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Gateway to Heaven: Immerse in the natural beauty of Assam

India’s North-East is truly a haven of natural beauty. It’s a myriad of majestic hills, vast national parks and the beautiful Brahmaputra in all of its glory. Since all the seven states in the North East are home to this unbelievable treasure, they are lovingly named the Seven Sisters. Assam is the gateway to North East. It is blessed with similar gifts of nature where there is plenty of itineraries to choose from. The unique biodiversity, incredible flora and fauna make Assam an irresistible destination in North East. It boasts incredible national parks, hill stations, and it’s culturally rich and diverse. Meanwhile, it further offers excellent connectivity from the North East to the rest of the country. We bring you the top Assam Itineraries which you can choose to enjoy your Assamese holiday in style.

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Assam Itineraries

Here we list out some of the best itineraries where you can explore Assam and enjoy the best of the state.

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1. Explore Majuli – Exclusively for nature lovers

Explore the largest island on the Brahmaputra. Experience the soul of Assam and its tribal life. The island is covered by breathtaking natural beauty. Furthermore, Majuli is considered as the cultural capital of Assam because of its traditional festivals and events.

Majuli Assam
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Route: Guwahati-Jorhat-Majuli-Guwahati

DAY 1 – Jorhat

Located about 300 km from Guwahati, Jorhat can be reached by flight or train. Almost all flights to Jorhat would have a stop at either Kolkata or Bagdogra. It takes around 7-8 hours from Guwahati to reach Jorhat either by train or road. Start early in the morning from Guwahati and reach Jorhat by afternoon. Check into your hotel and relax. In the evening you can take a stroll in the city centre, have a nice dinner and call it a day early.

DAY 2 – Proceed for local sightseeing in Majuli

You start early morning and head to Nimati Ghat, where the ferry takes you to the Island. This is a 45-minute ride on the incredible Brahmaputra where you can soak in the beauty of this great river. Check into a traditional bamboo cottage and get ready to explore the soul of Assam. Rent a bicycle to go around the villages and see the lifestyle of the villagers. Head to the Mask Makers Village where you witness the experts making traditional masks. They follow this tradition which has been going on since the start of Assamese civilization. They specialise in making colourful masks of Deities, Gods and local Gothic idols. Roam around the village and make sure to have a Majuli Thali and immerse yourself in the flavours of the Island. End your day with a view of a beautiful sunset on the banks of Brahmaputra.

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DAY 3 – Visit Sastras in Majuli

Visit the Vaishnavite monasteries in Majuli which are known as Sastras. These Sastras are not only religious centres but also hosts several performances and events. Enjoy the unique experience and watch these traditional art forms. After seeing the Sastras, make your way to Missing tribe village, which is one of the largest tribes in North East. You will surely marvel at their simple and natural lifestyle. You can even try out their traditional rice beer which is fully natural and delicious. Later in the evening get back to your stay and relax for the night.

Sukapha Samannay Kshetra Assam
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DAY 4 – Jorhat

After breakfast, pack your bags and its time to say goodbye to Majuli. You start your journey from Majuli and proceed towards Jorhat. Check-in and keep your luggage and get ready to see Jorhat. The Tocklai Tea Research Institute is an important place in Jorhat. Furthermore, you will come to know why it is known as the Tea Capital of the World, you can also taste different type of teas here. After Tocklai, visit the Sukapha Samannay Kshetra which was built in the memory of the Ahom kingdom’s first ruler King Sukhapha. You can also do a little street shopping from and reach the hotel after dinner.

Return to Guwahati the next day early morning. Get lost in the amazing memories of the 4 great days on your journey back home.

2. Itinerary to Kaziranga National Park – Begin your wildlife exploration

The Kaziranga National Park is not only Assam’s pride but also a national treasure. The unique variety of flora and fauna and its wildlife make it a unique attraction in the state of Assam. Any Assamese itinerary is not complete without the addition of Kaziranga National Park.

Kaziranga National Park Assam
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Route: Guwahati-Kaziranga-Guwahati

DAY 1- Guwahati – Kaziranga

The National Park is located about a distance of 4 hours drive from Guwahati. Hiring a cab would be the best option to reach the National Park. There are plenty of accommodation options in the park, and you can book a suitable hotel, resort or homestay as per your preference. You will reach here by noon, settle at the hotel and take rest. Because tomorrow is going to be a big day.

DAY 2 – Kaziranga National Park – For animal lovers

After having your breakfast, start your day with an elephant safari. This is quite an experience where you can see the lush greenery of the park as well as its wildlife. Since most of the elephant safaris are for one hour, this gives you a nice preview of the park and its animals. After the elephant safari, rest and stretch your legs for a bit and have some water. The next thing to do is the jeep safari. This open jeep safari lets you watch the animals up and close. Here you can see one-horned rhinos, tigers, elephants and varieties of deers. The jeep safari covers the main parts of the National Park and takes you to deep into the forests. Post this wildlife exploration you can return to the hotel and relax.

