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Kilchurn Castle
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Scotland Travel Guide – A Beautiful Experience Awaits You

Scotland is one among the four countries that the United Kingdom comprises of. Scotland is surrounded by England to its south, the North Sea to its east, the Irish Sea to its south-west and the Atlantic Ocean to its west. It is people’s favourite because of its big skies, architecture that gives an old-town appearance, the exciting wildlife and the super-friendly locals, of course. Exploring Scotland is like rediscovering a country which has a perfect mix of adventure, attractions, lakes and mountains. Whatever your plan is and whichever place you choose to visit, prepare your mind to get stunned at almost every location while you are there because Scotland is that amazing. So, if you are planning to visit Scotland, check out this amazing travel guide that includes the top places to visit and the exciting things to do while you are there.

Photo by Jacob Meissner on Unsplash

Best time to visit Scotland

The best way to start the travel guide to Scotland is by starting it with the best time to visit. The ideal time to visit Scotland is anywhere between July and August. If you are visiting during these summer months in Scotland, then you will surely have trouble-free sightseeing because of the warm weather. But just know that these months are considered to be the busiest months as the experience of spotting wildlife becomes extra awesome during this time. In addition, you have the grand multi-week festival called the ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ which takes place every year in August. April and May are also considered as good months to visit as you can expect a little snow gently touching your skin during that time.

Things to do in Scotland

Though there are plenty of reasons for visiting Scotland, here are the top 3 things that will surely make your trip extra awesome.

  1. Deep dive into the history
  2. Tasting the delicious cuisines of Scotland
  3. Experiencing the culture

1. Deep dive into the history

Scotland is a land of rich historical importance where every nook and corner of this place takes you back to the past. If you are a history lover or interested to dive deep into the history, then you must visit some castles in Scotland. Standing as home to hundreds of castles, Scotland will forever be remembered for preserving the best of historical remains.

2. Tasting the delicious cuisines of Scotland

No matter what destination you visit, tasting the local food of that particular place will surely be anyone’s plan. Although we miss and start searching for our home country’s food sometimes, tasting the local cuisines has always been a part of the plan. Visit a few Scotland restaurants and give your taste buds, a new life!

3. Experiencing the culture

Scottish people are the people of celebration. They follow a beautiful culture that is both traditional and modern. Taking about the culture, one thing that could speak more about the cultural celebration in Scotland is the ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’, the largest arts festival. It takes place for three weeks, attracting 3 million visitors approximately. Here, you can enjoy plays, live music, puppet shows and so much more.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Image Credits: Google Images

Places to visit in Scotland

In this travel guide, next comes the top places that you could visit while making it to Scotland. Check out.

  1. Edinburgh Castle
  2. Glasgow
  3. The Isle Of Arran

1. Edinburgh Castle

If you are visiting Scotland, the best way to start your sightseeing is by visiting Edinburgh Castle. This beautifully built castle magnificently showcases the rich architecture and the historical importance of Scotland. It is gracefully situated on a hill which makes it an amazing sight. It is not only the tourists who flock here to sightsee but also the locals of Scotland. So, make sure you visit this stunning castle while you are there.

Edinburgh Castle
Photo by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

2. Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant city and one of the most picturesque places in Scotland. Not just it amazes you with its beauty but also stands as home to more than 20 museums and a few art galleries too. Apart from that, it also houses plenty of parks and restaurants to have a chilled-out experience.

Merchant Lane in Glasgow
Photo by Stewart M on Unsplash

3. The Isle Of Arran

The Isle Of Arran is located 2.5 hours to the west of Glasgow. What makes it worth visiting? This island has made itself to one of the top popular destinations to visit by its charming sceneries, thrilling trails for hiking and a few quaint villages. Being the seventh-largest island in Scotland, it offers some breathtaking views of both the Scottish highlands and lowlands, all at one place.

The Isle Of Arran
Photo by mi_shots on Unsplash

Tips to take a note of

  • Interact with the people of Scotland and you will never feel like you are away from home.
  • Do take tours with a guide while visiting historical places.
  • Since the weather will mostly be unpredictable, pack accordingly.

FAQs about visiting Scotland

1. Can the northern lights be seen in Scotland?

Yes, you can witness the beauty of the northern lights in Scotland. There are also chances that they offer glances of the ‘Mirrie Dancers’ if the factors are favourable.

2. Is Scotland considered to be a safe place to visit?

Absolutely. Scotland is one of the safest destinations to visit. However, it is always advisable to take all the safety measures while walking on the road or travelling within the country.

3. Can one drink tap water in Scotland?

The tap water throughout the United Kingdom is well maintained to meet the higher safety standards than the bottled ones. Hence, it is exceptionally safe to drink tap water in Scotland.

Hope the travel guide to Scotland was useful in realising the awesomeness of Scotland. Any trip to the United Kingdom will be incomplete without ticking Scotland off your list. It is such a popular tourist destination that is well-known for its stunning landscapes and rich historical buildings including 1200 medieval castles. Now that you have read how amazing Scotland is, don’t you think it’s time to plan your own trip to Scotland? Visit the website of Pickyourtrail and check out some amazing packages to Scotland of the United Kingdom. You can also customize the package with your inputs. Make sure you have the Pickyourtrail application downloaded to help you explore better with 24*7 support throughout your trip. Leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options.

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