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Travel to Strasbourg in France

You’ll notice it the instant you enter Strasbourg, France. Warmth of the inhabitants, ease of moving around, and the familiarity of the storybook cottages contribute to an inviting feeling. After only an hour in the Strasbourg city, you’ll feel at ease, as if you’re not a tourist to be examined or a stranger to be afraid of.

About the City

Strasbourg is recognised for many things:

  1. It is the capital of the ancient wine-growing region of Alsace
  2. Home of the European Parliament
  3. It is the Christmas Capital and a crossroads of French and German cultures

As you walk around the city, you’ll notice an enticing blend of rural friendliness and urban, ethnic appeal. Strasbourg has a lot to offer, ranging from its wine and food, the history and culture, to a place to rest for a few days.

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Getting to Strasbourg in France

Flights to Strasbourg

The city’s international airport is around 10 kilometres from the city centre, making it extremely easy to navigate. It has a bar, a café, a newspaper shop with a large selection of international newspapers. The unique bar offers you an Alsatian culture experience and samples of various home-brewed beers.

The city airport is around 10 kilometres from the city centre and is quite modest, making it extremely easy to navigate. On the other hand, the city airport, has a bar, a café, a newspaper shop with a large selection of international newspapers. Two restaurants serving typical Alsatian specialties like Tarte Flambée and Fois Gras is a part of the terminal.

Trains to Strasbourg

After Paris, Strasbourg is the second biggest railway station in France which connects well to the rest of France, as well as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other European nations.

Since 2007, Strasbourg has been linked to Paris by a special train, the TGV (train de grande vitesse – high-speed train). This implies that the two cities are now only 2 hours and 20 minutes apart. Furthermore, travel time between Strasbourg and other European cities has been significantly reduced.

Strasbourg railway station, located in the heart of the city, offers daily travel by ‘Rhine-metro’ between Strasbourg and the German city of Offenburg, as well as quick transit across the province of Alsace via the TER Alsace regional rail network.

Highlights of Strasbourg in France

Travel to Strasbourg to explore the Gothic architecture and Petite France. The beautiful green Strasbourg countryside, located along the majestic Rhine River, will thrill everybody. City is perfect for day excursions, taking you through the tiny country communities and over the border to Germany. The city’s highlights include

  • Ponts Couverts – Strasbourg
  • Strasbourg Water Channels – The Petite France District
  • Alcatian Dolls – Strasbourg
  • The Strasbourg Cathedral

1. Ponts Couverts – Strasbourg

Observe the four towers that guarded the city from invading Germanic armies as you walk around the Ponts Couverts, or 13th-century Medieval bridges. Strasboug lies on Germany‘s far eastern border, adjacent to the Rhine River, with some spectacular vistas around the towns.
Credits: unsplash

2. Strasbourg Water Channels – The Petite France District

Spending a day admiring the 16th century Tudor style wooden homes that line Strasbourg water channels will transport you back in time. Imagine life in the 1700s in what is now known as the Petite France District, with townspeople living in villages. The water channels are lined with flower baskets, and the reflections will provide beautiful recollections of Strasbourg.
Credits: unsplash

3. Alcatian Dolls – Strasbourg

For generations, French and Germans have regarded the region around Strasbourg as a centre of expertise for craftsmen who carefully construct Alcatian dolls. The delicate weaving of hair and clothes into Alcatian dolls entices ardent collectors to spend hours browsing the little stores that offer these ageless dolls.
Credits: unsplash

4. The Strasbourg Cathedral

The Strasbourg Cathedral, built between 1439 and 1440, is a magnificent Gothic structure holding both French and German elements. Thousands of figurines, stained glass windows, and, if you’re up for it, a walk up the 142-meter tower for breathtaking views across the French and German borders are all worth seeing. The view of the Rhine River from the Cathedral’s spires is truly breathtaking.
Credits: unsplash

Are you ready to feel nice and invited by the warmth of the inhabitants, the ease of moving around, and the familiarity of the storybook cottages at Strasbourg? Start planning your vacation to Strasbourg at Pickyourtrail. Our travel experts will customise the vacation plan for you.

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