DAY 3 – Kaziranga National Park – For bird lovers and more

Since you have covered most of the park on the second day, you can visit the eastern side of the park which is a bird watcher’s paradise. A large number of migratory birds come to the banks of Brahmaputra. Varieties of Pelicans and Storks are common visitors here. Say Hi to them and take amazing photographs. The next place to visit is the Orchid and biodiversity park, where there are more than 700 varieties of Orchids. Also, you can make your way into a tribal village to learn about their culture and lifestyle. Watch how they weave using traditional methods and have a chat with them. Also, don’t forget to buy a souvenir from their handcrafted items. Return to the hotel in the evening and recall your Kaziranga memories.

Kaziranga National Park
Image Source: Google Images

DAY 4 – Kakochang Waterfalls

Take the adventurer in you to the Kakochang waterfalls. This is located about 80 kilometres from the Park. This is a famous picnic spot for both locals and tourists. Because of its location in the Bokakhat forests, you can also visit the ruins of the ancient temple at Deoparbat. The climb is a bit tough, but the sight from the top of the Deoparbat is simply spectacular. Furthermore, throughout the journey, you will see tea estates and rubber plantations which is definitely a treat for your eyes. This will be a whole day of fun and adventure. Post this experience you can return to your hotel and have good night sleep.

Check out after breakfast and you will reach Guwahati by noon.

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3. Itinerary to Manas National Park – A picture-perfect Assamese exploration

This Nokrek national park is located at the foothills of the Himalayas is home to a large number of endangered species. Manas National Park is also a biosphere reserve and has lots of fun activities which is definitely worth the visit. November to April is the best time to visit the National Park. Also, during the monsoon time, there will be a flood in the river hence most of the pathways and roads inside the park would be flooded. Furthermore, ensure you obtain the passes and permit for entering the park.

Route: Guwahati – Manas – Guwahati

DAY 1 – Guwahati – Manas

The best choice to reach Manas National Park is by road, as the nearest airport and railway station is located in Guwahati. The journey takes about 4 hours to reach Manas National Park from Guwahati. Similar to Kaziranga you have a wide option of hotels and resorts in the park. Start in the morning from Guwahati and you will reach Manas by afternoon, relax and refresh in the room and walk around the hotel or resort in the evening. Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep because adventure awaits you the next day.

DAY 2 – Explore Manas National Park

Rise early and get ready for the elephant safari. You can go where the jeeps cant reach and enjoy a different side of the park. Similarly, you get to see the park in the misty morning dew. Explore the jungles and see the rare animals birds off in their natural habitat. Return and have refreshments, take rest for some time and get ready for the Jeep safari of the park. Don’t be surprised if the route is blocked by tigers, because that is a normal sight here. Also, ensure that you spot hispid hares and pygmy hogs which are a speciality of Manas National Park in Arunachal pradesh. After an adventurous safari ride comes back to your hotel in the evening and rest. Have a nice dinner and relax your muscles.

Manas National Park Assam
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DAY 3 – Birdwatch in Manas National Park

Be adventurous and get ready for some river rafting in the Manas River. Te rafters take you through the lush forests where you can spot more of the wildlife and a lot of birds as well. Great Hornbills, Storks and Swamp Francolins are found here along with a lot of other rare birds. After the pulsating rafting, you return for lunch and some much-needed rest. In the evening walk to a nearby village and tea garden. Have dinner and rest well.

After a fun and adventure-filled couple of days, you check out and return to Guwahati with the amazing Manas National Park fresh in your memories.

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In and around Guwahati – Must-visit places

Let’s look at some of the places you can visit in and around Guwahati. These places are close and easily accessible from Guwahati and must be added to your Assam Itineraries.

1.Kamakhya Temple

This is easily one of the most important and powerful Hindu religious centres. Dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya, the temple is a symbol of women’s supreme power. It is a testament to a women’s ability to give birth, and how all women have the Goddess Shakti within them. The temple is one of the famous most visited places in Assam. It is located on the Nilachal hills in Guwahati. In this temple, the Ambubachi Festival is conducted every year in the month of June.

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2.Umananda Island

Apart from being another place of worship, Umananda Island is famous for its location and architecture. The island is situated on the mighty Brahmaputra. The island has great importance in Hindu mythology and is considered holy by Hindu pilgrims.

3.Cruise in Brahmaputra

Enjoy a scenic cruise in this majestic river and take in the grandeur of the mighty Brahmaputra. You can go for a normal cruise or choose a romantic candlelight cruise with your special someone. This is definitely a must-do in Guwahati and a great way to cherish some quality time.

Brahmaputra River
Image Source: Pixabay

4.Dipor Bil

This wetland is home to some of the rarest and exotic bird species. The pristine forests and the freshwater lake is located about 20 kilometres southwest of Guwahati. Close to 20000 wild, exotic and even endangered species of birds can be seen here, and this attracts birdwatchers and nature lovers from afar. Love bird photography? Do not miss this place!

Dipor Bil
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The list can go on and on because Assam is a rich blend of natural and historical treasures. This is also a popular religious destination. Truly fitting to be the gateway of North East, Assam is your dream destination if you are looking for a unique holiday experience. These Assam itineraries will definitely make you fall in love with this beautiful state in North East. Plan your next trip to Assam with Pickyourtrail. Get packing and explore the Assam Tour Packages. You can read more travel stories on the Pickyourtrail Blog. Unwrap Assam with Pickyourtrail.

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