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Turkey’s Cappadox festival: Music, food and Fairytale charm!

Turkey’s Cappadox festival is an outdoor cultural celebration of music, art and gastronomy perfectly planned to tickle all your senses! It is set in one of the dreamiest destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia! With its hot air balloons, striking lunar hills and the world-famous fairy chimneys, since 2015, the Cappadox festival is another incredible attraction in this already popular geological marvel. A music festival in this unworldly destination has been making thousands of people both from within and outside Turkey, travel to this mystical land in June just to experience the dynamic festival spirit.

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Fairy chimneys
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How it all started

Famous for its history and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cappadocia, is one of the most visited and picturesque towns in Turkey. The Cappadox festival made its debut in 2015 and was organised by Pozitif Live, Turkey’s top entertainment company. They aimed at creating a space for freedom, celebration and relaxation intertwined with the distinctive geography and rich culture of Cappadocia. The essence of Cappadox is evident in the way in which the festival itself is conducted.

The first Cappadox festival in Turkey started as a 3-day program in May 2015. The main stage was set in Uchisar Castle, one of the highest points in Cappadocia. This stage hosted many artists like Mercan Dede, a Turkish composer, French jazz musician Mino Cinelu, Icelandic band Múm, Dutch lute player Jozef van Wissem, Turkish jazz saxophonist İlhan Erşahin and Nigerian-American soul musician Iyeoka, among others. Cappadocia experienced music from different genres that year starting from Turkish folk music to Electronic beats. It truly was an amalgamation of traditional life with a modern outlook.

Cappadocia night
Image credits: Unsplash

The program also offered opportunities for people to experience the landscapes and the natural surroundings. Each day started with events like yoga, meditation and nature walk. Later in the day there were guided walks through Meskindir Valley enlightening participants about the history and nature of the region. Such events were organised to allow people to reconnect with nature and find balance in the serene environment of Cappadocia.

A major attraction of the Cappadox festival was the Gastronomy programme. This was a culinary delight that showcased traditions of Cappadocia by presenting local wine and cheese, hosting picnics of regional specialities and specially curated tasting menus. Another highlight was hosting tours in the local attractions like Zelve Open-Air Museum, Goreme Open-Air Museum and Kaymakli Underground city. Artwork inspired by the local geography like sound installation, photography and a shadow puppet animation was also conducted.

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Cappadox 2018

When talking about Cappadocia, it is a must to talk about the last Cappadox festival which happened in 2018 before life changed for all of us due to COVID 19. The festival by then had become such a huge hit in just three years that Cappadox 2018 was a six-day celebration in June, from the 14th to the 19th. The theme that year was silence symbolizing leaving the loud noises back in crowded cities and hushing the whispers in our heads to enjoy a few days of peace and tranquillity.

Image credits: Unsplash

Cappadox 2018 started on the evening of June 14th with a concert by Turkish female musician Kalben playing her guitar. The next few days saw performances featuring artists like Djif Sanders, Mulatu Astatke, Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions, Baba Zula,, Fontan, Flamingods, Feathered Sun, Ceylan Ertem and Duman, among others. True to its roots, guided walks, cycling tours of the valleys and tours of the fairy chimneys were organised this year as well. Spiritual activities like yoga, chanting, pranayama and meditation sessions were organised for those who wanted to heal their minds and find inner peace. Finally, the foodies could attend open-air traditional barbecues, sample dishes at the daily picnics and also try wine and cheese tasting.

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A huge advantage was the Cappadox’s pick-and-mix style program which allowed visitors to attend the events they liked, opt for transportation from one event to another, decide which concerts to attend, participate in the food or outdoor festivities and even allow them to pick the duration for which they wanted to stay. Four different passes were available based on how much they wanted to participate in the festival.


If one is to stay at Cappadocia, then an experience of a lifetime are the famous cave hotels in this region. This is one of the most traditional Turkish experiences you can have. Let’s look at some of the popular stays that people prefer!

  • Sultan cave suites: A hotel located on top of Aydinli Hill, giving guests a direct views over the town of Goreme below. 
  • Kayatas hotel: The hotel is set amongst the rock caves overlooking the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia.
  • Henna konak hotel: Located right in the centre of Goreme city the hotel has a beautiful terrace that overlooks the city
  • Terra cave hotel: This hotel connects you wiht many people who have lived in Cappadocian cave homes for centuries.
  • Charming cave hotel: Located in the centre of Goreme city it is set in a traditional Turkish cave hotel.

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Image credits: Pixabay

Travel Across the Magical Lands of Istanbul, Goreme and Antalya

While we wait for this Pandemic to get over, reading about the rich history of Cappadocia and the spirited Cappadox festival, definitely gives us something to look forward to. We’re all dreaming about staying in cute cave hotels, rocking hard in the night concerts, and finding peace among the valleys. The fairy chimneys in Cappadocia and the cool Cappadox festival are definitely on all of our travel bucket lists! Do not forget to add them to yours as well. Come check out Pickyourtrail to start planning your dreamy Turkey vacation where culture meets contemporary! Book your Turkey tour packages or Turkey Honeymoon Packages now!

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