience and vibrant nightlife keeps up with the modern times. The mighty Brahmaputra River carries tales which are thousands of years old. A city shaped by time, there are plenty of things to do in Assam. Assam is blessed with lush green mountains, majestic ridges, adventure sports, scenic viewpoints and the destination is well known for its astonishing tea gardens. Assam is the tea hub of India. There are several tea gardens in Assam which will leave you agape in amazement.

Imagine yourself waking up to the pleasant view of the massive tea gardens and where the tea leaves are being plucked for your morning tea and served fresh for you. Dreamy isn’t it? Assam is the place to go and make this dream real.  Assam is a paradise which is housed with magnificent and refreshing tea gardens. These tea gardens have been cultivated for ages now and it brings happiness to every household. Here’s a list of famous tea estates that you must explore on your next trip to Assam.

Top 11 Tea Estates in Assam that are a must-visit

Nonoi Tea Estate

tea garden in assam
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Nonoi Tea Estate spreads across an area of 959.17 hectares, this tea estate is located at an altitude of 225 metres above sea level where the tea plantations are harvested. People in Assam call the Nonoi Tea Estates the Rangamati, which refers to the name of the waterfalls called Noi-Noi in the colloquial British language, hence the name “Nonoi” was given.


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Monabarie Tea Estate

tea garden in assam
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As you step down at Monabarie Tea Estate, you will be carried away by the heavenly aroma of the tea leaf. This heavenly Tea Estate is situated at the Biswanath Chariali district of Assam. This is the largest Tea Estate in Assam and all over Asia. Owned by McLeod Russel India Limited, Monabarie Tea Estate is spread across the area of 1158 hectares, and the red coloured leaves of the tea will definitely give your morning a rejuvenating start.

Almari Tea Estate

Almari tea garden in assam
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For the past 120 years, the tea garden in Moran district of Assam,  Halmari Tea Estate is carrying along with it the legacy of the finest quality of tea. The tea garden is one of the oldest in Assam and is spread across an area of 374 hectares. Their CTC and Orthodox tea production have managed to win the highest price of a Tea Estate in Assam. Don’t miss out on tasting the Halmari tea which will leave you craving for more.

Manohari Tea Estate

These renowned tea gardens in the Northern region of Assam, have been bringing fresh cups of morning tea since the British era, These gardens are at an elevation of 390 ft above sea level along the Indian-Burmese border and covered by tea bushes close to 1800 acres and 1000 acres.

Manohari Tea Estate
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Mangalam Tea Estate

Situated beside a government reserve forest which shelters varied wildlife, Mangalam Tea Estate is spread across an area of 117.99 hectares. It has been undertaken by Jayshree Tea industries in 1955. Situated across the Towkok river, the Tea Estate has served good quality tea throughout the year and has now entered into the production of CTC and Orthodox tea.

Mangalam Tea Estate
Image credits: Unsplash

Wild Mahseer Tea Estate

Built-in 1864 by the British Assam Tea Company, the Tea garden, located at the outskirts region of Tezpur, this Tea Estate is situated at a distance of 30 minutes from the Jia Bhoroli River and covering an area of 22 acres of tea bushes. The Tea garden has a  beautiful blend in the architecture which has a colonial and Assamese touch and will give you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the Raj-era tea planters.

Corramore Tea Estate

The Corramore Tea Estate was founded by Robert Logan. This heritage Tea Estate is situated in Hatigarh of Darrang district of Assam and spreads across an area of 480 hectares land. The Tea garden focuses on the harvesting of Camellia sinensis species. Holding a family heritage of over 100 years, the Tea Estate is now owned by the Williamson Tea.


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Ghograjan Tea Estate

This tea estate located on the alongside the Ghagra River was started in the early 1930s and has been carrying the legacy for the past 5 generations. The name “Ghograjan” means small river and the name was derived from this river. One of the largest tea gardens in Assam, Ghograjan is spread across an area of 350 acres and has gained trust with their quality in producing CTC and the finest Orthodox tea in the region.

Harmutty Tea Estate

One of the oldest and beautiful Tea Estates, Harmutty is located alongside the Dikrong river. The Tea Estate got its name from the Queen of Hirmati. The Tea Estate is a picturesque location in Assam with a backdrop of the hills of Arunachal Pradesh. From 1870 the Harmutty Tea Estate in Assam has been producing strongly brewed high-quality tea leaves for a relaxing tea break.

Khongea Tea Estate

Khongea is one of the top-ranked Tea Estates in Assam. The Tea Estate was established by Britishers and started its production in the year 1949. Resting alongside the banks of the Brahmaputra river, Khongea Tea Estate is located at the topmost region of Assam. Get amazed by the view of the golden tipped tea leaves while taking a sip of your special strong Assam tea in Khongea Tea Estate.

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Joonktollee Tea Estate

The Joonktollee Tea Estate is the only one holding a single largest tea factory in Assam. Spread across an area of 1867.98 acres, the Joonktollee Tea Estate is situated at the Barham district of Assam. Out of 1867.98 acres, 1202.82 acres is used for tea plantation. The Joonktollee Tea Estate has been SGS, UK for production and manufacture of CTC, Orthodox and Green Tea.

Assam tea gardens are one of the most beautiful locations in India and should be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Savour some of the best quality tea during your vacation. For more information on tourist attractions in India, click right here. You can also log onto for some amazing travel packages. Have a good tea break!

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